Shannon Watts Whines About United Airlines Leggings Controversy She Started [VIDEO]

Shannon Watts Whines About United Airlines Leggings Controversy She Started [VIDEO]

Shannon Watts Whines About United Airlines Leggings Controversy She Started [VIDEO]

Twitter burst into flames yesterday after Shannon Watts of anti-gun group Moms Demand Action tweeted these little gems.

Not only did Twitter go ape, but major media outlets picked up and RAN with the story. Amazingly the reaction has continued today, even though many, including myself, have politely pointed out that what happened isn’t quite the story Shannon wants us to believe.

In fact, United has had a long standing dress code policy for family members who travel on courtesy passes.

Shannon, likely because far too many people have pointed out that United’s clear cut policy DOESN’T apply to the general public, has decided to go for the whine with this hey! look at me! commentary titled “Leggings or Lives: What Drives the News Cycle?”

United Airlines tweeted back quickly. Instead [of] providing clarity, the tone deaf response from United’s twitter account unleashed the sort of flurry of attention only Twitter can produce: celebrities, reporters, the whole Twitterverse suddenly became enthralled in leggings-gate.

Tone-deaf response?? OH, REALLY? Shannon, m’dear, what you fail to mention and willfully ignore AGAIN in your whine fest is that this policy is only for family members traveling on a courtesy pass, NOT the public! But hey! You aren’t the only one ignoring United’s response!

Ok, that’s just gross. And again, the media didn’t help matters by leading with the leggings issue before finally getting to the point that it is NOT a rule for the general public!

In fact, you can read United’s entire response here. 

Something else Shannon refuses to consider. One, we actually don’t know if that was the Dad who got on the flight leaving the girls stranded. I’m a parent and there is no way in hell I’d get on a plane and leave my 10-year-old child behind! So are you absolutely positively SURE that the dude wearing cargo shorts was the Dad? No dearie, you are not. Two, the girls did end up on another FREE flight an hour or so later. All they had to do is dress according to the rules. Which their parents should’ve known about and enforced.

Meanwhile, back to Shannon’s whine fest.

As a woman and a mother, I was uncomfortable and angered by what unfolded at the Denver airport. I saw young girls confronted head-on with the disturbing reality that everyone — even an airline gate agent — is scrutinizing your body at all times. That what you were wearing for your vacation travel sent a message to someone that you were not appropriate, and that in order to participate in society, you are literally going to have to change. Even if you’re only 10-years-old.

But more than anything, even more outrageous than leggings discrimination and lousy corporate policy, is the fact that there was a shooting in Cincinnati and a shooting in Las Vegas this weekend and so many more shootings this week and weekend in which people were killed and injured. Not to mention, a serious issue with missing black women and girls in our nation’s capitol. But here we are talking about leggings. [Emphasis Added]

Bless your dear, sweet, misguided, activist little heart, Shannon, YOU created this leggings controversy, and now that it’s not going your way, you want to whine about it because no one is talking about your pet issue of gun violence!

Hey Shannon, if you want to know who the tone deaf person really is in this controversy, I’d suggest you look in a mirror.

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  • GWB says:

    in order to participate in society, you are literally going to have to change.

    Hey! You figured it out!
    Yes, cupcake, you have to change from being a self-centered barbarian (that’s what all children are) to being a conforming member of society if you want to be a part of said society. This is something we call REALITY. Welcome to it, sugar britches!

    But here we are talking about leggings.

    Ummm, *you* started that conversation, sweetcheeks.

    And, of course, the whole thing was to draw attention so she could complain that too many criminals break the gun laws (and theft laws and murder laws and assault laws and…) we currently have in place, so we need more laws that make innocent citizens into criminals or victims. Amazing.

    In a just world, Shannon would end up being eaten by toads, slowly.

    (Sorry for the apparently sexist nicknames thrown out there. Jerks affect me that way.)

  • Nina says:

    Sugar britches!! BWAHAHAHA! That’s one I haven’t heard in a very long time. I’ll have to remember that one as I’m sure there will be future instances where it may apply. 😉

  • Scott says:

    GWB, i’m gonna have to disagree with you a little.. to me, ” sugarbritches” denotes something most men might be interested in… and shannon watts DEFINITELY does not fit that description!!!
    And second, deception and deceit is what ms. watts has made her name on, so none of this is surprising in the least ! she is an idiot of the first order, and facts matter not in the least to this piece of human refuse!!!

  • Jpk says:

    Shut up! You should get your facts straight before you speak. Must be another Trumpbot who deals w alternate facts. Mind your own business

  • Dina says:

    Shannon first of all needs to mind her own business. She started this whole controversy on leggings and it was uncalled for. Anyone who works for a airline and has travel benefits knows there is a dress code . They are representing the airline even though paying passengers may not know it . If y want to fly for free than abide by the rules . If not buy a confirmed ticket and wear whatever you want . End of story.

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