World Leaders Heart Biden And A Return To Status Quo

World Leaders Heart Biden And A Return To Status Quo

World Leaders Heart Biden And A Return To Status Quo

World leaders are thrilled that Joe Biden will probably be President. But is his brand of foreign policy what they really want? If it means rendering our Republic weak, then ABSOLUTELY!

“Sighs of relief rippled through capitals of longtime U.S. allies around the world Saturday after Joe Biden became president-elect.

Many leaders have been battered by four years of the convention-smashing President Donald Trump and see in Biden a counterpart who will try and return America onto a path of multilateralism and international cooperation.”

The kudos from world leaders poured in! Good ole Justin Trudeau is oh so happy he will no longer have his ass handed to him by President Trump. 

The Mayor of Paris, whose city has dealt with numerous terrorist attacks, specifically the Charlie Hebdo and The Bataclan nightclub attacks, is totally beside herself with glee about Biden’s presumptive Presidency because climate!!

 Can we say blinders on? Yeah, all the world leaders are so invested in the status quo that they’ll choose Biden over world security and prosperity under President Trump. 

Joe Biden was in lockstep with Obama regarding terrorism and foreign policy. The John Kerry “hugs” and James Taylor sing along was so much cringe. And didn’t do one damned thing to address the realities of terrorism and its roots. Furthermore, Paris and France’s Macron are evidently willing to ignore that the Obama/Biden RED LINE for Syria was so flexible it was Gumby on steroids. 

But Joe Biden promises STUFF and THINGS regarding foreign policy, and world leaders are saying OK! about what? 

  1. “NATO needs to recommit and pony up to their responsibilities 
  2. Bolster alliances with Japan, South Korea, and other Asian democracies including Australia. **Australia is Asian? Who knew???!!
  3. Get rid of nuclear weapons 
  4. Bring us back into the Paris Climate Change crap
  5. End all the forever wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Middle East as a whole
  6. Renew our relationship with Israel
  7. Rejoin the Iran Deal”

Yes indeed folks, those are Joe Biden’s foreign policy plans.

President Trump has already been at work the last four years to bring our troops home. He has downsized our military presence in Afghanistan and elsewhere strategically, cautiously, but with an eye to reducing our presence in endless wars. 

NATO stepping up? Already happening, and President Trump put that in motion from the very start. The United States has carried the NATO burden for years. At least the other countries have now ponied up some of what they owe. Joe Biden? It will be back to the Obama era status quo.

The Paris Climate Change crap, of which most is NON-recyclable (windmills and solar panels) will bankrupt the entire world. Period. Yes AOC, it will even bankrupt YOU. 

Israel? President Trump moved our embassy to Jerusalem. He also had his team facilitate the Abraham Accords.

Biden and Obama were blatantly NOT friends of Israel. Does anyone remember that Prime Minister Netanyahu was told to enter through essentially the kitchen door while meeting with Obama? 

Joe Biden would have to tell the entire Middle East (with the exception of Iran) that their signing of the Abraham Accords was wrong and this should be revisited.

Want to know how that will go over? Like a fart in church. 

Palestine will be emboldened again. Why? Because Joe Biden will continue down the same track as the Obama/Biden Administration did, which means Palestine will get a seat at a table that isn’t and never will be theirs. They are and will be funded by Iran and terrorist attacks will escalate again. 

Iran Deal. Biden wants it back up and running. Contrary to what our pundit betters have told us, Iran was never going to hold to the original deal. They showed that multiple times by harassing our ships, boarding our military vessels, capturing our military, and building nuclear reactors even as the Iran Deal was being negotiated.

You can take it to the bank that, in spite of President Trump cutting off the terrorism money flow, a Biden Administration would go into full appeasement mode and likely figure out how to send more pallets of cash over in the dead of night.


“Nothing is more urgent, in the eyes of many experts, than reversing the downward trajectory of relations with China, the economic superpower and geopolitical rival that Mr. Trump has engaged in what many are calling a new Cold War. Disputes over trade, the South China Sea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and technology have metastasized during Mr. Trump’s term, his critics say, worsened by the president’s racist declarations that China infected the world with the coronavirus and should be held accountable.

“China is kind of the radioactive core of America’s foreign policy issues,” said Orville Schell, director of the Asia Society’s Center on U.S.-China Relations.”

First of all, China is asshole. Secondly, Joe WILL cave to China. It is well documented that he has done so, and it’s a fair bet he will continue to do so whether it’s because of Hunter or not. Furthermore, the Obama/Biden Administration ignored China’s pirating of intellectual property and encouraged no-holds barred trade with China while letting China dictate the terms. President Trump was bringing that to a halt. Biden will re-open the doors to that authoritarianism to ALL our detriment.

Oh wait, foreign policy has nothing to do with our Second Amendment? Oh YES IT DOES. A Biden Administration is all about authoritarianism at all levels. Foreign to domestic. 

People are celebrating in the streets with zero social distancing right now because that ORANGEMANBAD guy will no longer be President. 

But what they and our world leaders have bought into not only includes higher taxes, it includes a Republic that will be weakened on the foreign stage because a Biden/Harris Administration is all about being Yes men to China, to the United Nations, and will appease terrorism and stand down at every turn. 

Buckle up Americans and gird your loins. We are in for a ride and it will be BUMPY.

Feature Photo Credit: Original artwork by Victory Girls Darleen Click

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  • Cameron says:

    It’s hardly a surprise. In general, other nations are appalled at the fact that Americans value the right over the individual and prefer the state to be subservient. To be patriotic is considered gauche and barbaric so the Democrats are absolutely orgasmic that they are going to be at the Cool Kids Table again.

  • Cameron says:

    Almost forgot: The other countries are joyful that the American piggy bank is going to be at their disposal again.

  • Scott says:

    ” Secondly, Joe WILL cave to China. “… Is it really caving when he’s bought and paid for? I mean, being the “big guy” and all…

  • Guybaker76 says:

    America is DONE.

    Bankers, Wall Street, Open- border Globalists, billionaires, Silicon Valley cheap-labour billionaires, have won.

    American wealth will be redistributed to African dictators on the pretext that Climate Change “made them” that way. New foreign wars will be conjured.

    American DEBT will increase exponentially, . . . permanently drowning All but a few Americans.

    And China is ecstatic.

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