Federal Agents In Portland: Officials, Media Still Defend Antifa

Federal Agents In Portland: Officials, Media Still Defend Antifa

Federal Agents In Portland: Officials, Media Still Defend Antifa

The city of Portland was feeling left out of Seattle’s Summer of Love and they wanted to do us one better. And so they did. And so did Trump when he sent federal agents in this past week.

Broken windows. Violent slurs in the form of graffiti aimed at police officers. Sledgehammers. Businesses looted. Yeah, these are protestors, the news says. Most of them from the looks of it are white, filthy, virtue-mask-wearing, militant liberals who consider Portland their inclusive (except for the cops), intersectional, socialist, utopian Mecca.

Meanwhile, government officials in Oregon are defending the chaos in downtown Portland, saying Trump had no right to send federal agents in.

This is absolutely unacceptable. This was purely a photo opportunity for political theater for the Trump administration. He is trying to distract…They only want to escalate. They want to dominate the streets.”-Oregon Governor, Kate Brown

Move along, federal agents in your unmarked vehicles. Oregon has an uptick of COVID-19 cases and Kate wants get-togethers to be reduced to fewer than 10 people this weekend. There are too many people already in the streets of downtown PDX so you all need to go. Carry on, Antifa losers.

This from feckless Wheeler who has continued, time and time again, to capitulate and coddle the thugs who have basically ruined Portland for any and all who are normal residents. Remember when ICE agents were trapped in a building in Portland and Mayor Wheeler decided to do nothing? Good times. Drive along the freeway in Portland. You’ve got a city littered trash and tents. You’ve got members of the community trying to keep their years upon years of hard work, their businesses open and intact.

But news outlets continue to call the chaos “protests” and blame Portland police for not lifting a finger. While Ted Wheeler and Commissioner Joann Hardesty call it “police reform“.

It’s been very eye-opening. It says something when you’re at a Black Lives Matter protest and you have more minorities on the police side than you have in a violent crowd. And you have white people screaming at black officers, you have the biggest nose I’ve ever seen.

I’m cool with those who feel like they want to help a movement but then when you go to a gentrified community and one of the first pictures I saw — one of the businesses that was looted was a black-owned business.”-PPB Officer, Jakhary Jackson

But, but, but…democracy. Shame on you, Mr. President, for sending federal agents in!

Since when does breaking windows and stealing equate with “free speech”? Since Donald Trump sends the federal agents in to do what the very own mayor of his city failed to do.

But, but, but…federal agents are acting as the “Gestapo” and kidnapping “protestors”, inhibiting their First Amendment rights!

But…but…but..federal agents coming in is all Trump theatre! It’s like, being preyed upon, or something…

No “theatre” needed when Chris Hayes reports the “news” about the federal agents who are now dubbed “secret police” and who are “kidnapping”, not “detaining” Antifa ringleaders in a city that has gone straight to hell in a hand basket. Hayes would resist arrest, so he says.

I don’t know who they are. I don’t know if they’re people that just bought camouflage in a store and a police badge and have a gun. I don’t know what authority they have.”-Chris Hayes

It’s been no secret, Chris. No surprises here. No hidden agendas. The “secret police” are not so “secret”. Trump has thrown caution to the wind that he would deploy federal agents to cities who cannot contain the violence and the riots all the way back in June.

But…but…but…they want to rewrite history!

Take a good look at this. This is what happens when you let a bunch of privileged mouth-breathers who got participation trophies loose on the streets with no consequences. This is what happens when you put the more privileged mouth breathers into public office to let these spoiled little brats run amok. I hope residents and business owners who are flat out frustrated at what a pit their city has become will remember this when elections roll around. Seems as if the Rose City has been dealing with a few pricks.

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