Inflation Rises But White House Party Is Still On

Inflation Rises But White House Party Is Still On

Inflation Rises But White House Party Is Still On

How rude of the August inflation numbers to be revealed to be on the rise, and today of all days. Did the Labor Department not get the memo? The White House is having a party today, and it doesn’t matter what the numbers say, WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A PARTY CELEBRATING THE INFLATION REDUCTION ACT.

Yes, the Biden administration is pushing ahead with the party that had already been planned, because the whole point is to lie straight to the face of Americans, and celebrate this “win” in order to make the White House look good. I’m not kidding – they even livestreamed this party!

The Democrats were so determined to have this victory lap at the White House that it was full speed ahead, and damn the torpedoes. The torpedoes, in this case, are the Consumer Price Index reports for August that came out just this morning. Gas prices are still high, but have decreased from their peak and have stayed flat. What hasn’t stopped rising is something that every single person in this country has to buy, even if you don’t own a car. FOOD.

Although households saw some real reprieve last month in the form of lower energy prices, which fell 5% in August from the previous month, other price gains proved persistent and stubbornly high.”

The cost of groceries climbed 0.7%, putting the 12-month increase at 13.5%, the highest since May 1979. Consumers paid more for items like cereal, chicken, milk and fresh vegetables.”

The other expense on the rise? HOUSING.

Shelter costs, which account for about 40% of the core inflation increase, have climbed 6.2%, the fastest since February 1991.”

Rent costs jumped 0.8% over the month and 6.7% on an annual basis. Rising rents are a concerning development because higher housing costs most directly and acutely affect household budgets. Another data point that measures how much homeowners would pay in equivalent rent if they had not bought their home, climbed 0.7% in August from the previous month.”

The average American is seeing these inflation increases in their everyday lives. Unless you are extraordinarily wealthy, or wealthy enough to not actively pay your own electric bills and buy your own food, you know damn well that every single receipt is coming in higher than before.

And as a result, the wallets of Americans have less money IN them.

The White House’s official response to these numbers? Well, the rise in prices is SLOWING, and we should be happy about that! So, it still went up, but it’s “moderating.” That’s the word that Karine Jean-Pierre used when trying to spin away today’s numbers.

Anyone else gone to the grocery store lately, picked up what you came for, noticed that they price of EVERYTHING has gone up, and say “wow, these prices sure could be higher if Biden hadn’t gotten the Inflation Reduction Act passed!” Nope. I was picking up a few baking staples recently and noticed that the prices for some items have gone up exponentially, and joked with my husband that if people get Christmas cookies from us this year (a family tradition), it means that we really love them, considering the cost of raw materials right now.

And the American people are just supposed to ignore these inflation numbers, the stock market plunging at the news, and their own lying eyes, because the White House is throwing a party and had James Taylor sing for it???

Never let bad news get in the way of throwing a good party, right? RIGHT??? They probably promised Grandpa Joe two scoops of ice cream at the party, and now they can’t go back on their promise to him.

The inflation numbers are bad and confirm the reality that Americans are living at the moment. The White House, channeling their inner Adam Savage, is busy rejecting your reality and substituting their own. Everything is GREAT because they got the Inflation Reduction Act passed, which won’t do a damn thing for inflation but it sure will spend a whole lot of money on “climate change!” And who let John Kerry plan this party? Kerry had to have had a hand in the planning, because only he would be dumb enough to try the “have James Taylor sing” tactic AGAIN.

The Biden administration is refusing to acknowledge the reality of inflation. This means that we are all responsible to wake them up to that reality via the ballot box. We are going to have to vote in record numbers, because our wallets depend on it.

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