De Blasio Is Unhappy With Bail Reform

De Blasio Is Unhappy With Bail Reform

De Blasio Is Unhappy With Bail Reform

Mayor Bill de Blasio is learning about cause and effect today. (Oops, that’s considered racist now.)

Does anyone remember that “bail reform law” that de Blasio championed when it passed last year? Well, today Hizzoner the mayor is “very unhappy” about it.

What happened? Well, NYPD police chief Terence Monahan – who proved his “wokeness” by taking a knee with protestors just last month – was attacked by protestors on the Brooklyn Bridge on Wednesday, along with some of his officers.

“I’m feeling fine. You know, I’ve got a few bruises here and there. Luckily, the fingers weren’t broken, just jammed a bit. So I’m doing OK,” Monahan told host Neil Cavuto. “I’m doing a lot better than my sergeant and the lieutenant that was attacked.”

Monahan also reports that the morale in the NYPD is hitting bottom because average citizens are following the lead of protestors.

Monahan admitted that officers are dealing with a particularly high level of “animosity” not just from protesters, but ordinary members of the public.”

“On the street corners, there is a feeling that they don’t have to listen to the police and that they’re willing to fight the police officers,” he said.”

Monahan later added that the level of morale among officers is “as low as it’s been in a long time.”

Two men were arrested for the physical attack on the officers, including the chief. And thanks to the bail reform law, the one charged with attacking Chief Monahan was cut loose immediately.

Quran Campbell, 25, is accused of socking the highest-ranking uniformed cop several times in the face as Monahan tried to arrest him after Campbell had allegedly punched another NYPD officer and lieutenant near the Manhattan approach to the bridge.”

Campbell was arraigned on assault charges in Manhattan criminal court and was granted supervised release.”

Which led to a sad on the part of de Blasio, saying that he was “very unhappy” about this.

Excuse me, Mayor de Blasio, but WHAT THE HELL DID YOU EXPECT WOULD HAPPEN???

Remember, bail reform was supposed to correct all the “injustice” – and de Blasio wanted changes one day after they went into effect. He sure didn’t push very hard to get it, as things have stagnated under the criminal mishandling of the coronavirus response by both de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo (but don’t ask Cuomo about it, he’ll just ask you if you want to buy his poster about how awesome New York was in fighting the virus, and anything that went wrong was the fault of Donald Trump). As a result, once the riots began in New York, anyone who was arrested had the opportunity to get the revolving door of bail reform, depending on the severity of the charge.

After fanning the culture of disrespect into flame and trashing the NYPD when it was politically expedient for him to do so, de Blasio now wants to play dumb and wonders aloud why someone who assaulted a police officer is being given “supervised release.”

“Terry Monahan is a friend of mine and I have great respect for him,” de Blasio told reporters. “To see someone assault him — the chief of department — is absolutely unacceptable. To assault anyone is absolutely unacceptable.”

De Blasio railed that “there needs to be consequences.”

“It does not make sense to me,” Hizzoner said. “If you assault a police officer you’re assaulting all of us and there needs to be clear consequences.”

Listen, Mayor, I’ll make this very simple for you – if you demand consequences for actions, you’re a racist. That’s not me saying it. That’s YOUR SIDE SAYING IT. You are “unhappy” about your friend the chief getting beaten up? Well, then, you better take it up with YOUR SIDE OF THE AISLE who insisted that the “just” and “progressive” thing to do was to not force people to post bail. How can you possibly expect us to believe that you are this surprised, when you wanted changes to the bail reform law immediately after it went into effect?

You don’t get to play dumb now. THIS is the New York City you have worked so hard to create. Enjoy it, Your Honor.

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  • GWB says:

    attacked by protestors on the Brooklyn Bridge on Wednesday
    Ummmm, no. They were riotous gang members having a rumble. Or, they were revolutionaries trying to overturn our gov’t. They were NOT protesters.

    “I’m doing a lot better than my sergeant and the lieutenant that was attacked.”
    Ofcourse, they would be doing better, too, if you hadn’t debased yourself with that bullsh*t submission to the mob, thereby encouraging this.

    On the street corners
    So, you’re saying that NYC is just full of uncivilized a**holes just waiting to break the law? What does that say about the culture of NYC?

    “That doesn’t make sense to me,”
    FU you elitist jacka**! One of the prime problems with policing today is the idea that they are a special class of people, above those among whom they patrol. You know, just like the politicians. Well, this is justice – people that beat cops don’t get special treatment in in NYC! You beat a civilian, you get let go = you beat a cop, you get let go. Good.

    Terry Monahan is a friend of mine
    See what I mean? The man is part of his circle – one might even say his class – so he’s supposed to get the justice of the nobility, not the justice of the peasants.

    “there needs to be consequences.”
    I agree! And it should involve you, a set of stocks, a cauldron of hot tar, and a ton of feathers.

    You are “unhappy” about your friend the chief getting beaten up?
    It’s his side that BEAT THE MAN UP! They might not actually be on the same side in the long run, but they’ve decided to be fellow travelers. So, get stuffed, DeBolshevik!

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