Covid: Peel Health Mandates Solitary Quarantine Of Young Children

Covid: Peel Health Mandates Solitary Quarantine Of Young Children

Covid: Peel Health Mandates Solitary Quarantine Of Young Children

Peel Health says children as young as FOUR YEARS OLD must be put in solitary quarantine for FOURTEEN DAYS if someone at the childcare center or in their classroom tests positive for Covid.

“Peel Health has issued guidelines to parents instructing them to keep any children who have been sent home because a classmate has tested positive for COVID-19 isolated in a separate room from all other family members for 14 days.

The severe guidelines, which apply even to small children who are dismissed from child care, are being criticized by experts as harmful and not supported by science.

“This is cruel punishment for a child, especially for younger children, 4-10 years old,” Dr. Susan Richardson, a microbiologist and infectious disease physician who is also a professor emerita at University of Toronto, wrote in an email to the Sun.

“Shutting a child off from their parents and siblings for up to 14 days in this manner could produce significant and long-lasting emotional and psychological effects.””

This folks, is outright CHILD ABUSE. Oh sure, they’ll say it’s just guidelines. But given the events of the last twelve months, this is a mandate pure and simple.

Children, teens, college students, and adults the world over are suffering due to these draconian lockdowns that are not based on science. They are suffering because government mandates have superseded genuine science and common sense. 

A bright eight year old is at school, because YAY! schools are open. That eight year old is thrilled to finally be seeing classmates in person and learning directly from a teacher instead of through a computer screen. Then, suddenly, a parent/sibling/classmate tests positive for COVID. The class is now required to quarantine. 

What should that mean? The child is at home and the family quarantines for the mandated period of time. Not in Canada evidently. Instead, the parents are supposed to shove that young child into a bedroom and lock the door for FOURTEEN DAYS, only letting that child out to use the bathroom or eat meals with no one else around. That’s the “recommendation” from Peel Health.

If you think a four, eight, or ten year old will be strong and resilient enough to handle that for two solid weeks without experiencing massive loneliness, tears, depression, and nightmares, then you need one helluva reality check. Peel Health needs a goddamned GIBBS slap of reality upside their heads with parents leading the charge. 

We’ve written extensively as to how the lockdowns are adversely affecting children across the United States. We’ve written of our concerns, our pain, and our anger at what our governments are doing to our children. It’s a very real issue that will have long-term negative affects on children for years to come. 

San Francisco, Las Vegas, and multiple schools across the U.S. are belatedly sounding the alarm. Are our supposedly smart public health officials listening? No, no they are not. We aren’t the only ones who have children in crisis.

This virus doesn’t target our children, it targets the elderly and those with comorbidities. But let’s punish the children. Let’s isolate them from everyone. Let’s shove a four, eight, or ten year old into a room and lock the door for fourteen days, whether that child has symptoms or is asymptotic. Again, this is CHILD ABUSE. 

What is even more hideous about this, is some parents have already been doing shit like this!

The reaction and the “cure” to this virus has gotten beyond out of hand. Covid is a fucking VIRUS. It can be dealt with and it is. There are now THREE major vaccines here in the United States and around the world. But are public health officials listening? No. Instead they are on a power trip. 

Even the United Nations says that a lockdown such as what Peel Health is demanding is cruel and unusual. It is against the rules. In fact, Mandela rules 45 and 46 explicitly state that solitary confinement for children is prohibited and health-care personnel are not allowed any role in determining restrictive measures. Oh sure, some jackass person at Peel Health will respond with “but COVID!” and should have his or her ass handed back in a heartbeat. 

If child care centers here in the U.S. did what Peel Health is mandating, the owner/operator of that center would be in jail. If a teacher or child care professional hears of a family doing that to a child, they HAVE to report that. Because yes, locking a child in a room for fourteen days is CHILD ABUSE. Period. 

Our children should not be forced to suffer because of political bullshit like this. It. Needs. To. Stop. 

Peel Health is mandating child abuse with these rules and any parent who follows these rules is just as culpable in the damage that will be inflicted on their child. Yet, as this thread shows, sensible Canadian health experts are saying enough of the lockdowns. 

The fear-mongering and abuse of our children needs to come to a screeching halt NOW. I’ve had enough. Have you?

UPDATE: Peel Health, who vetted this mandate and made a graph about it, suddenly backtracked this morning. They made a mistake you see. Therefore, nothing to see here move along!

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  • suburbanbanshee says:

    Someone sat down and wrote that recommendation, and some group of somebodies nodded and initialed it.

    But I bet they would all have gotten angry if they heard about somebody treating a dog or cat that way.

  • For non-Canadian readers, could someone give a brief explanation of what Peel Helth is? Looking it up, the Region of Peel seems to be a collection of towns around Toronto, but is Peel Health some kind of governmental agency with power? This is an apalling story, which I intend to post on, but I’d like to add a bit about who/what Peel is.

    • Nina Bookout says:

      Thanks for asking! Peel Health is similar to a Department of Public Health agency here in the United States

  • Mammia says:

    This is just unreal! And parents made to think it’s right because an “expert” said so. I observed a little fellow, in his stroller looking all around at masked adults. As soon as he saw my unmasked face he started grinning. Do we realize the kind of interaction that little children need? They will not develop the ability to read & understand facial expression. It really is abusive for “experts” to inflict this sort of garbage.

  • MaryLS says:

    Their “retraction” is also pathetic. The suggestion is that they neglected to be explicit about a caregiver isolating with a child. But if the caregiver is a mom, she likely has other kids to look after, so it is not practical. I am surprised they have not yet suggested Covid cages for the kids. Maybe that’s next.

  • Dyspeptic Curmudgeon says:

    Peel Region used to be called the County of Peel and consists of the Cities of Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga. It lies to the west of Toronto. Has a population of about 1.5 Million people, plus or minus probably 20 or so things whose humanity or thought-processing capabilities can be considered doubtful. And *of course*, it is now stated someone “made a mistake” in publishing this mandate… The mistake being that they (a collective “they”, not a genderless singular ‘they’) DID NOT THINK about the consequences of the pronouncement.
    Worse yet, no-one will punished, or even chastised for being such an idiot. And all of the ‘they’ will continue to receive a salary. We hoi polloi know that the simple serpent class are always entitled to their entitlements.

    I have the misfortune to live in Mississauga. I got Karen’ed last week for not wearing my mask… outdoors as I walked to my car. The stupid here is only exceeded by the idiocy and the panic level.

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  • Apalled286 says:

    This is still the recommended COVID protocol for students in our local school district in northern Michigan. (Home of Big Gretch) It’s 10 days in solitary, allowed out only for bathroom breaks and meals in their room. AAAAND, they cannot participate in classes remotely on Zoom classes. Wtf? Fortunately, the mom involved pronounced the whole policy ridiculous and kept the child home, but with the family.

    Don’t have young kids any more, but I couldn’t believe it when I heard it from another local grandma. They’d have a fit if you did this to a pet. Shame on them.

  • A. C. says:

    How does that compare with how we treated children before vaccines for chicken pox, measles, mumps, scarlet fever (by the way, before you blow this off, do you even REALLY know)? IIRC, I had to stay home for three weeks when I had chicken pox. I think that would have been quarantine in isolation. And I have been told that chicken pox spreads far more easily than COVID-19.
    Just asking, because there are things about BOTH SIDES positions that don’t make sense with what I experienced in the past.

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