Women Need To Answer For Backing Trump Again, Says Journalist

Women Need To Answer For Backing Trump Again, Says Journalist

Women Need To Answer For Backing Trump Again, Says Journalist

Here we go again. More white women shaming other white women about their choices on their election ballots. Enter white “journalist”, Kaylen Ralph.

Ralph is a white girl who grew up in predominantly white Rockford, Illinois and she wants to school white women on their privilege. After all, 55% of white women voted for Donald Trump last week. Internalized sexism was what she called it.

If internalized sexism was to blame for white women’s choice in 2016, how to explain 2020, an election in which voters had the choice between two demographically identical old white men? As a voting bloc, white women seemingly doubled down in their support of Trump, opting to align themselves against science, reproductive rights, diplomacy, and economic solvency in support of the spoils they (we?) reap as secondary benefactors of white privilege.”-Kaylen Ralph, Teen Vogue

More judgmental leftist BS being thrown out to our young women. Here’s another liberal young city hipster, feminist, “journalist”, talking down to women she does not even know (and probably will not even bother to know because they voted for Trump). Kaylen’s the very type-decked-out head-to-toe in Urban Outfitters as she sits upon her laurels and sips her Kale smoothie to offer up “articles” and “books she’s read” and “classes she’s taken in college” to white women to show them how racist (and, apparently, repressed) they are. She will claim to want to have an “intellectual discussion” with you but will shoot you down or Twitter block you if you say something that does not suit the narrative that she’s been indoctrinated to recite.

In 2016, when given the choice between a woman whose record includes stints as first lady, U.S. senator, and U.S. Secretary of State, versus a man who was accused of sexual misconduct by more than 20 different women prior to the 2016 election, a plurality of white women opted instead for the latter — a reality TV star turned a one-term, impeached president who is the embodiment of white patriarchy, a system in which white women have always been protected at the cost of everyone else.”–Kaylen Ralph, Teen Vogue

Hold up, Teen Vogue readers. Some of your own mothers may have cast their votes for Donald Trump. Appalling, isn’t it? Why did we double down on our support of Trump? Let us count the reasons.

1. Internalized Sexism

We cast our votes in 2016 for Trump because the woman the Democrats put up for election was downright morally complicit in the sexually deviant behavior of her husband while he was in office. She even threatened the women he abused. Shenanigans in The Oval Office, private jets to an island where young girls were pimped out. We knew going into 2016’s election that President Trump was no saint. Most of us have lived through the 70s and 80s and some of us have heard the banter of men in our various workplaces. Ralph generalizes us women who have voted for Trump as these shrinking violets who won’t do anything unless our man tells us to. She insinuates that we do not have minds of our own and are subservient little slaves to the men in our lives. Pity, we don’t even know it. We felt pressured again. Hillary Clinton even said so!

2. We aligned ourselves against science

Excuse me? How does Ms. Ralph know that some of us decided to not align ourselves with science because of how we voted on the 2020 ballot? All indicators point, scientifically, to Joe Biden having the early stages of dementia. Something most Joe Biden voters chose to ignore but that’s neither here nor there. But we’re science deniers, you see. Because while we may believe in the diagnosis of gender dysphoria, we recognize that humans are born either male or female? Because we see the sheer hypocrisy in the Climate Change movement amongst the elites? Because we chose to support a COVID-19 vaccine and a cure no matter who the President of The United States is? Because we recognize that Coronavirus spreads just as much at Trump’s rallies as it does at street riots and celebrations of a newly-elected president (as called solely by the media)? Yeah, okay. Next.

3. We voted against reproductive rights

Actually, we’re quite aligned with a woman’s right to choose. And women DO have options-to use a condom, to use birth control, to abstain from having sex with some deadbeat because, God forbid, she does get pregnant. Science also dictates that this “clump of cells” is also the beginning of a human life. We are not denying that science. I know, I know, it’s a hard reality to swallow when making the case for abortion as birth control or ‘healthcare” but it is what it is.

