Columbus Stand Off In Chicago: Protestors Tried To Topple Statue

Columbus Stand Off In Chicago: Protestors Tried To Topple Statue

Columbus Stand Off In Chicago: Protestors Tried To Topple Statue

Yes, Christopher Columbus was part of our history. But we are living in a world where if people don’t like an element in history, they see fit to tear it down. The latest comes to us from Chicago last night, where protestors attempted to topple the Columbus statue.

Columbus has been attached in Minneapolis, Richmond, and Baltimore. Columbus was beheaded in Boston:

Last night, Columbus was the target of protestors in Chicago’s Grant Park:

At one point, more than a dozen demonstrators ware holding onto the rope as the crowd cheered on, ‘Columbus was a murderer. Columbus was a thief.'”-Alice Yin, The Chicago Tribune

Chicago police were in a standoff around the statue. Some hit demonstrators with batons while “demonstrators” and “protestors” (as our news media calls them because they flat out refuse to call them rioters) threw bottles and fireworks at Chicago PD.

We all remember the stories of 1492, when Columbus sailed the ocean blue aboard the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria in our elementary school days (circa 1977). Much has changed since then about Christopher Columbus’ “discovery” of America. We get it. He was a Eurpoean slave owner. He exploited Native Americans. He brought disease (measles, to be exact) to the New World. Christopher Columbus is a hero in some circles, a villain in others. On the surface, I understand why some individuals may be opposed to calling a certain day in October every year, “Columbus Day”. I understand why they may opt for calling the day “Indigenous People’s Day”.

What I do not understand is people harassing local police departments in their efforts to maintain law and order in their cities because spoiled little white kids behind all of this mess want to delete the history of our country-the good, the bad and yes, the ugly-because there was a hell of a lot of that (and it’s getting uglier by the moment).

And from the looks of things, it does not appear that the “protestors” were social distancing, either. Has the news mentioned, recently, that there is a “pandemic” happening? I don’t know. Have y’all heard that somewhere? (Asking for a friend.) Of course, Antifa thugs were at least six feet apart when they hurled bottles and fireworks at Chicago PD! It wouldn’t be their fault if COVID-19 spreads at all. They were wearing hoods and nasty bong-water-soaked bandanas they found in their mom’s basements. And if COVID-19 spreads in Chicagoland again? Mayor Lightfoot will shut Chicago businesses down. STAT. Except her personal hairdresser because “she’s a public figure“.

Say what you will about Christopher Columbus. But Mayor Lori Lightfoot is Rahm Emanuel 2.0.

Showing up when there’s a murder or a shooting or any other violent act and being the first time you’ve set foot in a neighborhood, without knowing any of the people, the relevant stakeholders, you’re never going to win the trust of the community that way to be able to solve crimes, because they’re not going to view you as legitimate.”-Lori Lightfoot

So much for the support of Chicago PD. And now, while Chicago’s mayor sits silent on the rioting surrounding overthrowing this statue, the Twitter population feels compelled to spew their criticism of a police department that has been basically told by their city mayor that they’re not legitimate. That they cannot be trusted. That neighborhood residents need not cooperate!

The attempt to vandalize the Christopher Columbus statue was part of a rally planned for Black and Indigenous people that began earlier Friday evening at Buckingham Fountain. Many called for the defunding of the Chicago Police Department, saying the money should be invested in neighborhoods. Let’s guess…more Planned Parenthood clinics? The event was organized by Black Lives Matter Chicago, Chi-Nations Youth Council, Black Youth Project 100 and other groups. From

We fight for justice with families most impacted, while working to create just and equitable systems.

We work to end state violence and criminalization of Black communities by deconstructing white supremacist, capitalist, patriarchy.”-Black Lives Matter Chicago

Part of the way to end state violence and criminalization of Black communities would be by allowing law enforcement to do their jobs. You guys have kind of lost your argument when you started hurling bottles and fireworks at cops. Want to really end “state violence, criminalization and oppression of Black communities”? Let the police do their jobs. When one year-olds, three year-olds and 10 year-olds are dying in your streets, when you have a pandemic that came in from another country and are advised to stay the hell home you have no business (like you say to the rest of us) to be in the streets hurling fireworks(manufactured in that same country who brought us COVID-19.

But if you militant idiots must go out and protest and “stand for” something, think about this. When your city has 63 shootings and 16 fatalities in one weekend alone, in marginalized neighborhoods, we think there are bigger problems. Let those statistics, and the people in office in your cities, who let that happen regularly and manipulate the narratives around this be the source of your outrage and anger in Chi-town and any other city for that matter. Not some Italian slave owner (who brought in measles) from centuries upon centuries ago.

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  • GWB says:

    I’m honestly to the point of “F-it, shoot them all.” If they want a war, we should give it to them, good and hard.
    You throw explosives and other “deadly weapons” at cops? “Front line kneel, second rank tighten up! Aim. FIRE!”

    I guarantee you’ll see the violence go down sharply with that “whiff of grapeshot.” And it is NOT a violation of their civil rights to do that! You start a mob (NOT guaranteed by the 1st Amendment), you pay the price.

    At one point, more than a dozen [violent revolutionaries] ware holding onto the rope
    And, why, oh why, didn’t they simply cut the rope? Why didn’t they simply beanbag the folks holding it? (Guarantee it’s difficult to hold a rope while also holding your nuts.)

    He brought disease (measles, to be exact) to the New World.
    You mean like the Chinese? Yet these same people don’t want borders? Sanity is not their strong suit.

    What I do not understand is people harassing local police departments
    Because, IT’S NOT ABOUT COLUMBUS. Nor Washington, nor Lee and Jackson.
    It’s about TEARING IT ALL DOWN because they don’t have anything better in their lives than destruction and hate. They want to tear it all down so they can rebuild it in their pathetic excuse of a utopia, and start from Year Zero. They’re pathetic because they don’t even realize they’re being used. Read about the Cultural Revolution.

    All this to protect a statue?
    That has to be one of the most egregious misdirects in history. I hope he takes a beanbag round to his pelvis.

    while working to create just and equitable systems
    Bullsh*t. Not with what those words actually mean in the English language, you’re not.

    Part of the way to end state violence and criminalization of Black communities would be by allowing law enforcement to do their jobs.
    I disagree – you have to go more fundamental than that. You have to actually adopt law and order IN YOUR OWN LIVES and COMMUNITIES first! If you define it as “acting white”, that’s fine. Then act white! Because the principles involved in that bullsh*t definition of “white supremacy” graphic are what BUILDS civilization. And one of those is law and order.*

    When your city
    Oh please. Most of these folks are from elsewhere in so very many of these cases. I will bet you that the actual leader of Black Lives Matter Chicago doesn’t live there. They don’t care – because it is NOT their community.

    (* To use a European example, one of the reasons the Scots never could keep their own country is because they didn’t adopt certain civilizational principles, including abandoning tribalism, adopting a legal system instead of an honor system, and abolishing thievery and other crimes. If they had, they could have become what England became. OK, at least what France became.)

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