NFL Will “Inspire Change” By Supporting Criminals

NFL Will “Inspire Change” By Supporting Criminals

NFL Will “Inspire Change” By Supporting Criminals

The NFL will “inspire change” this season. How? By expressing support for criminals. Oh wait, my bad. By supporting victims of police violence.

“NFL end zones will bear the words “End Racism” and “It Takes All of Us” in small letters just above team names in the season’s kickoff games and home openers.

It’s part of the “Inspire Change” initiative that includes players wearing helmet decals featuring the names of victims of racism and the playing of “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” often called the black national anthem, before every Week 1 game. The details were outlined in a memo posted Monday on”

Well…isn’t that special! Wait, there is more! 

You see, the players get to put names on their helmets of the victims. So, what does Drew Brees do? This. 

Yes, that is correct. Brees and the rest of the team had Jacob Blake’s name on their helmets. Wonderful isn’t it? Except that Jacob Blake is a criminal who had a warrant out for his arrest for sexual assault. Except that Jacob Blake was violating a restraining order when he was shot. 

Drew Brees and the rest of the NFL conglomerate have to be hiding under some damned big rocks to ignore that particular piece of truth. As noted the other day, MLB went on strike on behalf of Blake. NFL shouldn’t be propping up a criminal rapist when the organization itself has a domestic violence problem. Yet here we are. Why? Because SOCIAL JUSTICE and fighting mythical systemic racism are much MUCH more important that supporting and helping victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. 

Want more hypocrisy regarding the NFL’s super new wokeness?

Ok then. Its now very acceptable for football players to put names of victims on their helmets. But only the RIGHT KIND of victims. The Dallas police officers who were ambushed and killed? They are the WRONG kind of victim. 

One NFL player, Jaguars’ Tyler Eifert plans to honor David Dorn.

In 2017, Eifert wrote a terrific essay on why he STANDS for our National Anthem. Today he is standing for David Dorn. I hope that the NFL will not put the kibosh on his plans, but I believe they might. Because again, David Dorn is the wrong kind of victim for this new social justice crowd. And…the names the players will put on their helmets will be from an approved list drafted by the organization, likely with the assistance of Colin Kaepernick. Because, you know, Colin Kaepernick is the leading expert on social justice or something. 

OutKick’s Jason Whitlock gave a speech to Hillsdale in mid-August. In light of the fact that we are supposed to revere all NFL players and never question anything they do – especially now, his speech shreds that assumption. 

“Nearly 30 years ago, in a 1993 Nike commercial, professional basketball legend Charles Barkley fired the first shot at the “role model” concept popularized by Columbia University sociologist Robert K. Merton in the aftermath of the 1960s counterculture movement. “I am not a role model,” Barkley proclaimed in the half-minute spot. “I’m not paid to be a role model. I’m paid to wreak havoc on the basketball court. Parents should be role models. Just because I dunk a basketball doesn’t mean I should raise your kids.””

Today, the NFL, in its mad scramble to get players, coaches, and fans as “woke” as possible, Whitlock and Charles Barkley are correct. NFL players are paid to PLAY FOOTBALL. On the field on game day it should ONLY be about football! 

Instead the NFL is virtue signaling and highlighting the names of criminals as victims of police violence.. *Side note: Which players will have Michael Brown’s name on their helmets?

We are now, according to the NFL, supposed to not only cheer the amazing plays and touchdowns by our favorite team, but we are supposed to reverently applaud their fabulous social justice posturing on and off the field. 

“Yes, America is a shining example of sports’ transformative power. The games we play, the games at the center of our social behavior, combine with our founding principles to enhance the American experience. America’s enemies know this, which is why the culture war has moved to our arenas and stadiums. Sports are now in the same crosshairs as our Founding Fathers, under attack for past racial sins and unappreciated for their vital role in cultivating racial unity. Thomas Jefferson owned slaves, but by writing the Declaration of Independence he made the emancipation of slaves inevitable. American sports were once segregated, but no American industry can match sports’ empowerment of black men.”

By going forward with this entire woke transformation, we are seeing segregation and discrimination become a real thing in real time. According to the NFL, the ONLY lives that matter now are Black Lives. Isn’t that segregation and discrimination? Why yes it is. Why? Because we are being told that if we don’t uphold, applaud, and bow to Black Lives Matter then we are the ones in the wrong. 

The NFL is seeking to “inspire change” by glorifying criminals and abusers. Be careful what you wish for, because the change you want involves long time fans like myself and extended family members…leaving and taking our money with us.

Feature Photo Credit: NFL Football by Quincecreative via Pixabay, cropped and modified

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  • Scott says:

    Good post Nina, spot on with the hypocrites in the NFL.. Then again, since a large number of their players and fans fit into that same criminal demographic, maybe their support for black criminals isn’t all that hypocritical after all…

    “According to the NFL, the ONLY lives that matter now are Black Lives. Isn’t that segregation and discrimination?”.. Aactually, as you point out, only CRIMINAL black lives matter, since as you pointed out, they won’t likely allow a tribute to David Dorn… And the information that’s come out in regards to Brionna Taylor show that she was up to her eyes in the drug dealing that was going on, if not worse, so she is hardly an innocent victim. If her school / agency had looked more in depth, they might have seen that she had no business being an EMT.. that was likely just a ploy on her part to try and gain access to narcotics on the ambulance.

  • rbj1 says:

    Ratings are going to crater.

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