White House Blatantly Lies About Biden’s Pandemic Remarks

White House Blatantly Lies About Biden’s Pandemic Remarks

White House Blatantly Lies About Biden’s Pandemic Remarks

Forget the spin, forget the gaslighting. Let’s move straight to lies. That’s the White House today. Why? Because Biden said the “Pandemic is over” to Scott Pelley during his fluff and puff 60 Minutes interview.

The Biden Administration immediately issued walk backs, and spent Monday insisting that Biden just kind of spoke out of turn. Nothing has changed folks. Just keep on with the masking and boosters. All is well. 

A day later, an administration official told CNN that the President’s comments do not mark a change in policy toward the administration’s handling of the virus, and there are no plans to lift the Public Health Emergency, which has been in place since January 2020 and is currently extended through October 13.

I tell you, the scramble has been intense. The Biden Administration desperately wants to keep the fear-mongering and pandemic narrative alive. They LIKE the power you see. So when Biden speaks out of turn, the White House folks run to the microphones to assure Americans that nothing has changed. Therefore ALSO implying that Biden is NOT in charge. In other words, the Emperor has no clothes. 

Meanwhile, some folks who were among the most avid to lock down the country have had a change of heart in recent months. One of those is Leanna Wen, who realized belatedly that the lockdowns DID harm her children. Yesterday she threw another wrench into the works with this Op-ed in the Washington Post. 

President Biden’s off-the-cuff comment during a “60 Minutes” interview that “the pandemic is over” has sparked outrage from all sides. Republicans are accusing Biden of hypocrisy as he asks Congress for more covid-19 funding, while some on the left point to the disease’s continued death toll as evidence that the pandemic is nowhere near its finish line.

These criticisms don’t detract from Biden’s point. He’s right. By multiple definitions, the pandemic is over. That doesn’t mean that the coronavirus is no longer causing harm; it simply signals the end of an emergency state as covid has evolved into an endemic disease.

You just know Leanna has a LOT of people pissed off at her right now. But she is correct, and as much as I hate to say it, Biden is correct as well. The actual Pandemic is over. Don’t get me wrong, those with major underlying health conditions and the elderly are still at risk. That does not mean we need to continue to live in fear. 

You know, sometimes I wish that several in the medical field would take a step back and LOOK at the overall situation. I know several who have. Are they still concerned about this damned Covid virus? Yes. Do they think we still need to stay on high alert Pandemic status? NO. 

I mean, even Fauci sort of admitted that the pandemic is over!

What’s egregious about all of this is that the Biden Administration and the White House have been doing major back flips the last two days throwing lies out to the public as truth. What supposed ‘truth’ are they peddling? That Biden didn’t mean what he said. 

THEY know the reality you see. And we are still in a pandemic according to our betters. So, they peddle massive LIES with all their might. 

No dearie. That’s NOT what he said. Your lies aren’t even good lies. Biden said it flat out. The pandemic is OVER. Trying to spin that into something else entirely is not only wrong, you are exceptionally horrible at it. 

And right now, the party line is this. The pandemic will continue indefinitely. Inflation is imaginary. We are in a climate change emergency or something. Roads are racist. Parents are extremists. Joe Biden is totally fine, even when he plays with his tongue during the Royal Funeral!


Yes folks. Forget about the spin. The White House (not Biden) is in charge and they will LIE LIKE A RUG to continue furtherance of their America destroying agenda. 

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  • Citizen Tom says:

    If innumerable Democrat politicians don’t toss out of office in this next election, there is no hope for peacefully reforming this country.

  • Scott says:

    Well, of all people, Fauci would n ow that we will never eradicate covid, as he was involved in funding if not the actual development of this bio weapon that was released upon the world by the Chinese. You can bet that Soros, Gates, and their lot were behind it to. aiming for population control, great reset, new world order, or whatever.
    The fact that it’s a bio weapon designed for a purpose and intentionally released is one thing that has NEVER been addressed by the government, our or any other.

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