Biden Will Stay Up Late On April 28th

Biden Will Stay Up Late On April 28th

Biden Will Stay Up Late On April 28th

Well, after all this time, we finally know that President Joe Biden will have to stay up past his usual bedtime on Wednesday, April 28th.

Why? That would be because the White House is apparently feeling confident about where the administration is headed – or they are in deep denial, take your pick – and gave Speaker Nancy Pelosi the thumbs-up. They are ready to set Biden loose for a joint address to Congress.

So Pelosi officially issued the invitation with the most syncophantic language possible.

Dear Mr. President:

Nearly 100 days ago, when you took the oath of office, you pledged in a spirit of great hope that “Help Is On The Way.” Now, because of your historic and transformative leadership, Help Is Here!”

In that spirit, I am writing to invite you to address a Joint Session of Congress on Wednesday, April 28, to share your vision for addressing the challenges and opportunities of this historic moment.”

Thank you for considering this invitation to speak to the Congress and the Nation. I look forward to your reply.”

Now, this is all a formality, because there is no way Pelosi didn’t coordinate this with the White House to make sure that Biden was free that day. That’s fine and expected. What IS deeply weird is Pelosi’s extreme sucking up (better make sure you have the super grip Polident on hand that night, Nancy). How much do you want to bet that Nancy Pelosi has Joe Biden autograph her copy of the speech, and then has it framed – you know, the complete opposite of how she treated Donald Trump’s last State of the Union speech?

This speech is technically not a “State of the Union” because it’s within a president’s first year, but what is very strange is the extreme delay.

Newly inaugurated presidents typically make their first address to Congress within weeks of taking office, though Biden had so far not done so due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

But with most lawmakers and a growing number of staff now vaccinated, it’s a sign that congressional leaders feel more confident in gathering large groups in the House chamber.”

Ever get the feeling that COVID is being perpetuated, and will be perpetuated forever, simply to give Biden excuses to not do things that other presidents are expected to do? After all, why stop what has clearly worked for him up until this point? He got elected even though he was sitting in his basement, he pushes off talking to the press as much as possible until it becomes painfully obvious that he is avoiding them, and all the while, Kamala Harris looms over his shoulder, just waiting.

COVID is going to alter how this entire speech looks, as well.

Numerous pandemic health precautions will remain in place. According to a Capitol official involved in the planning, there will be a limited number of House members and senators in the chamber. Some lawmakers will also be seated in the galleries overlooking the House floor to allow for additional social distancing.”

Lawmakers further won’t be allowed to invite guests to the address, given that the visitors’ galleries are still closed to the public due to the pandemic.”

Here’s a question – will Democrats get first dibs on the available seats, in order to make sure that Biden is speaking to a stacked, friendly audience? Hmmm.

Biden is expected to talk about his infrastructure plans, his desire to pass gun legislation, and voting rights during the joint address. Maybe he can stop outright lying about the Georgia law? Unlikely. Will Biden talk about the current rioting that wants to burn the Minneapolis area to the ground again? Will he address how this tweet has aged very, very badly?

No, of course not. Just like he probably won’t talk about the continuing crisis at the border and how the vice-president who will be staring at the back of his head like a vulture, whom he thinks is dealing with the border, actually can’t be bothered to give a damn about what’s happening and has worked to distance herself from any responsibility for it. And the media won’t ask Joe Biden why Kamala Harris isn’t actually working on the border, because they are too busy writing feature fluff on her crochet hobby. Journalism is really and truly dead.

This speech is in two weeks. In two weeks, who knows if Minneapolis isn’t just a smoldering pile of ashes (the Derek Chauvin case is about to wrap up and be handed to the jury, and no matter the verdict, there will be violence thanks to the sheer media malpractice in covering this trial). In two weeks, who knows how many illegal migrant children are sitting like foil-wrapped Hot Pockets in “temporary shelters” that totally aren’t cages. In two weeks, who knows what else will be considered “infrastructure” by the Biden team.

In other words, expect this speech to be full of word salad platitudes that will be delivered straight off the teleprompter to as friendly an audience as Nancy Pelosi can arrange, and as soon as it is done, Joe Biden will be headed straight for bed.

Featured image: original Victory Girls art by Darleen Click

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  • John A Wilson says:

    I think Old Joe really believes his own BS being large and in charge and is pushing the speech to show us who’s the man! Can you dig two terms of this stuff, Joe does.

  • Skillyboo says:

    Will this be the moment we are shown what we all suspect, he has dementia? Is this the setup to remove him and replace him with Kamala? And who would be her pick for veep? Mine is Stacy Abrams.

  • CaptDMO says:

    I thought tradition dictates that in honor of Mdm. DeFarge, the hobby be knitting while they wait!

  • RANDY M POCHEL says:

    In 1776 we revoulted against a tyrannical governemt. Taxation, holding citizens without trial, bond. Setting unelected and elected officials to intimidate and harass us. Keeping soldiers on state during times of peace. Traitors in the government and military that have sworn to uphold the Constitution. Branding those who ask for freedom and address our greviances as sedationist and traitors.
    We need to once more write declaration a list of greviances and sigh it every 75,000,000 of us

    I ask you what has changed from 1776 to 2021 ?

  • American Human says:

    He will have a hearing device in his ear so his “people” can prompt him when he lets himself get in the way. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone were to infiltrate his ear piece and start prompting him to pick his nose and say more stupid things. He’ll do whatever he is told to do or say by the person prompting him. Wow, what an idea!!

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