The Squad: Winsome Sears? Never Heard Of Her

The Squad: Winsome Sears? Never Heard Of Her

The Squad: Winsome Sears? Never Heard Of Her

Winsome Sears? Never heard of her. That’s the Squad’s response to her victory in Virginia on Tuesday.

Members of the Squad did not respond when asked to comment on the historic Virginia lieutenant governor election of Winsome Sears, who will be the first woman Lt. Gov., the first Black woman elected statewide, and the first naturalized citizen to hold the position.

Fox News reached out to the press secretaries of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Cori Bush and Ayanna Pressley, as well as Ilhan Omar’s chief of staff, requesting comment on Sears’ win early Wednesday. None of the spokespeople responded to the requests by close of business Wednesday.

All of them had PLENTY of time to congratulate other women who won their races. Who were some of the lucky women the Squad deigned to congratulate?

Who was Ayanna Pressley excited about?

Pressley’s Twitter account also celebrated the Boston mayoral election of Michelle Wu, who will be the city’s first woman and first person of color to be elected mayor in the city.

“Activist, advocate, sister-in-service, partner-in-good, Boston City Councilor, mother, MAYOR OF BOSTON. Congratulations @wutrain. Boston is ready for you,” Pressley tweeted of Wu, who is the daughter of Taiwanese immigrants.

I took a quick stroll through Ilhan Omar’s twitter feed. Was there anything about Winsome Sears? Nope. Instead she tweeted about Shahana Hafif, who won a seat in Brooklyn, Arab mayors winning in Michigan, a black mayor winning in Waterloo, IA and retweeted this:

Oh, ok. So slamming white women for voting is ok while ignoring the fact that Youngkin and Sears turned out the hispanic and black vote in a state that had Biden win last year by 10 points. 

Yet when it comes to Winsome Sears, the Squad is SILENT. 

Then again, the national media refused to cover Sear’s campaign. Which meant, to my chagrin, that I didn’t know anything about Winsome Sears until Tuesday night. 

What an amazing yet humble speech! Is it any wonder the Squad is totally silent? She’s a woman of color, who has chosen the wrong party. She won and the Squad just can’t deal. In fact, NO one in the media nor much of the Democrat party can deal with that. USA Today completely ignored the Virginia results. When that glaring omission was pointed out, this was their excuse.

“The Miyares and Sears races weren’t called last night when we initially wrote and posted the story referenced in your inquiry, but we had planned to update it with the Virginia results today. We’ve now updated to reflect the Sears and Miyares victories,” Gannett told Fox News. 

Uhhhh…yes it was. Furthermore, USA Today could’ve engaged in good journalism and either updated their report or ran a new one. But they didn’t until they were called out for it. They didn’t WANT to report on the Winsome Sears victory. They didn’t want to report on any bit of the Virginia victories. Why? Because Republicans aren’t supposed to win. Because the Virginia voters were supposed to vote the way McAuliffe, the media, and the political chattering class told them to. They didn’t and everyone on the left is throwing major tantrums as a result. 

John Kass has a few words for all those who are STILL refusing to listen. 

People will die for their children. They don’t appreciate others telling them how to raise their kids, particularly if those pushing advice are racist political hacks, ordering the FBI and the Department of Justice to use the Patriot Act to treat dissenting parents as if they’re domestic terrorist and silence dissents.


Everything is force. The Democrats really don’t want to listen. And they can’t hear. What they want is to survive, perhaps sacrifice a few weaklings.

They’re like the Donner Party. They must know that snow will cover the mountain passes. And winter is coming.

The Squad’s silence speaks volumes. Meanwhile, AOC decided to blather about the election results will driving in circles in a parking garage.

I do have to give AOC credit where credit is due. She is a champion word salad blatherer! AOC says the Democrats ran “super moderated” campaigns? On what planet? Seriously, what planet does she reside on? 

The Democrats ran campaigns that demonized white people, told parents they have zero say in their kids lives, dismissed very real concerns about immigration and the wide-open borders, and were told to sit down and shut up about inflation. THAT is what she’s calling “super moderated?” 

And now AOC is here to tell us that it was the REPUBLICANS who’ve been race-baiting, and that Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema are killing legislation because of EGO?? That’s rich coming from little miss bartender who killed thousands of Amazon jobs over EGO. 

I tell you what, if Winsome Sears had been on the ticket with Terry McAuliffe, the Squad would’ve been fighting over who got the chance to congratulate her first. But since Winsome Sears is a BLACK REPUBLICAN, they are and will stay silent for as long as they can. 

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