Washington Post Says Elites Must Choose Our President

Washington Post Says Elites Must Choose Our President

Washington Post Says Elites Must Choose Our President

Elites are better equipped to choose our President says the Washington Post. It’s been clear to those of us living in reality that the WaPo is completely liberal and will do everything it can to get Democrats elected. This op-ed likely had the entire newsroom cheering. 

“It’s time to give the elites a bigger say in choosing the president”

Yes folks, that is the title of this “opinion” written by a professor of political science! Is it any wonder that so many college students are supremely ill-informed about our Constitution, the electoral process, and our Republic?

Julie writes:

“The current process is clearly flawed, but what would be better? Finding an answer means thinking about the purpose of presidential nominations, and about how the existing system falls short. It will require swimming against the tide of how we’ve thought about nominations for decades — as a contest between everyday voters and elites, or as a smaller version of a general election. A better primary system would empower elites to bargain and make decisions, instructed by voters.”

I’d say she believes the current process is flawed because some guy named Trump is now sitting in the White House! Don’t forget that the WaPo started dropping the mask an inch at a time with this article right after President Trump’s inauguration.

Evidently because too many people voted for Trump, and currently not enough people are voting for the chosen Democrat candidate (who evidently shall not be Bernie), us deplorable everyday voters need schooling from the elites. She wants a preference primary. 

“Preference primaries could allow voters to rank their choices among candidates, as well as to register opinions about their issue priorities — like an exit poll, but more formal and with all the voters. The results would be public but not binding; a way to inform elites about voter preferences.”

And then we’ll all sit back and trust that the chosen elites will listen to the voters wise council and make the appropriate choice? Horse shit.

If this is her idea of mending the current civil war the Democrats are embroiled in and righting the supposed wrong of Trump winning the election, she better go back to the drawing board with her crayons.

I believe her opinion is really about the traction Bernie Sanders has and by golly, he is the wrong kind of socialist who must not be allowed to win. Chris Matthews has a negative tingle up his leg about Bernie.

Matthews is right. Socialism doesn’t work. At. All.

So, what does the Washington Post do? Rip the mask of with a grand gesture and declare that the elites MUST be the ones to choose our ruler!

Instead, let’s let Mike Bloomberg buy the election! Keep in mind, this is the same guy that said there is too much money in politics, and also had his media empire declare that zero opposition research would be done against Democrat candidates. With the inference being 24/7 negative articles against the Trump Administration are super OK.

Bernie’s socialism is bad, therefore let’s change how we do the primary system. Bernie’s socialism is bad, the elites know better and just MIGHT let everyday voters choose. But if they choose poorly, all bets are off.

Julie is just saying out loud what the WaPo and the Democrat party elites have been thinking and maneuvering towards for decades. Heck, Maxine Waters even dropped a truth bomb the other day.

Yes, that was painful to watch. But she said the quiet part really really loudly. Everyday voters are stupid, therefore rich people should pick the appropriate candidate. Which possibly means, exchanging Bernie’s type of socialism for Mike Bloomberg’s brand of socialism. It seems many Never Trumpers including Jen Rubin and Max Boot are completely fine with that.

In my opinion, Bloomberg is more dangerous than Bernie. Bloomberg truly wants the government to run our lives. Julie is essentially writing that the establishment elite know better than anyone else who the best candidate is to beat Trump. As Mollie Hemingway points out, the establishment is now going all in on Bloomberg.


Bloomberg’s $400 million ad buy and fancy food is AWESOME says the elites. Why? Because Bloomberg is checking all the right boxes on the issues the Democrats love. Climate change, gun control, healthcare, taxes, identity politics, and more.

“The establishment portion of the Democratic Party and their media masters are more than fine with the soulless exchange of a service for money. Bloomberg’s problematic views on China, race, civil liberties, Me Too, college tuition, taxing the poor, and myriad other issues are something the establishment is willing to ignore in exchange for the outside chance to beat Trump.”

Hence Julie’s op-ed that handily ripped the rest of the mask off. A preference primary must be considered because we everyday deplorable voters just don’t know how to choose the “right” kind of President.

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  • Beb says:

    The term is a sick joke, when applied to the mediocre, sanctimonious busybodies who self identify as “elite”.

  • Joe in PNG says:

    As the old saying goes, scratch a liberal and you will find an aristocrat. Even the socialist.

  • John Casteel says:

    And if they did and proceeded to pursue their utopian visions, what are they gonna do when all the rubes in the woods and fields with guns (and balls) decide it’s time for the revolution?

