Democrats Blink First, Vote To End Shutdown [VIDEO]

Democrats Blink First, Vote To End Shutdown [VIDEO]

Democrats Blink First, Vote To End Shutdown [VIDEO]

The Democrats were quite honestly stunned that their attempt to hang the shutdown on the Republicans was failing. Even the media failed them. And they found themselves in the position of having to defend their position – to the MEDIA.

“Et tu, Wolf Blitzer?” Can you imagine how the faces of the Democrat leadership looked when they realized that only the most leftist were buying their narrative?

Time for damage control.

And the can gets kicked down the road again.

The Senate on Monday voted 81-18 to break a Democratic filibuster on a stalled government spending bill, clearing the way for Congress to approve the stopgap measure and end the three-day government shutdown.

Democrats effectively backed off their opposition, after being given assurances from majority Republicans.

Before the vote, Senate Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer made clear that Senate Democrats would supply the GOP-controlled Senate with the votes needed, but only in exchange for “fair” and immediate efforts to consider legislation that would protect illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children.

“We will vote today to reopen the government,” Schumer, a New York Democrat, said on the Senate floor. “In a few hours, the government will reopen.”

The 100-member, Republican-controlled chamber will now need only a simple majority to pass the temporary spending bill that would keep the government open until Feb. 8. The House would then have to approve the bill, sending it to President Trump’s desk.

Schumer is trying his best to salvage some dignity.

Good luck with that.

We could do this all day.

But what will poor Nancy Pelosi do now? She was counting on letting the people eat crumbs!!!

Someone give Nancy a Snickers. Maybe she’ll be less grouchy leading up to the next date in the “continuing resolution” song and dance, now scheduled for February 8th.

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  • Max says:

    I’ve long wondered why Chuckie wears his glasses way down on his nose. Maybe he thinks it somehow makes him look intelligent. It fails.

  • michaelonoo says:

    So Schumer is restarting the government if Trump shut down the government should it not be Trump that’s restarting the government?

    By Schumer restarting the government he is admitting he shut it down..

    Not a Russian bot #releasethememo

  • GWB says:

    They need to go back to the actual method of filibustering. If you want to hold up legislation, you have to actually stand up in front of the Senate and actually argue/speechify. It’s 2am? Tough crap. You better keep talking, or the filibuster is over and no extra votes are needed.

    And, all the budget rules changes I noted the other day.

  • 123movies says:

    Schumer is trying his best to salvage some dignity

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