Biden VP Sweepstakes Pick Up Steam

Biden VP Sweepstakes Pick Up Steam

Biden VP Sweepstakes Pick Up Steam

We know only on thing about a future vice president for Joe Biden. We know it will be a woman who is chosen, solely on the basis of her gender. Don’t you ladies out there feel EMPOWERED, now???

Ever since Biden made his very public promise during the March debate that his vice president would be a woman, speculation has swirled about who that lucky lady would be. And the stakes are a whole lot higher with candidate Biden picking a second fiddle, because there doesn’t seem to be much question now, even in the mediaJoe Biden is a few tacos short of a fiesta platter, and the vice president might be much more prominent in a Biden administration.

With that in mind, Democrat women are lining up to participate in this political beauty pageant, where the Biden camp will evaluate them for their electability and compatibility with the candidate. The VP questionnaire probably even asks what kind of shampoo they use. And they better not lie, because I can bet that Joe’s nose can tell the difference between apple-scented Head and Shoulders compared to apple-scented Suave. Let’s take a look at some of the top candidates that the media assumes are currently being vetted by Team Biden. Notice I said “the media.” The media are definitely weighing into this process with their own two cents.

1) Stacey Abrams
For some inexplicable reason, the media think that Stacey Abrams, first runner up of the Georgia gubernatorial race, would be a stellar VP pick. The Washington Post even gave her a profile feature that not only spun her as the “supermodel” of the Democrats, there was a photo shoot that, well…

I’m sorry, I look at that photo and all I can hear is Edna Mode yelling “NO CAPES!

But we all know that Stacey Abrams got her dreams crushed on national TV by none other than Joe Biden himself.

Stop trying to make Stacey Abrams happen, media. It’s not going to happen.

2) Kamala Harris
Next on the list is current senator from California and former presidential candidate. The media think Harris would be great. Harris thinks she would be great. Biden and Harris… don’t like each other. Biden is going to win California without picking Harris, and we all know that Kamala Harris can’t think on her feet when asked hard questions. Let’s not even get into Harris’s problem of explaining away her previous stance of believing the women who said Biden creeped them out, as compared to her current stance on Tara Reade. The biggest problem that Kamala Harris has is that she called Joe Biden a racist during a debate over school bussing.

There’s no way that Biden puts her on the ticket with him and has that clip played repeatedly through the rest of the campaign. And it would be.

3) Gretchen Whitmer
The current governor of Michigan has made a name for herself during the current coronavirus pandemic. She was on no one’s radar before that. And now, she’s on everyone’s radar for all the wrong reasons. The left loves her because Trump once mocked her, which made her an overnight heroine of the Resistance. She even got a T-shirt out of it! Now, she just looks like a grasping tyrant who is punishing her constituents for daring to question her methods. The beatings will continue until morale improves, Michigan! Regardless, she is the flavor of the month for the media – and that means the Biden campaign has taken notice. Whitmer confirmed yesterday that she is “in talks” with the Biden team, but that no formal vetting has taken place yet. Michigan went to Trump in 2016, so if Biden picks Whitmer, he might have good odds on winning Michigan back. But the election is still months away, and Whitmer seems determined to keep the state under her thumb. How much longer her poll numbers stay up is anyone’s guess. Will Team Biden really choose the Dolores Umbridge of Michigan? We shall see.

4) Amy Klobuchar
The senator from Minnesota was a dark-horse candidate for president, but managed to score a weird tie with Elizabeth Warren for the New York Times editorial board endorsement on the basis that she was Joe Biden, but younger and female. Which is pretty much what Team Biden needs at this point. Klobuchar is not flashy or intersectional, but she is reliably left-wing, and has almost disappeared off the national radar after she dropped out of the presidential race and endorsed Biden, except for showing up for brief interviews about her husband’s fight with COVID-19 (which he thankfully recovered from). Hillary Clinton won Minnesota in 2016, but not by much. Could Minnesota be in play this year? Klobuchar seems like a safe choice, but a practical one.

Team Biden wants to make a big splash with their VP pick, but they have to realize that this VP has a better chance of being president than most VPs do. Even Biden himself says he’s a “transition candidate.” There are no long-term plans for a Biden legacy. As doddering Grandpa Joe’s handlers have come to realize, he’s just a default placeholder to try and put a “D” on the board while the Democrat machine gears up to pull out all the stops in the next cycle with a younger, intersectional, and hard left candidate. And Biden’s choice of VP could very well signal how far left the party is prepared to go.