4. Diplomacy

No wars have started under President Trump. Bahrain and Israel anyone? But Trump’s a xenophobe who hates China. Unless one has been living under a rock over the past 9 months, there’s a reason why we are still on lockdown and this is, in large part, thanks to China. Forgive us if we’re not feeling the love from Wu-han. Businesses have shuttered their doors. Some of our kids have not set foot inside of their schools since March. Some of our workplaces are forever changed with quarantine measures in place. Our elderly are left to sit in their homes, fearful and away from their loved ones. Our service, tourism and travel industries are largely impacted. Why? A disease that was not contained that spread from a country who doesn’t give a $hit about us. So, spare me the diplomacy BS for a moment.

Which brings us to…

5. Economic Solvency

This involves a bit of math. As a journalism major myself back in the day, I could not math, either. In fact, I was so bad at math (and also liberal at the time), that I also fell into the trap of believing that my college education should be paid for by someone else. My parents couldn’t afford it but I thought the government owed me. I still don’t math very well but it did not take me long to see that the MBNA credit cards handed out like candy on college campuses in the 90s accrued interest and that perhaps that backpacking trip through Europe was not the best use of borrowed money. Biden was in politics back then and he did nothing. Now, all of a sudden, he’s actually going to step up to the plate? I don’t think so. Free health care, free education, free everything comes from somewhere. It comes from the backs of working people of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Paying for someone’s college education because they feel entitled to a college education (whilst acknowledging their white privilege) does not cut it for me. Paying for someone’s housing or food if they choose not to work or think they are above a certain type of job does not cut it for me, either. Free programs are not FREE. And let’s not even talk about economic solvency when businesses are closed down because of a pandemic. Forgive me if the Biden/Harris plan for economic solvency doesn’t add up in my head. I’ve heard it before in my previous liberal 20-something life. It didn’t add up or pan out then and it certainly does not and will not add up or pan out for anybody now.

You can’t place a sticker over the harsh truth that this country must once again face up to — when given the choice, more than half of the white women in this country apparently opted to side with the devil they know rather than the women who were unfairly tasked, once again, with saving democracy. As Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, dressed in suffragist white, reminded us during her acceptance speech on Saturday, democracy ‘is not guaranteed.'”-Kaylen Ralph

You’re damn right democracy is not guaranteed, especially with that bunch. Democrats have been placing stickers over harsh truths for quite some time now, dressing them up in their “brand” to lure the young and brazen and the old and fearful. I especially love it when rich, white kids talk about acknowledging their “privilege” while referring to non-white Americans as “people of color”. Let go of the whiteness, they say. But they are the very ones clinging to it and emphasizing its privilege. More harsh truths? Perhaps you can’t put a sticker over this brand of ugly (language NSFW):

Now, I may have stereotyped a stereotypical young, liberal, feminist journalist here but to be completely honest, I have been there some 25 years ago. I wanted to be one of the “cool kids”. But listen up, younger white women who think we owe you an answer because we voted for Trump, here’s a newsflash: WE DON’T. There’s your sticker. Time to cover up some of your ugly perceptions of who you think we are and start cleaning up the trash in your own backyard.

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  • ItsL8 says:

    Well written and spot on. Thank you, Lisa Carr.

  • Johnny says:

    When are “journalists” going to answer for backing Biden?

  • John C. Randolph says:

    If some snotty little bitch gets in your face and demands that you “answer for” voting as you choose, tell her in no uncertain terms where to go and how to get there. Nobody owes any explanation to any goddamned zampolit in these United States.


  • Mark Kaulius says:

    Someone reach out to this ‘woman” and tell her my wife would like a few words in private with her.

  • Ted Sherman says:

    This is a superb post. Thank you! Already shared it on MeWe!

  • JA says:

    Teen Vogue? More like Kaylen “Zoolander” Ralph writing for Teen Fashion Thing for Kids Who Don’t Read so Good. Who advertises in this thing?

  • Rick Caird says:

    Why does anyone have to answer to anyone for their vote. That is particularly true when the person demanding and answer is an operative for the DNC while pretending to be a neutral observer.

  • Rick Caird says:

    Why does anyone have to answer to anyone for their vote. That is particularly true when the person demanding an answer is an operative for the DNC while pretending to be a neutral observer.

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