Nancy ‘Crumbs’ Pelosi Hosts Pricey Dinner For House Dems During #SchumerShutdown [VIDEO]

Nancy ‘Crumbs’ Pelosi Hosts Pricey Dinner For House Dems During #SchumerShutdown [VIDEO]

Nancy ‘Crumbs’ Pelosi Hosts Pricey Dinner For House Dems During #SchumerShutdown [VIDEO]

It is true. Nancy Pelosi deserves her own spot in the Pit of Misery. Saturday, on Day One of the government shutdown, Nancy and House Dems held a press conference. The blame game was ramped up past eleventy with that crowd. 

Gosh! Those darned facts again! Just like that pesky little detail that it would take SIXTY votes to pass the continuing legislation and when Republicans only number 51… Stop the inconvenient facts please! But I digress.

Here’s the full press conference if you can handle the smugness and condescending dialogue from Nancy and her crew.

I busted out laughing at Rep. Cheri Busto’s comment about going grocery shopping that morning! Oh REALLY? You were supposed to be working on legislation, but you took time out to hop an early morning flight back so you could wander the grocery aisles speaking with your constituents in Illinois and then magically be back in DC in time to work and vote NO?

Supremely tone deaf that one is.

Needless to say, many Americans are not amused by the antics of the Democrats in Congress. But that didn’t stop Nancy and her merry band of idiots. Nope. After their congratulatory ‘Pat myself on the back’ press conference, they went to dinner. And it wasn’t just any old dinner either.

Oh cool! Dems get a prize from Nancy. A pricey one at that! I admit, I looked the restaurant up. I’m a foodie so I was definitely intrigued by the menu, and the restaurant looks very nice.

However, for Pelosi to treat many of the House Democrats to dinner the very night the government shut down starts is a slap in the face to all who won’t be receiving paychecks over the next week or more.


Particularly when you look at the menu in greater detail.

Beef carpaccio for $17

Caprese salad for $12

Corkscrew pasta with tomato and bell pepper sauce for $14

Beef tagliatelle pasta for $22

Steaks with a starting price of $22

The desserts are halfway reasonable. Most are $8

Wine by the glass averages $9 -12 a glass

In other words, any American, especially our enlisted would have a great deal of difficulty getting out of the restaurant without getting presented a bill of $100 or more. they could only do so if they shared an entree and had perhaps one drink.

Understandably many were NOT AMUSED by the Queen’s antics.

Nancy is so ‘proud’ that she and the rest of the Democrats stuck it to their constituents all in the name of rejecting a 6 year extension of CHIP and refusing to negotiate regarding DACA. She shouldn’t be.

Supremely tone deaf Nancy is.

Then again it’s only crumbs right?

With that one move, Nancy and the rest of the House Dems showed exactly how much they care about Americans, which is exactly ZERO.

Nancy, here’s a hint. Channeling Marie Antoinette is never a good idea, especially now.

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  • Romey says:

    A large problem, as I see it, is the dinosaur media will never report this and thus to the majority of our citizens, it never happened. Too many people listen to the late night so called comedians for their information and are completely led astray. Nancy and her Dem/Prog alliance is not above any and all treachery to achieve their agenda.

  • GWB says:

    Apropos to this, Twitchy had a bit on people writing dramatic tweets about the shutdown. This one is perfect for this:
    The only law is that there is no law, and the living envy the dead. But you can totally get a table at Komi.
    (@ Twitchy, look for: ‘Dear Lord, the screams’: Writers tell the harrowing tale of DC after the shutdown. It’s a hoot.)

  • Keedel says:

    You can’t post or handle what I have to say!!

  • […] Worse, Congress is getting paid during the shutdown. Sure, there are some who are refusing their pay or who are donating it to charity but shame on them for letting us get to this point. Shame especially on Pelosi who threw what basically amounted to a “shut down party“. […]

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