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  • GWB says:

    Remember the last time a goober candidate that was going to get his butt handed to him by a popular Republican President up for re-election chose a woman to carry his carcass over the line? No, nobody really does. But it was Geraldine Ferraro, and her resume was not enhanced by joining Walter Mondale‘s team. (BTW, I never thought that pic was as goofy as others did.)

    speculation has swirled about who that lucky lady would be
    And whether Hands Biden would sniff her hair at the convention.

    Joe Biden is a few tacos short of a fiesta platter
    Oh, honey, he’s got nothing but guacamole on that plate.

    The media are definitely weighing into this process with their own two cents.
    And no sense.

    there was a photo shoot that, well…
    First time I saw that, I thought of a super-villain. Then of a cage fight contender. Never once did it make me think “Vice-presidential material!”

    [Abrams]’s not going to happen.
    I’m not sure how I feel about it. Doing that would indicate a total forfeit by the Dems this cycle – from the White House down to congresscritters and governorships. Rejecting her seems like they still have some hope for 2020, which might make the crushing they receive even better. I’m just not sure…….

    Let’s not even get into Harris’s problem of
    Sleeping her way to the top.

    Now, she just looks like has shown herself to be a grasping tyrant

    if Biden picks Whitmer, he might have good odds on winning Michigan back
    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! In a pig’s eye.

    Which is pretty much what Team Biden needs at this point.
    Maybe not what they need, but certainly what he wants. *sniffffffff*

    Could Minnesota be in play this year?
    Maybe. Depends on whether Republicans can make adequate hay of Ilhan Omar’s freaky corruption, AND tie her to the rest of the Dems there.

    they have to realize that this VP has a better chance of being president than most VPs do
    You should caveat that with “if elected.” ‘Cause I don’t see Biden getting elected unless the Dems pull a Torricelli Gambit or the VP pick actually runs as if running for President (and can beat Trump).

    he’s just a default placeholder
    So, a Republican incumbent really is, for once, running against “generic Democrat.” Interesting.

    • GWB says:

      ‘Cause I don’t see Biden getting elected unless the Dems pull a Torricelli Gambit…
      I should have said “I don’t see a Dem getting elected unless…”.
      Oh, for an edit function….

  • Joe in PNG says:

    Let’s see… an unsuccessful veep run pretty much kills one’s chances for any higher office. Any smart Dem lady would know that, and would be able to figure that it’s really not going to be Biden this year. So Amy will probably sit this one out, and wait until ’24.
    The other two don’t have much to lose, and aren’t all that smart.

  • Skillyboo says:

    Since they’re all toxic Biden’s choice will be the leper with the most fingers.

  • Joe in PNG says:

    As with the primaries, the people who get the most coverage first are usually not the people that wind up with the nomination.

  • Lance says:

    Jesus Christ, if any people legitimately take this idiot and the stupid broads lining up seriously, we’re screwed. No way did obama win re-election legitimately, and the democrat fraud machine will be cranked up into overdrive in November. I hope seriously that Trump would not simply ‘turn over’ the country to that piece of shit in league with obama, should fraud put him over the top.

    • Joe in PNG says:

      My suspicion is the opposite- the Dems will throw the fight, take a dive, fold their hand, and let Trump take this year’s election. Because the next 4 years are going to be pretty tough. Because a lot of necessary but unpopular decisions will need to be made, where it will be years before the positive effects take hold. Better to let the Republicans take the hit and bide for 22 & 24. Taking a loss for further political gain is a SOP for the legislature- a lot of legislation is proposed for the sole purpose of having it shot down, so one can use it as a campaign ad.

      Then, the odds weren’t really in their favor before Winnie the Flu. Running against an incumbent President is usually a losing proposition, so you run your party hacks, radical weirdos, and general losers.

  • Sam L. says:

    He’s Joe Biden, My guess is his Veep candidate will be trans-gender…or should that be “transgendess”?

  • Nick says:

    No Warren? Lizzy Warren took an axe and gave the economy 40 whacks?

  • David DeCaro says:

    I’m undecided this election. I’m waiting until Biden fingers his VP pick.

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