Vaccinating Seniors First Is Wrong In Florida

Vaccinating Seniors First Is Wrong In Florida

Vaccinating Seniors First Is Wrong In Florida

Vaccinating Seniors first? That’s beyond awful according to NBC News. Especially if its Ron DeSantis making that choice.

“Florida’s governor was slow to respond to the pandemic and his Covid-19 vaccine distribution plan has been marked by chaos, but critics say he’s been quick to recognize the political gold in those precious doses.

Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican, ignored federal guidelines and prioritized getting senior citizens — one of Florida’s most potent voting blocs — vaccinated first.

When Holocaust survivors and Cuban survivors of the Bay of Pigs debacle — revered members of two other key Florida voting blocs — got their first shots, DeSantis made sure he was there for the news conferences.”

There is so much to unpack in those three short paragraphs. First, NBC is implying that Florida is a death trap. Then again, the news media has been implying and outright saying that for weeks and months now. I mean seriously, how DARE HE??!! Ron DeSantis opened Florida months ago. He hasn’t cratered business with arbitrary and unscientific mandates, and Florida is thriving while utilizing common sense (remember what that is?) to deal with this Covid virus crap. 

Secondly, NBC, and now much of the media this morning, is trying to paint DeSantis as reckless for ignoring federal guidelines by *GASP! vaccinating seniors first.

This is reckless and dangerous reporting from NBC and others. Why? Because they are willfully ignoring the fact that this virus is MORE dangerous for our elderly than its is for our young people. It is MORE dangerous for seniors who also have comorbidities, than it is for our kids and even adults who are healthy. We’ve ALL known that since last March! Then again, the media has been blatantly irresponsible in their reporting since this virus thing landed on our shores. 

The media is wanting to dunk on Florida and especially the GOP Governor for how he is, in their OPINION, badly mishandling the vaccine rollout, while they spent a year ignoring and refusing to report about Andrew Cuomo. Oh, but wait, the worm has turned somewhat in Cuomo’s case. 

Yes, CNN wrote that with a straight face. I’m sure they are hoping that people will quit noticing that Chris is no longer allowed to report on what his brother is and isn’t doing. Which he’s doing a lot of …nothing. From CNN’s report: 

“His data-heavy daily news briefings became appointment television for millions of Americans searching for a steady hand and dose of empathy to counteract then-President Donald Trump’s mixture of erratic, dangerous denialism. But Cuomo’s image — of a competent, hands-on executive — has suffered a fierce blow over the past few weeks, following new revelations that his administration underreported the number of Covid deaths among New York nursing home patients, according to a state attorney general report, and then delayed sharing potentially damaging information with state lawmakers.

Cuomo has denied any suggestion of wrongdoing and forcefully defended his top aides. He has also scrambled to contain the fallout through backchannels, leaning on some Democratic legislators in search of public support — and, according to a few of them, issuing threats when his requests were rebuffed.”

Are you laughing at the above? I am. CNN is STILL propping up Cuomo even as we all know that Cuomo’s Administration cooked the books on the nursing home numbers and that his policies did indeed contribute to many more deaths than was necessary. Furthermore, it isn’t just a “few” legislators who have been threatened by Cuomo for daring to speak against The Godfather, its many. And CNN, guess what? Cuomo purposefully delayed sharing damaging information with lawmakers because he knew his Emmy award-winning image would take a hit. So you can continue to do damage control, but it won’t help.  

NBC, in its non-journalistic reporting is also trying to tell us that Ron DeSantis is making the vaccines available only to those who are Republicans and have supported him. Yes indeed, they are painting the Florida vaccine rollout as a political payback to Republican voters. 

Once again, how DARE he ensure seniors, in Republican stronghold no less!, get vaccinated! The media wants us all to ignore two very relevant things. As noted here, the deaths by age group show our elderly have been impacted the most. Secondly, the majority of Florida is and does vote…Republican. 

But the media, as well as various malcontents (some of whom are Republican) quoted in the story, would have you believe this rollout is politically motivated towards rewarding DeSantis Republican donors which therefore benefits vaccinating seniors first.

Uhh..Grant? Your critical listening skills were on vacation, likely on purpose. What DeSantis SAID is that the vaccines are available, but if counties refused to ask for the vaccines, he cannot MAKE them do otherwise. That’s federalism all the way to the local level. It’s still astounding to me how many people do not understand what federalism means!

Here’s the deal, the media HATES Florida and abhors Ron DeSantis with a passion. Florida has thrived because of a governor who has utilized common sense throughout this entire Covid madness. The fact that this governor is a Republican makes it even worse. 

So now, their only recourse is an attempt to shame Ron DeSantis for vaccinating seniors, those most vulnerable to this virus crap, first. 

HOW DARE HE??!! is now their battle cry. 

Dear media, kindly put a sock in it. 

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  • Dietrich says:

    But but but, TEACHERS!!!

  • Politically Ambidextrous says:

    Of course, only the right people should get the vaccine first. People just disagree on who those right people are, i.e. what characteristics should earn them a priority.

    I’ve found it interesting to observe how such politics differ when a group considers a constraint to be “hard”, e.g. vaccine vs. “soft”, e.g. other people’s money. When a constraint is perceived as “hard” there seems to be a whole lot more effort spent trying to make sure the wrong people don’t get the benefit of the constrained resource.

    • Dan Hamilton says:

      That is why in the Blue States so MUCH is being done to ensure that the Right People get the vaccine. If that means that the rate is MUCH lower then that is just something that happens. The RULES are FAR more important than just getting people the vaccine. How dare he just send the vaccine to where the old folk are and just give it to them. The RULES must be OBEYED, they are far more important than people getting sick.

  • John C. says:

    If preventing deaths is the goal, it only makes sense to prioritize the 1 out of 6 people in the population who would otherwise suffer 4 out of 5 of the deaths due to the Wuhan Virus. Of course, if preventing deaths is not your goal, then you can prioritize some other group.

  • 370H55V says:

    How can anyone take seriously something written by a grown man who still calls himself “Corky”?

  • mikesixes says:

    The media are accusing DeSantis of wanting to save elders because they tend to vote more conservative. So is that why Cuomo killed them?

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