#ParisShooting: Dozens Dead, Hostages Taken Following Explosions, Shooting in Multiple Paris Locations

#ParisShooting: Dozens Dead, Hostages Taken Following Explosions, Shooting in Multiple Paris Locations

#ParisShooting: Dozens Dead, Hostages Taken Following Explosions, Shooting in Multiple Paris Locations


Less than a year following the horrific Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack, Paris, France is once again under siege from what looks like a planned, coordinated attack. Here’s what we know thus far:

Photo Credit: Daily Mail
Photo Credit: Daily Mail
  • At least 35 people have reportedly been killed in multiple locations.
  • One hundred hostages have been taken in a nearby “concert hall,” which is better described as a rock-concert club.
  • French President Hollande was in attendance at the soccer game where one of the attacks occurred.
  • At least 25 shots were heard at an area restaurant.
  • At least three explosions and six shootings occurred throughout the city.
  • Grenades were reportedly used.
  • Multiple gunmen are involved, and at least some reportedly still at large.
  • Attackers used “semiautomatic weapons and bullet-proof vests.”
  • At least one of the attackers used a suicide vest inside the restaurant, likely including the stadium.
  • One of the attackers inside the concert hall screamed, in French, “This is for Syria!”
  • A fourth shooting is being reported at an area shopping mall. It’s unclear if the shooting is related.
  • Shooting and explosions were heard at at least three separate locations throughout Paris:

Listen carefully for what sounds like an explosion at the football stadium:

The situation remains extremely fluid. Victory Girls will update as information comes in. Please keep the people of France, once again, in your thoughts and prayers.

UPDATE [3:10 pm pacific]: Fox News is reporting that there are now six separate locations, all over the city, that have been attacked, and at least forty people killed. President Francois Hollande has ordered the borders closed and placed France under a state of emergency.

UPDATE [3:20 pm pacific]: French police confirm two suicide attacks and one bombing occurred near the football stadium. Shouts of “Allahu Akbar” were heard in the restaurant before “young men” began shooting.

UPDATE [3:25 pm pacific]: Fox News is reporting that hostages at the concert hall are “being executed one by one.” Please pray for them.

UPDATE [3:28 pm pacific]: Fox News: Five explosions have just occurred in or near the concert hall.

UPDATE [3:35 pm pacific]: Fox News: French President Hollande reports this is a second wave of attacks. Attack locations now numbered at seven.

UPDATE [3:36 pm pacific]: Reuters: French police are storming the concert hall.

UPDATE [3:45 pm pacific]: Fox News: French police have arrested one person who told them, “I am from ISIS.” He claims to have been recruited by the Islamic State, along with others. No way to confirm that, of course.

UPDATE [3:52 pm pacific]: Fox News: Twelve people have been rescued from the concert hall. Their condition is unknown.

UPDATE [3:56 pm pacific]: French police say the concert hall siege is over. Three terrorists are dead.

UPDATE [4:15 pm pacific]: French police: At least 100 people have been killed inside the concert hall.

UPDATE [4:56 pm pacific]: French authorities say a total of four five terrorists are dead. It’s unclear how they died.

UPDATE [5:00 pm pacific]: Deputy Mayor of Paris says the death toll at the concert hall has risen to 118.

UPDATE [6:20 pm pacific]: Fox is reporting that four French police officers lost their lives after entering the concert hall to save hostages.

UPDATE [6:35 pm pacific]: Authorities say terrorists detonated bomb vests/belts as police approached the concert hall.

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  • Well, get used to scenes like this. The Islamist genie has permanently escaped the bottle. Or, to put it more accurately, the Islamist genie has been deliberately set free by the EU morons and multicultural wackos.

    After the Charlie Hebdo attacks carries out my Islamist terrorists our self-anointed moral and intellectual betters in academia and the media blamed … wait for it … Charlie Hebdo! I wonder who/what they will blame this time? A You-tube video? Global warming? Opposition to homosexual marriage? The NRA? Sarah Palin? A poop swastika found in a “safe space”? The mind boggles!

  • Appalled By The World says:

    Once again the religion of peace” shows us what it does best-killing in droves for no reason whatsoever. Now we will hear the question of “why”? The answer is so simple that only a few believe it-it was so ordered by the Koran because that’s the way Mohammed operated.

    And don’t believe for a second that these were rogue or misguided Muslims either-these pigs that committed this atrocity are THE most authentic Muslims because they faithfully followed their war manual (the Koran) to the letter and imitated their “perfect man” (Mohammed).

    I sincerely hope that all those who participated in this outrage will be eternally damned to hell for it. And I include all those idiot Progressives who enabled this to happen too because blood is also on their hands for inviting these butchers into France and kowtowing to their demands. See? Appeasement does NOT work-and it never will.

    BTW-You know what would be nice to see? French troops storming all those infamous no-go zones in Paris and finally taking out all that trash once and for all. Maybe then the people of Paris can finally get some peace at long last.

    • Jodi Giddings says:

      Agreed wholeheartedly. ISIS is Islam in its purest form.

      Meanwhile, we’re bringing them here.

      • Appalled By The World says:

        That NEEDS to come to an end. The entire West needs to close the doors now. And start deportations-I don’t want to hear how it’s impossible either because it CAN be done. It’ll take time but that’s OK. All that’s needed is the will to do it.

        Right now I hope Progs everywhere are happy-this blood is on THEIR hands. They created all of the conditions to allow this to happen. Blame falls more on the Progs than it does on their Koranist allies in their Axis of Evil.

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