Anarchy is Beautiful, Says Teen Vogue

Anarchy is Beautiful, Says Teen Vogue

Anarchy is Beautiful, Says Teen Vogue

While Teen Vogue is trying to sell young women on “How to have a perfect night in” with $300 underwire polos and $200 shorts, the writers are lamenting about what a beautiful thing anarchy is.

Bricks and flaming garbage. Beautiful, says politics editor Lucy Diavolo.

While there is a grave threat embedded in this rhetoric, there’s also a grand irony because this summer in New York has felt like a chance to embody many of the principles of anarchism — the actual political philosophy, not the scary idea of it people like Trump use to target activists and frighten others. From pandemic-prompted mutual aid to a Black-led popular uprising against police brutality, this summer in the Big Apple has been a fruitful lesson in the principles of taking care of each other when the government fails us and of standing up to government-sponsored violence and terror.”-Lucy Diavolo

People in motion in the Summer of Love in New York City. Fruitful lessons of taking care of one another? How is throwing a brick through a window or burning down a business owned by a black family taking care of one another, exactly, Lucy? How, exactly is this fruitful?

Diavolo continues to enlighten young, curious minds (and infuriate old cynical minds like mine) alike with more recent illustrations that the squalor and riots are all the fault of the Trump administration. William Barr is out to prosecute the poor, little protestors who spit in the faces of police officers during a “pandemic” and try to barricade them in burning buildings. Beneath the surface, though, is a deep desire of these superior human beings to those of and in support of Trump’s crackdown to be “better people”. To practice the actual philosophy of anarchy. Gag. You guessed it, more pretentious horse$hit. Don’t say I did not warn you. She quotes work written by famed anarchist theorist, Peter Kropotkin, entitled Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution.

The importance of this distinction will be easily appreciated by the student of animal psychology, and the more so by the student of human ethics. Love, sympathy and self-sacrifice certainly play an immense part in the progressive development of our moral feelings. But it is not love and not even sympathy upon which Society is based in mankind. It is the conscience — be it only at the stage of an instinct — of human solidarity. It is the unconscious recognition of the force that is borrowed by each man from the practice of mutual aid; of the close dependency of every one’s happiness upon the happiness of all; and of the sense of justice, or equity, which brings the individual to consider the rights of every other individual as equal to his own.”-Peter Kropotkin

Diavolo likens the food deliveries in her neighborhood of Bed-Stuy during COVID-19 lockdowns as an attempt at this solidarity. No sooner as she makes this comparison, she begins to glorify the protests in “anarchist jurisdiction” New York. In Portland. In Seattle. Such a beautiful Summer of Love they had with this human experiment. Free stuff. Allowing homeless to camp out. Chalk drawings and circle story time by day, shootings, looting, vandalism by night. All broken up by the perpetrators of systemic racism, the cops, the fuzz. Such a drag. This is the Americans crying out for anarchy, according to her.

Diavolo wants to show off her intellectual prowess with more literary works on anarchy, citing Emma Goldman, another great anarchist thinker. Lucy’s soooo smart, don’t you think? The smartest of the smartest brainiacs of the new revolution, comrades!

The world is at a loss for a way out,’ Goldman wrote. ‘Parliamentarism and democracy are on the decline. Salvation is being sought in Fascism and other forms of ‘strong’ government.’

Amid this tumult, Goldman wrote she viewed the state as ‘a term for the legislative and administrative machinery whereby certain business of the people is transacted, and badly so.’ She believed it functioned as a way ‘to give an appearance of legality and right to the wrong done by the few to the many,’ and operated with the ‘open, tacit, or assumed’ consent of the governed, though she argued this ‘alleged consent’ can be manufactured through educational indoctrination.’-Lucy Diavolo, Teen Vogue

Strong government? What exactly does Diavolo think of cities being locked down for months on end? Mayors of blue cities and governors of blue states have all but choked out working Americans and their families in favor of this “beautiful” thing she calls anarchy. In favor of rich, little white kids and overgrown babies who have nothing better to do on a Friday night than break other people’s stuff. Let them exercise their right to riot-ahem-protest. Want to talk educational indoctrination? Look no further than Exhibit A, the musings of Comrade Diavolo.

This is what Teen Vogue is churning out to the younger masses like radioactive waste into Lake Karachay. Poor kids don’t even know they’re bathing in a “special sickness“. Where is the anarchy and anger at Conde Nast CEO, Roger Lynch? Isn’t he part of the big, corporate machine with a big, cushy office and a fancy New York domicile to match? Oh, he’s the CEO and he’s proud of his editors speaking truth to power, or something.

Anarchy is beautiful, says Lucy Diavolo as she hammers away at her keyboard. In the most animalistic sense, humans want to be better and they illustrating by rioting and destroying what others have worked hard for that they need to be better like them. Love, sympathy and self-sacrifice. We’re evolving here. This animalistic behavior is for the greater good.

It’s unkind to animals to compare those that support anarchy to them. So much for animal rights. Get me off this planet.

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  • GWB says:

    $300 underwire polos
    Ummm, I thought underwires were in bras? Or do I not want to know?

    many of the principles of anarchism
    Ummm, the “actual principles” ARE scary. And “mutual aid” is not a principle of anarchy.

    taking care of each other when the government fails us
    Is THAT what you call all those fires and bloodshed? I just call it… oh, wait, anarchy.

    in her neighborhood of Bed-Stuy
    Ahhhh, so another cosplayer.

    It’s a complicated philosophy
    Not really. Mostly it’s a tantrum. Melded with an idyllic view of humanity that didn’t survive the tree in Eden.

    Parliamentarism and democracy are on the decline.
    Yes, thanks to you and yours. Don’t now try to claim to be the solution.

    The thing is the anarchists are right about some things. Yes, gov’t is scary and powerful and can be horrible because of its power. But people do not live well together without some force reining in their baser impulses. In a Christian community (or one based on Christian morals and worldview) we can lessen the gov’t required because the people will (generally) govern themselves. Otherwise, it’s right back to some kind of *archy – monarchy, oligarchy, etc.

  • John C. says:

    Anarchy is unstable. In a situation where government breaks down, anarchy will only last until someone who can gather followers will impose his idea of order over as large an area as he can manage, and it degenerates, or evolves, if you prefer that term, into feudalism. “Warlord of Seattle,” anyone? The same thing happens where order has not broken down completely; see “gangs.”

    If Teen Vogue is really interested in the welfare of young women, they would not be pushing anarchy. Whenever order breaks down, women always get the short end of the stick. Without exception.

    • GWB says:

      women always get the short end of the stick
      Sometimes very literally.

      And, yes, breakdown – because man cannot abide a power vacuum. Even if he’s living “in harmony” with the world.

  • OWWIII says:

    Someone said, “I will go to war so my children can be farmers and teachers, so their children can be scientists and engineers, so their children can be poets and artists”. Or something along those lines. My question is…what will their children be? Anarchists? We start at the beginning again…I will go to war……

    • GWB says:

      Or the one that says “Hard times make hard men. Hard men make good times. Good times make weak men. Weak men make Hard times.”

      We are NOT going to evolve into non-corporeal minds when we finally have nothing but leisure time. Instead, we will descend into barbarism.

  • Mike says:

    Diavolo–sounds like a surname derived from the word “devil.”

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