Matt Lauer Responds To Ronan Farrow’s Book Creepily

Matt Lauer Responds To Ronan Farrow’s Book Creepily

Matt Lauer Responds To Ronan Farrow’s Book Creepily

In November, 2017, NBC Today Show co-host, Matt Lauer was fired after an ugly sexual allegation by a female NBC employee. To say that two and a half years later, Lauer is steaming mad would be a galactic understatement. published an opinion piece/fisking operation written by Lauer. Mr. Lauer may have seen this as an opportunity to get some of his own back and rehabilitate himself. He comes off as an amoral manwhore.

Last year, investigative journalist Ronan Farrow published a book, Catch and Kill, that details how the “powers that be” protect big-name male predators and the conspiracy to silence their accusers. Our Narcissi wrote about the Ronan Farrow book and you can read it here. I don’t want to go too far down the rabbit hole here, but the spark for Matt Lauer’s Mediaite piece was a New York Times article claiming that Ronan Farrow didn’t do due diligence in vetting his sources and interviews. You with me so far?

So, Matt Lauer decides to take Ronan Farrow to the journalistic woodshed. According to Mr. Lauer, Ronan Farrow is a disgruntled former NBC employee. From the Mediaite article:

It is a fact that Ronan Farrow had negative feelings about NBC when he parted ways with the network in 2017. His history with NBC/Comcast is a matter of public record.

He had his show on MSNBC cancelled, and he openly claimed that the network spiked his reporting on the Harvey Weinstein scandal. He spoke about his dissatisfaction publicly. It would be hard for anyone to argue that, when Ronan set out to write his book, he was even close to objective or unbiased when it came to NBC.

Lauer expresses his belief that Farrow acted, not as a journalist, but as a crusader for the #MeToo cause. He also believes that because of the mood of the country Farrow’s book did not get the scrutiny it should have. Lauer goes on to take pages of the book he is mentioned in and “refutes” the facts there. Matt Lauer does not believe that Farrow is upholding proper journalistic ethics and that he is too invested in making Lauer and other predators look bad. Saying that someone else has a fixed point of view in which they are invested is rich coming from Lauer. Take this brief interview clip with Donald Trump for instance:

What’s really truly awful about Lauer’s rebuttal/fisking is his lack of self-awareness. I said he comes off as an amoral manwhore. Here are some instances:

In late November 2017, I was fired from my job at the Today show after admitting to having a consensual, yet inappropriate relationship with a fellow employee in the workplace. NBC said it was a violation of company policy, and it ended my 25-year career at the network.

Brooke readily admitted to Ronan that she helped arrange, and participated in future sexual encounters between us in my apartment, over the course of a four-month relationship.

She also told friends she was having an affair with me, without ever mentioning it was anything but consensual.

And finally, she admitted to Ronan (and NBC) that she reached out to me, after the affair had ended, trying to see me again.

Ronan splashes the content of messages I sent to a former NBC employee named Addie Collins in 2000, across this page, in bold, capital letters.


He wants the reader to see, in dramatic fashion, what I wrote to her in the midst of what she admits was a consensual relationship twenty years ago. I can confirm these are actual messages I wrote and sent. It’s embarrassing, but true.

Had Lauer been single, this would have been bad behavior. Don’t have sexual affairs with those at work who are in an inferior position to you. No. Matt Lauer was married to Annette Roque from 1998 to 2019. Did I mention he is an amoral manwhore. Don’t shit where you eat and don’t cheat on your wife.

Before Matt Lauer took Ronan Farrow to the woodshed, he should have removed the plank from his own eye.

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