  • Jim says:

    How can I tell if I’m one of the ‘elite’? Is there some kind of test I have to take, like the new “Gender/Sexual Identity” test for students at The University of California Santa Cruz?

    Actually this reminds me of the history of the Reformation, specifically Calvin and his theories:

    “Calvin’s doctrine of unconditional election (predestination) contends that God has predestined some people to be saved and some people to be lost.”

    I’m sure the modern Wokels would just replace ‘God’ with Marx or some other SJW ‘creature’.

    • Joe in PNG says:

      Well, theoretically, the status of Leftist Elite is open to anyone who can get the right degree from the right school, and then get the right job at the right location (Ivy League Uni, MSM, ect).
      However, entry into the Upper Party is pretty heavily restricted. Does one have family connections?* Is one able to claim affiliation with a currently in favor oppressed group?** Is one able to stay in step with whatever the Party says is truth today- and do the Doublethink Doublestep quickly and smoothly?
      But remember, they’re all for the common deplorable flyover people.

      *very important, especially because money is involved.
      ** but not too black/gay/native American/ect!

      • GWB says:

        Your first paragraph nails it, Joe. It’s a technocracy in one sense.
        Though, it’s rapidly evolving into a religious hierarchy, as there’s less and less actual merit associated with entering the technocracy.

        • Jim says:

          GWB: “Though, it’s rapidly evolving into a religious hierarchy, …”

          Perhaps I was not far off the mark in mentioning Calvin’s doctrine of unconditional election (predestination).

    • Fred Ziffell says:

      Love the term “wokels”. Love it!

  • GWB says:

    Yes folks, that is the title of this “opinion”
    But, unsurprisingly, it’s not what the author is asking for, really. She’s asking for the party to involve more “elites” in the primary process. And that really isn’t un-democratic or un-constitutional. It’s their party, they’ll vie if they want to.

    I’d say she believes the current process is flawed because some guy named Trump is now sitting in the White House!
    No, not this time. She’s concerned about the Dem clown show currently touring.

    She wants a preference primary.
    IOW, Iowa. But with less actual influence. Because that’s always served the parties so well. *eyeroll*

    I believe her opinion is really about the traction Bernie Sanders has
    Possibly. Or she’s scared of Bloomie’s Billions.

    Julie is just saying out loud what the WaPo and the Democrat party elites have been thinking and maneuvering towards for decades.
    “Maneuvering towards“?! Where were you in 2016? Can you say “super-delegates”? It’s the way the Dem party has run their nominee selection for decades, at least!

    Bloomberg’s $400 million ad buy and fancy food is AWESOME says the elites.
    Maybe. Maybe not. I think they’re more seeing “He’s just like Trump!”* and hoping desperately that ‘formula’ will work for them.
    (* He’s super-rich, he’s from NYC, he says things out loud that other people don’t like. See? He’s <just like Trump! Yeah, they really don’t get why Trump won.)

  • connie frist says:

    Elites = Not You. Not Me.

  • Rick Caird says:

    So, the Washington Post is advocating a return to smoke filled rooms”, but trying to hide it by calling them elites.

  • Sam L. says:

    This is just the latest example of my reasons to despise, detest, and distrust the WaPoo (the NYT, too.)

  • Zack says:

    I have not read the opinion piece in the Washington Post so my statements reflect Victory Girls comments on the original article. It seems to me the Post article fully supports our system of electing a president. Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution states the States shall appoint, in such manner as the Legislature thereof, a number of Electors —-. Surely each state legislature would select only the most qualified people. I would consider the most qualified people to be the elite from each state.
    I suspect the Post writer did not mean the elite from each state but rather the elite from the bubble around Washington, DC

  • Pettifogger says:

    The Founding Fathers kinda, sorta agreed. How about if we go back to just property owners voting?

  • Nick Schweitzer says:

    What’s interesting, if you read the actual Post opinion piece is that what the author is advocating for is essentially the Electoral College, as originally understood, for the primaries… people voted for those they trusted to go up the college and hash it out and choose the President for them. Depending on the state, no popular vote took place to choose the electors in the first Presidential election that resulted in George Washington winning. They were chosen by State Legislators.

    The irony of course is that Democrats seem to be the ones pushing the most for the abolition of the Electoral College, and yet here is a Democrat who wants to create a similar system for the primaries.

  • LarryD says:

    They don’t disagree with Bernie’s Socialism, they disagree with Bernie being open about it.

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