Fauci: Lockdowns Didn’t Damage Our Kids

Fauci: Lockdowns Didn’t Damage Our Kids

Fauci: Lockdowns Didn’t Damage Our Kids

No one, especially our kids, were damaged by the lockdowns. That is according to his highness, Anthony Fauci. He is a lying gasbag. He, amazingly, went on Neil Cavuto’s show yesterday and peddled one lie after another.

He made many claims and assertions during that interview. He didn’t shut down anything. Wait WHAT? So, is he subtly blaming Deborah Birx and attempting to paint her as the one who advocated for shutting down the country? It sure seems like it. 

Meanwhile, Fauci also claims that he has nothing to hide regarding his role during Covid, and would definitely testify before Congress if he’s subpoenaed. 

The fact is, Fauci has yet to directly admit that he KNEW the Wuhan lab was responsible and he KNEW that U.S. dollars funded the damned thing. But SURE, he has nothing to hide. Bullshit. 

This was such a jaw-dropping assertion that it took me until today to get my jaw up off the floor. 

Let’s look at the damage done during the lockdowns. 

As Janice Dean has continually shown, the lockdowns killed far too many of our seniors in nursing homes in New York and around the country. 

Women gave birth alone

People, whether they had Covid or not, died ALONE without families present

People were vilified and arrested for surfing alone in the ocean or having their children play alone on a public playground

People lost their jobs

Businesses went bankrupt. 

Rioters looted and burned down businesses in 2020 during the lockdowns and George Floyd got four funerals. 

Nancy Pelosi got her hair done and Gavin Newsom dined at the French Laundry during the lockdowns. 

Damage done? Irreparable damage. 

Yet Fauci trots his little self onto TV for yet another ego-driven interview and started gaslighting us all. 

The states that locked down the hardest are STILL suffering. New York has lost millions in tourist dollars and people are leaving in droves. California is the same. But sure, all was good and the lockdowns were scientific or something. 

Rep. Dan Bishop, R-N.C., tweeted, “Fauci doesn’t live in the real world. He now wants everyone to forget about his malpractice so he can waltz off with a $350k annual pension!”

Josh Barnett, a Republican House candidate running in Arizona, tweeted, “All he does is lie and he should be prosecuted for gain of function research and lying to Congress!”

But again, Fauci’s worst gaslighting involves his assertion that the kids haven’t suffered any damage. Which is the biggest load of horseshit that troll has ever peddled. No damage?? Then why did this happen THIS week in Los Angeles schools?

On the first day back to school, the Los Angeles Unified School District reported that 50,000 students were absent.

That is about 11% of the LAUSD population.

The nation’s second largest school district is having major issues with enrollment. Over 20,000 students were not enrolled for 2022-23 school year.

According to Superintendent Alberto Carvalho, last school year about 50% of students were chronically absent. He said the biggest loss of enrollment is in the youngest-aged students. The district has seen a 9,000 student decline in TK and Kindergarten enrollment.

No damage done? That’s a lot of damage directly attributed to the lockdowns. 

Kids committed suicide during and after the lockdowns! At least thirty here in Colorado are dead from suicide between 2020-2022

Study after study is showing the massive regression in learning and social interaction of kids who have disabilities. 

Study after study shows the massive learning loss our kids have experienced these last two and a half years. Learning loss that can never be recovered. 

Our younger kids social skills were totally hampered by going remote and being forced to wear masks. A major and I mean MAJOR proponent of the lockdowns and masking is suddenly backpedaling because she realized the damage done to her child. 


Leanna finally admits something we here have known and written about extensively since May 2020. Masking created many more problems for everyone but especially our kids and sure as hell didn’t work against Covid!

Masks caused harm by inhibiting speech, no matter how many liberal doctors who run the American Academy of Pediatrics peddle the opposite. 

Given Natasha’s stance, my go-to is to never ever believe anything that comes from the AAP ever again. 

Back to Fauci’s assertion that he never flip-flopped on anything and that the lockdowns didn’t cause any kind of harm or damage to our kids. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the soon-to-be retired head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, remained defiant during his interview with MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, saying he did everything right and changes to COVID-19 restrictions was the result of the science evolving.

One thing that Fauci DID remain consistent on from the HIV/Aids crisis to Covid. Any therapeutics already on the market that showed promise in combatting the viruses were shut down by him in favor of more expensive drugs that …don’t work. As we know, the more expensive Covid vaccines didn’t help Fauci as he got Covid twice and a rebound case after taking Paxlovid. 

No damage done says Fauci. Tremendous amount of damage was done to our kids in the name of “science.” Too many are now growing up lacking major critical thinking skills and living in a state of fear driven by all the supposed experts and adults in the room. 

Fauci can gaslight us all he wants, but we all know that he is one of the main people responsible for the harm done to our kids during the lockdowns. 

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  • Scott says:

    “Too many are now growing up lacking major critical thinking skills and living in a state of fear driven by all the supposed experts and adults in the room. ”

    This is a feature, not a bug, it is all by design from the left. This troll will continue to lie as long as the sheep believe him, and until he is held accountable for his crimes.

    The Founders would have been shooting by now…

    • GWB says:

      I disagree, Scott.
      The Founders would have tarred and feathered him in the 80s when he refused to quarantine the spreaders of HIV. They would have been shooting a couple of decades ago, at the least.

      • Scott says:

        Tomato, tomatoe.. I didn’t say how long ago thy would have started… But i do like your tar and feather idea..

  • GWB says:

    I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and agree that it wasn’t the lockdowns that damaged our kids (or the economy, or adults). No, it was the society that allowed those lockdowns (and mask mandates) to be imposed without taking out the gov’t folks demanding them and burning them at the stake or hanging them from lampposts.

    The fact so much of our society simply knuckled under to such demands, especially when so much contrary (but extremely well-supported) data was out there in the public domain, is what harmed all those things. The fact our society lets a bunch of low-information union thugs shut down our schools. The fact our society is so risk-averse it masked itself without need. The fact our society is so “oh, I’m so dumb, please lead me Ms. Expert!”

    Fauci is a symptom. He’s a symptom that should be eradicated*, but he is just a symptom.
    (* No, I do not mean metaphorically.)

  • GWB says:

    the result of the science evolving
    Bullsh*t. As I commented elsewhere today, we knew all the things they are claiming to have “evolved” to in the first 3 months of the outbreak, before it even became an issue in the US. We knew who was and was not vulnerable, we knew the death rate among the vulnerable population, we knew isolation worked partially, and we knew that a cheap and easily produced therapeutic regimen was out there (HCQ/Zinc/antibiotic) and effective (since it was effective on the previous coronavirus).

    No vaccine was necessary. No lockdowns were necessary. No masks were necessary, except in limited circumstances. Grandma didn’t have to die alone.

    But then they would have missed the opportunity to drive the people into fear and a panic. And Fauci would have missed out on all that beautiful filthy lucre.

    Fauci should be eradicated.

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