Ultrasounds Are NOT Political, Unless You’re Pro-Abortion

Ultrasounds Are NOT Political, Unless You’re Pro-Abortion

Ultrasounds Are NOT Political, Unless You’re Pro-Abortion

The annual March For Life is coming up this Friday, and in advance of it, the pro-abortion left is trying their hardest to counter every argument they can think of.

Today’s screed comes courtesy of The Atlantic, in a piece by Moira Weigel. And how can we tell that it was supposed to be a hit piece on pro-life arguments? It’s already been stealth edited, that’s how.

Here is how the article was originally published on The Atlantic:

And here is how it now appears:

Do they acknowledge that they made the edit? Noooooo. All they have at the end is this little gem.

In case you were wondering, that tiny little 8 point font sentence reads: “This article originally stated that there is “no heart to speak of” in a six-week-old fetus. By that point in a pregnancy, a heart has already begun to form. We regret the error.” That admission completely undermines the entire point of the article, because the entire article is the author bemoaning the fact that pro-life people use ultrasounds to humanize fetuses in the womb. HOW DARE THEY. WHAT MONSTERS. IT’S JUST A BLOB OF TISSUE.

… with a beating heart. Oops.

The author, who is not at all impartial, blows straight past the actual science and focuses solely on the ultrasound as an tool that is being used for political purposes.

In many ways, social media have heightened the social reality of the unborn. Expecting parents post ultrasound photos on Facebook and Instagram; they go to “Keepsake Ultrasound” chains in order to buy DVDs of 3-D and 4-D images; which in turn sustain an entire cottage industry on Etsy. Last year, an American couple posted a video of their sonogram fast-forwarded so that their fetus appeared to be clapping in time as they sang, “When You’re Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands.” The Internet debated whether or not the video was “a hoax.” That is, they debated whether in fact this fetus understood the lyrics of a song and responded to them on cue. Were they serious? The fantasy clearly appealed: The post was viewed on YouTube nearly 12 million times. Yet it remains unclear what the popular enthusiasm for fetal images actually means.

Um, what it means is that expectant parents and other family members enjoy watching the development of a child in the womb. That’s a surprise? I’m betting the author never went on YouTube and searched for “ultrasound at 8 weeks.” I just did. You know how many people have uploaded their own personal ultrasound videos for that point in their pregnancy? HUNDREDS. Thousands, maybe.

The problem, fundamentally, is that the pro-abortion groupthink cannot accept the science of human biology. If they did, they would be forced to confront the idea that the “blob of tissue” that they have for years said was worthless and could be gotten rid of with no consequence, was actually a developing human life.

And that beating heart? That tiny pulsating flicker that parents and ultrasound technicians are so enchanted by when they see it on the screen? Well, the author of this hit piece failed to take into account what happens when that heartbeat that the Atlantic editors scoffed at as “imaginary” no longer shows up on that screen.

It was October of 2008. My husband and I had two children by then, and were expecting our third. I was 12 weeks along. Then the spotting began. I was concerned, but tried not to panic. It didn’t let up, but it didn’t get any worse. So I finally called my OB’s office and went in for an ultrasound.

The same ultrasound that had showed me a flickering heartbeat at 9 weeks was now silent. Deathly silent. There was no heartbeat anymore. But my body refused to give up my baby, and after a weekend of waiting, I finally had a D&C procedure done. The emotional devastation that I felt when there was no heartbeat showing up on that ultrasound screen, even 8 years later, is still difficult to put into words.

The pro-abortion left has already acknowledged that they can’t explain away the emotions involved with miscarriage. Which is why Moira Weigel wants to focus on technology, and how those darn ultrasounds are just manipulating everyone’s emotions! It’s all technology’s fault – even as she admits that ultrasounds are used as a diagnostic tool for pregnancy and other health issues. (For example, I had an ultrasound to confirm gallstones. Definitely less exciting than the 20 week ultrasound to see if the tech can determine if the baby is a boy or girl.)

In the end, the abortion industry is going to be undone by technology. But it won’t be the ultrasound that will finish it off. Nope, it will be four letters – NICU. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The increasingly amazing technology that has pushed back the dates of viability over the last 50 years (since the death of Patrick Kennedy in 1963, who was born at 36 weeks gestation and died, which sparked a major medical revolution in the treatment of preemies), to the point where babies as young as 28 weeks gestation have at least a 90% survival rate. And just like everyone has seen an ultrasound picture, everyone knows someone – or is someone – who at one point had a child in a NICU.

But go ahead and bemoan the “politicization” of ultrasounds, Moira Weigel. Just remember that the picture of a baby via an ultrasound is a lot more positive and affirming than a picture of a baby post-abortion. That’s why your side has already lost this argument.

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  • GWB says:

    As to your loss, Deanna, may God’s mercy and peace hold and keep you.

    The pro-abortion left has been lying for decades. If you want proof, just read the Roe v Wade decision. Read the whole thing. The lies about science are legion (“science can’t even define life” – when any middle school biology text does so very clearly). The misstating of science is profound. The logic has more holes than Albert Hall, though they aren’t as small (Beatles reference). It’s one lie after another.

    Because, the only way you can convince a woman to kill the amazing creature within her is to 1) destroy her natural affection or 2) lie to her that it isn’t a child at all, but just a bit of extra tissue, like a wart or a hangnail.

    • Deanna Fisher says:

      Thank you for your kind words, GWB. We did go on to have two more healthy boys, but that kind of loss never really goes away.

      And your last sentence is dead-on right.

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