Charlie Daniels Pens A Letter To Our Enemies: You Don’t Know America

Charlie Daniels Pens A Letter To Our Enemies: You Don’t Know America

Charlie Daniels Pens A Letter To Our Enemies: You Don’t Know America

Country singer, Charlie Daniels so eloquently posted an open letter to the enemies of our country on CNS news yesterday that was spot-on. In the beginning, he paints a picture of the apprehension of our Naval vessels by the Iranian Navy and John Kerry’s subsequent comments about how the Naval personnel were treated humanely. You know, kneeling with their hands on their heads?

Some of Daniels’ observations can be seen here:

We’re the nation that traded five of the world’s most dangerous terrorists for one American deserter.

We’re the nation that gave away the store to insure that Iran can finance its terrorist attacks and be assured of having a nuclear device in a few years.

We’re the nation that traded five of the world’s most dangerous terrorists for one American deserter.

He follows it all up with this:

No, you don’t know America. You’ve only seen America through the eyes of an Ivy League ideologue. There are no calluses on his hands, no notches on his gun. He is naive enough to believe that people who only understand power can be swayed by political correctness, kindness and acquiescence.

Soon America will have a new leader, and I pray to Almighty God every day that we will choose the right one.

You can read the whole open letter here and trust me, it is worth it. Say what you will about Charlie Daniels but I believe he hit the nail on the head:

“…Then, during a parade, the Iranians staged a float with Iranians dressed like American sailors on a boat standing in total submission while being laughed at and ridiculed by the people on the street.

This is tantamount to rubbing America’s face in a manure pile.”

And, our powers-that-be did nothing, said nothing. So, the question here is…are we tired of getting our faces rubbed in the manure pile by the powers-that-be? A self-proclaimed “globalist” who apologizes for us every single chance he and his administration have the opportunity? What truly is our enemies’ perception of us today in 2016? Are we trustworthy? Are we viewed as the nation that will not lie down and play dead? Do we adhere to our principles or are we willing to let every thing go because “anything goes” here? Do we cherish the lives who are here in this nation-the human beings who put their hands on their hearts and recite every word of our Pledge of Allegiance with passion while some (cherished) hipster punk in a flannel sits on his duff because it’s “his right” to not participate? Do we cherish the lives of the innocent and their voices for our future generations? Do we care about preserving the dignity of our Americans who are willing to fight the battles that our “globalist” president claims can be fought without getting dirty? Or are we just all caught up in semantics and what looks good to the rest of the world that we have lost sight of how to take care of our own and placed them all at risk as sitting ducks for our enemies? Have we lost all pride and become dependent on our government to the point of being unable to fend for and think for ourselves? Stripped of our opportunities and defenseless? Is this what Americans want? I find that hard to believe. Those who disagree with our current administration continue to get their faces rubbed in the proverbial pile as a form of bullying (which, by the way, they are so against) by their superiors, their peers and other fellow Americans who have bought into political correctness ad nauseam, cowering and apologies. No, they don’t know America. Are we fatigued to the point of hope and change? I’m not talking the “hope” and “change” that was created over the past eight years. I’m talking getting our faces out of the piles and cleaning up this mess because frankly, it stinks to high heaven up in here.

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  • OC says:

    When I took the oath, I did so without thinking there would ever be an end to it. I still think that way.
    I’ll say it again “…against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic.”

  • Appalled By The World says:

    The foreign enemies probably know America better than the domestic ones currently destroying it.

  • GWB says:

    I’m still hoping for change. *eyeroll*

    OC, how deeply do you hold to that oath? Do you actually consider it true that domestic enemies have taken over our country? If yes to both, then we are in Danger Close. (Don’t answer those questions out loud here; we don’t want to endanger our hosts.)

  • OC says:

    GWB, it is indeed danger close……..

  • Johnny says:

    I’m not sure who said it, but I remember this:

    “America has not been truly angry since December of 1941. You do not want to get America ticked off. When America is truly angry, it does not drop ten thousand bombs on you – it drops two.”

    I don’t worry that there is a feckless leftist in the Oval Office right now – America’s memory is long and sooner or later all accounts will be settled.

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