ISIS Whack-A-Mole Continues-Bosnian Arrested In Indiana For Supporting Islamic State

ISIS Whack-A-Mole Continues-Bosnian Arrested In Indiana For Supporting Islamic State

In an ever growing game of Islamist Whack-A-Mole, there has been an arrest of a Bosnian immigrant in Indiana for providing material support to ISIS. According to Jihad Watch’s blog posting  detailing the arrest, the man arrested is Nihad Rosic, an immigrant from Bosnia. You see the truck driver was living a double life according to FBI agents and was providing ISIS with everything from cash to combat boots, US military uniforms, tactical gear and firearms accessories such as rifle scopes and range finders. Evidently this has been going on for years and the FBI arrested him at the beginning of February when his plans to join ISIS on the battlefield in Syria came to light.

Nihad Rosic arrested in Central Indiana for providing ISIS with material support


It seems that this arrest is linked to the arrest of six Bosnian nationals three weeks ago in St. Louis. Evidently these geniuses were plotting on social media like so many of their counterparts so luckily the FBI was able to track their communication using Facebook and emails to learn more about their plans.  The Feds were also able to show transfers of money using Western Union and PayPal between the Bosnians and known terror figures in the Middle East.

Courtroom renderings of two of the Brooklyn men arrested, Photo credit-CBS New York

These plots seem to multiply and in the past month alone have ranged from the midwest to the East Coast, most recently  three men in Brooklyn were arrested for plotting to join ISIS in Syria to “wage jihad”, as covered here by Nina Bookout in her posting “ISIS Pied Piper of Evil Strikes Again: 3 In Brooklyn Arrested”.

Secretary of State John Kerry wants us to calm down

And all this just when our Secretary of State John “Lurch” Kerry has declared that we are living in a supremely safe period in history-sounding like the Neville Chamberlain of 2015. It seems as though our “leaders” are in denial about the Islamic State’s recruitment pull within our borders, and just to our south. Last October there were four terror sympathizers arrested on the U.S./Mexico border in Texas according to a report from Judicial Watch. Detailed in that report this was a string of incidents involving ISIS supporters intercepted on that border in 2014. According to Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-Calif) to protect the homeland, we need to secure the southern border.

“If you really want to protect Americans from ISIS, you secure the southern border. The U.S. southern border is the only way that Americans get harmed by ISIS… If they catch five or 10 of them, then you know there is going to be dozens more that did not get caught by the Border Patrol.”

Unfortunately, with our President’s view on immigration that is highly unlikely to happen. Until then, I guess we just sit by with our popcorn and watch as the law enforcement officers of the land keep whacking those ISIS moles and hope that we get all of them-before they get us.

Photo credit: Liberty Alliance

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