Democrats Get Advice On Abortion, But They Won’t Listen [VIDEO]

Democrats Get Advice On Abortion, But They Won’t Listen [VIDEO]

Democrats Get Advice On Abortion, But They Won’t Listen [VIDEO]

In a New York Times op-ed piece, Thomas Groome, a professor at Boston College, gives the Democrats some free advice on how, from a Catholic perspective, their unwavering support of abortion is costing them votes.

But once-solid Catholic support for Democrats has steadily eroded. This was due at least in part to the shift by many American Catholic bishops from emphasizing social issues (peace, the economy) to engaging in the culture wars (abortion, gay marriage). Along the way, many Catholics came to view the Democrats as unconditionally supporting abortion.

Last year’s election was a watershed in this evolution. Hillary Clinton lost the overall Catholic vote by seven points — after President Obama had won it in the previous two elections. She lost the white Catholic vote by 23 points. In heavily Catholic states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, she lost by a hair — the last by less than 1 percent. A handful more of Catholic votes per parish in those states would have won her the election.

Her defeat is all the more remarkable considering that Mrs. Clinton shared many Catholic social values. By contrast, Mr. Trump’s disrespect for women, his racism, sexism and xenophobia should have discouraged conscientious Catholics from voting for him. So why did they? Certainly his promises to rebuild manufacturing and his tough talk on terrorism were factors. But for many traditional Catholic voters, Mrs. Clinton’s unqualified support for abortion rights — and Mr. Trump’s opposition (and promise to nominate anti-abortion Supreme Court justices) — were tipping points.

Professor Groome makes plenty of passionate points, but it’s all for naught. The Democrats are never going to abandon their rigid support of abortion on demand.

They already ignore science. Celebrities treat abortion as a holy rite. Roe v. Wade is their sacred text, with a “super precedent.”
The old mantra of “safe, legal, and rare” has now dropped the concept of “safe” and the restraint of “rare.” The only tenet left is “legal.” And they will brook no limits on what should be legal.

So no, the Democratic Party will not be taking Professor Groome’s advice. And as the younger generations become more aware of what science can achieve, the less pro-abortion they are likely to be. The pro-abortion movement, while it can raise a load of money, is losing power. And it’s probably too late for the Democrats to realize it.

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  • Scott says:

    It should be no surprise that the demonrat party is pro murder, and pro slavery ( remember who founded the KKK) the only surprise is that catholics and jews support these idiots.. the only explanation is that the “education” system has failed them, and that they just don’t realize that it’s democrat and ” progressive” ideals that lead to the nazi extermination camps, socialism in general, abortion as genocide, etc… as someone far smarter than me once aid ” those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them”… it becomes more and more obvious that that exact outcome is the goal of the leftist education ( read indoctrination) system…

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