Amanda Marcotte Wonders Why Women Vote Republican

Amanda Marcotte Wonders Why Women Vote Republican

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Today is the last day of the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC. This has spurred liberals everywhere to become inexplicably confused at the idea of conservatives gathering somewhere and openly speaking about what they believe. Even more crazy is all of the different kinds of people there. CPAC attendees include men, women, minorities — why, it’s almost as if people can have their own individual opinions on stuff! Liberal minds are being blown at the thought at this very moment. One such mind is that of Amanda Marcotte, who just can’t figure out why women vote Republican.

In a post for Slate’s Double X blog, Marcotte tries to figure out the motivations of us crazy womenfolk who vote Republican. What causes us to exist? Why do we not do what is good for us and just be good little liberals? Marcotte comes to the conclusion that it’s for one reason and one reason alone:

A new poll from Public Policy Polling is making headlines this week because it reveals that 57 percent of Republican primary voters want to make Christianity the national religion, even though doing so would require removing the First Amendment from the Constitution. Even more interestingly, the data shows a stark gender divide among Republicans polled on this question: 66 percent of Republican women versus 49 percent of Republican men would like to see America become more theocratic.

Overall, the data suggests that there may be an intriguing gender divide when it comes to the motivations of Republican voters, with results showing men to be more motivated by economic reasons and women drawn to conservative politics for more religious and social reasons.

… There’s been an increased interest in recent years in what motivates Republican women, particularly as the party has amped up its assault on reproductive rights. This data, which jibes with countless studies that have shown that women are more likely to be religious than men, helps answer that question: It’s religion.

Considering that Marcotte hates religion, and is a flaming anti-Catholic, it probably killed her to write this post. But it doesn’t matter. Religion is not why some women are Republicans. Some women are Republicans because women, just like men, are able to think for themselves and come to their own conclusions. To liberals like Marcotte, this is nothing short of blasphemy. Women aren’t supposed to think for themselves, and if they do, they will be attacked and smeared as anti-feminist by the radical feminist left.

Despite what ultra-liberals like Marcotte want you to think, Republicans are not anti-woman. Some of the biggest rising stars in the conservative movement are women: Sarah Palin, Nikki Haley, Mia Love, Joni Ernst, just to name a few. There are countless others, either working as politicians or as conservative bloggers and journalists. Women, in general, are rejecting the radical feminism that Marcotte and Co. have been peddling, where people like Marcotte demand that real women must only care about feminist-approved issues like abortion and the myth of the equal pay gap. Women are told that we are perpetual victims of a faceless patriarchy, that men are the enemy, that our genitals define us more than anything else does, that abortion is absolutely necessary for us to lead fulfilling and successful lives. We’re told that only certain choices are acceptable, so being a stay-at-home mother, as an example, makes us slaves to the patriarchy. All men are potential rapists (something that those of us who are mothers to boys just love hearing). All women only care about girly issues like health care and taxpayer-funded daycares. And despite the constant insistence from pro-abortion liberals that all women support the euphemistically-phrased “reproductive rights”, in reality, it’s an even split at best. Really, it’s no wonder that so few women identify as feminists now. And it’s also no wonder that so many women identify more with conservatives than they do with liberals.

Here is what the liberal view of women is: women are weak, incapable beings who need the government to provide for them. They are constant victims, just by nature of being a woman. They cannot accomplish anything without abortion. Having a family will ruin any chance of being successful and fulfilling your dreams. They are too pathetic and helpless to be able to pay for anything on their own, not even $4 birth control. They need everything in their life to be taxpayer-funded, because otherwise, they simply aren’t capable of anything. Women are too weak to be anything except a slave to our basest urges. And on top of all that, women must all think exactly alike. Dissent is not allowed. Women who think differently are insulted as stupid.

Meanwhile, the conservative view is that women are just the same as men. We’re capable of working hard and accomplishing whatever we put our minds to. We do not need the government giving us handouts in order to succeed at life. We do not need to kill our children in order to fulfill our dreams. We are strong and capable enough to take care of ourselves without needing Big Daddy Government to step in and do it for us. If we inexplicably cannot afford to pay $4 a month for birth control, then we believe that women are strong-willed enough to exercise self-control. They are concerned about more than just the feminist-approved “girly” issues like health care and abortion; we also care about national security, the economy, foreign policy. Women are more than sniveling weaklings who need the government and know-it-all feminists to tell us what is good for us. And we can think for ourselves.

Really, when you compare the two, the question becomes, why does any woman identify as liberal? Why does any minority? It’s shameful, the way liberals see “minorities”. According to liberal ideology, only old white men are allowed to look at the issues and come to whatever conclusion they choose. Literally anyone else — young people, women, blacks, Hispanics, people who identify as LGBT — must be liberal, or else they are a traitor, and a self-loathing one at that. We are not afforded the luxury of thinking for ourselves. Our job is to sit there and look pretty while liberals like Amanda Marcotte tell us what is acceptable to think. It is the most condescending, patronizing, insulting attitude possible, yet people somehow buy into it.

Believe it or not, Amanda, sweetheart, women vote Republican because women are diverse, just like every other minority group out there. Women do not all care about exactly the same things. They do not all think exactly the same way. They do not all have the same beliefs, morals, and values. They do not look at an issue and arrive at identical conclusions. In short, women are capable of thinking for themselves. Women are not a monolithic voting bloc. Women do not walk in lockstep, and they aren’t stupid just because they think differently than Amanda Marcotte does. And thinking that it’s crazy for women to think for themselves and view politics differently may perhaps be the most sexist, misogynist view of all.

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  • Joe Miller says:

    It speaks to how pathetic her intellect is. As Bill Engvall would say, “Here’s your sign.”

  • Jodi says:

    Because I have a brain and possess critical thinking skills for $2000, Alex.

  • Penny says:

    OMGosh!!! Another clear example of the non-thinking Liberobots!! Yup, like you, Jodi, I’ve always preferred to think for myself, thankyouverymuch!!

  • Dana says:

    The lovely Miss Marcotte is like so many of the left: they really can’t conceive of any opinions other than their own as being at all reasonable.

    Where the real Republican/Democratic divide amongst women is, is marital status. When women marry, they enter the single best economic arrangement men and women have ever had, and the economic benefits of normal marriage stand in direct opposition to what the left claim are just as legitimate lifestyle choices; this is a reality the left cannot stand, but cannot (logically) explain away.

    The conservative lifestyle, economically, socially and religiously, leads to far superior economic and social benefits for the nation as a whole, and the left can’t stand that.

  • Eric says:

    You can (almost) feel sorry for Marcotte. Poor thing, brainwashed by feminism into believing that marriage and family = slavery/oppression. In 30 years, she’ll be living alone with no husband and no children in a house full of cats. All the while knowing that any children she might have had ended up in the dumpster behind the abortion clinic with the rest of the medical waste.

  • Deserttrek says:

    one thing for sure conservative women are better looking than the left wing girls

  • HumanProblems says:

    the left does have issues of labeling, even name calling ppl who don’t align to issues or ideals. there are many types of feminisms, but the one that’s bred name-calling one is in the spotlight as the most common discourse.

    but man, this article and some of the comments are pretty mean. why do y’all gotta put your opinion out there while disparaging or being plain mean to others?

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