Biden Is Making America Last. . .

Biden Is Making America Last. . .

Biden Is Making America Last. . .

Or trying to. It started with Trump Derangement Syndrome. How dare presidential candidate–and then President–Donald Trump want to make the United States of America the greatest nation in the world? How dare he want to return us to the glory and pride we once held? Joe Biden let us know when he took the oath of office that was NOT his goal. Trump was wrong to hold the US to a higher standard. We were going back to the good ole days of his buddy Barack’s administration. He was going to focus on “America returns”. He just didn’t explain returns from where or its consequences to us as a nation.

But it started before then even. Back in November 2020, Biden appointed his National Security “team”. We were going to “cooperate” with our allies. He was proud about how “diverse” they were. And here’s the kicker:

[W]hile this team has unmatched experience and accomplishments, they also reflect the idea that we cannot meet these challenges with old thinking and unchanged habits,” Biden said. “For example, we’re going to have the first woman lead the intelligence community, the first Latino and immigrant to lead the Department of Homeland Security and a groundbreaking diplomat at the United Nations.”

It’s great to be proud of who you picked for any team. You should be. But I want to know why they are going to be strong representatives for the best interests of our nation. Everything else is secondary. The problem with that, at least under the Biden Administration, results don’t matter. At least not results that strengthen the country. It’s the appearances that are all important.

There’s another problem we should  be even more concerned with. In the above quote, Biden says “we cannot meet these challenges with old thinking and unchanged habits.” Okay, he didn’t like anything to do with Trump. No surprise. But what is POTUS doing right now? He is going back to the “old thinking” and “unchanged habits”. It’s just not habits and thinking prominent during the Trump Administration. Oh no, he’s taking us back to the Obama Administration, heaven help us.

Back in January, Antony Blinken, Biden’s pick for Secretary of State said he planned to “revitalize American diplomacy”. In other words, he wants to turn back every bit of progress Trump’s Administration made in the realm of foreign policy and once again make use the laughing stock of allies and enemies alike.

According to Biden and his oh-so-special group of National Security experts and advisors these accomplishments, among others, weren’t important enough or historic enough or “American” enough to be built upon. Apparently, it is wrong to demand out NATO partners pay their “agreed-upon percentage of GDP contribution for a singular purpose, to strengthen the defense compact.” Gee, I thought partners were supposed to live up to their obligations. Guess Biden et al, believe it is a one-way street with us doing all the giving and them doing all the taking.

And let’s not forget Iran. Biden’s already said Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal. In a so-called move forward, POTUS wants to return to the 2015 deal the Obama Administration worked out, one that let an enemy of our nation have the means to create havoc not only in their own region of the world but on our shores as well. So much for protecting America.

Yeah, tell me again how Biden wants to move away form old actions and thinking.

A piece by Michael Goodwin says it best:

Joe Biden brings America back to bad Obama days.

But rarely is there a  single day where consequences pack as much wallop as Friday, where the irrationality of Joe Biden’s policies came into full view. . . the new president appears fixated by the desire to turn back the clock to 2016. . . Unfortunately, “The Way We Were” is a nice song but not much of a guide to the future.”

Next thing you know, Biden may decide the Obama years aren’t “new” enough and go back to the FDR years. Shudder.

I suggest Biden and his cohorts take a look at the oath he took when he was sworn in as President.

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

He is to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of American. And yet he makes no bones about how he is more than willing to weaken us as a nation in order to be a “better global citizen”. There’s a problem with that. Our nation isn’t a global citizen. Other nations aren’t going to worry about our best interests, at least not unless those interests dove tail with theirs. It is up to the President and Congress to be our best advocates and defenders and Biden is following in the footsteps of his buddy Barack and abdicating that role.

Now, it may be that this is the best of his ability. If so, heaven help us.

However, we aren’t without recourse. Ours is a three-pronged government. The three branches are supposed to work to balance one another. So it is time for Congress to step up. For them to do so, we have to hit them where it hurts the most: with campaign contributions, with demands they do their jobs and represent OUR best interests and not the pet projects of Biden and a few vocal, anti-American members of the House and Senate. It is time to find strong candidates to run against those who have no problem putting American last.

Instead of “The Way We Were”, perhaps we should ponder Sabaton’s “Guerilla Warfare“. While we here at VG don’t advocate violence, there is a mindset to guerilla warriors who are fighting to win back their rights, their freedoms and their country.

Isn’t it time we quit talking about what needs to be done and start taking action to not only make America great again but to keep it that way?

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Featured Image: Joe Biden caricature by Donkeyhotey. Creative Commons 2.0 license.

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