Democrats Determined to Go Big AND Go Home

Democrats Determined to Go Big AND Go Home

Democrats Determined to Go Big AND Go Home

Congressional democrats are determined to go big and go home.  Just one day after getting their asses whooped, they are convinced that passing their ginormously large spending bills will save them.  ‘Cause why not?  They just got crushed in Virginia.  The New Jersey Governorship was a real squeaker in blue dog country.   Cities across the country are quietly restoring police budgets after the summer of love madness.  But noooo… Congressional democrats are hell bent for leather to push forward with their spending “free for all.”  It is fascinating to realize just how reliably we can count on democrats to go further left the moment they lose big in an election cycle.  Like EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  Even The Washington Post admits it:

“The American public gave us a majority of both houses for a reason,” Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), whose 2005 victory in the Virginia governor’s race was a bad political omen for the GOP, told reporters.

It was a predictable reaction, exactly in line with other recent congressional majorities after shellackings in Virginia and New Jersey’s oddly timed state elections. If history is any guide, Democrats will pass this massive agenda in the weeks or months ahead — and it will have little to no impact on their political standing in next year’s midterm elections.”

I agree.  I think it is ENTIRELY predictable.  Nancy Pelosi is gonna try and gaslight the heck out of us by saying this Build Back Better Boondoggle is what we crave.  We don’t care about lower gas prices or grocery bills.  Nope, we are WAY more concerned with government subsidized baby sitting and electric cars. 

“The people have spoken,” Pelosi said Wednesday morning.

Less than 40 minutes later she sent a letter to Democratic lawmakers announcing that a key committee would take up a new version of the massive domestic spending package, adding a paid-leave benefit to the plan that is popular but also will add to the already large price tag of $1.75 trillion.

Democrats believe that this time will be different because these proposals, from lowering the cost of prescription drugs to providing more childcare funding, are very popular.

As I said, they think they need to go big or go home.  I’d love to ask what planet they are on, but I know that there are still at least a handful of folks out there that think Joy Reid and Rachel Madcow are thought leaders.  Watch as they explain the rational for pushing forward with their ridiculous plans:

What I want to know is how on earth do the democrats think this is going to get passed at this juncture?  Manchin was hesitant before, but even he is talking about the trouncing of democratic candidates and progressive policies on Tuesday:

“You can read so much into all of that last night. I think it should be a call to all of us have to be more attentive to the people back home,” said Manchin.

“And for us to go down a path that we’ve been going and trying to accelerate it and it has been slowed down – I think we need to take our time and do it right,” he added.

So, dems learn nothing from Tuesday.  Unsurprisingly.  They still can’t get their story straight.  They still have no leadership.  They are clearly not on the same page. 

However, if they do go BIG, history shows us they will go home.  From the WAPO piece:

“Within three months of the GOP’s 2009 wins in Virginia and New Jersey, Republicans won a special Senate election in deep-blue Massachusetts that heralded a massive anti-Obama wave that would land in November 2010 — Republicans won 63 House seats, taking the majority, and claimed most governor’s races across the Midwest.”

As I wrote on Monday, we need to let this pit of vipers snipe away at each other.  Stand back, grab a bag of poporn and take heart in the wisdom of an old JFK advisor:

“The good news, to relieve all this gloom, is that a democracy is inherently self-correcting. Here, the people are sovereign. Inept political leaders can be replaced. Foolish policies can be changed. Disastrous mistakes can be reversed.

                                                 Theodore C. Sorensen

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  • Russell G. says:

    Actually, ((they)) only get the results they want. As CF notes, and to paraphrase, “If voting changed anything, it would be illegal.”

  • Strelnikov says:

    Thing is, their leadership doesn’t care about being sent home. When the Left is in power, it pushes the pedal to the metal all the time knowing that even though they may get temporarily sent home, the cycle of politics will put them back in power soon. In the interim, the GOP will have done nothing to roll back their communist programs and, once back in power, it’s hammer down. The Left plays the long game, and the GOP doesn’t even realize a game is being played


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