Media Meltdown Over Youngkin Win

Media Meltdown Over Youngkin Win

Media Meltdown Over Youngkin Win

The meltdown of the media over Glenn Youngkin’s win in Virginia was great fun to watch. You see, they were absolutely 100% certain that Terry McAuliffe would win. I mean, how could he not? He’s the Democrat who checked all the politically correct boxes! 

  • Parents have no say in what is being taught in schools
  • Critical Race Theory? It’s all in your imagination
  • Taxes? Let’s have MORE taxes!
  • Donald Trump is bad. Really really bad.
  • Covid mandates? They are great!
  • Abortion is fabulous!
  • Inflation and supply chain issues? No big deal.
  • Climate Change will kill us all unless we raise taxes!

When McAuliffe finally conceded this morning, after a very weird speech and even weirder dance last night, he still highlighted his progressive agenda.

“We must protect affordable health care coverage, raise the minimum wage faster, and expand paid leave so working families have a fighting shot,” he added in the reported statement. “We must protect voting rights, protect a woman’s right to choose, and, above all else, we must protect our democracy.”

I really like how Democrats, especially ones such as Terry McAuliffe are so stuck on their talking points that they willingly ignore the real life issues of the voters in their districts. From all the results, Governor down to local races in Virginia, it is very evident that the progressive agenda was NOT what Virginia voters want. Nor did they want tiki torch campaign stunts, and they rejected Obama’s lecturing as well.

Which brings me to the media meltdown last night. Was it as much fun to watch as the meltdowns in 2016? You betcha!

For a minute I thought Jake was going to have to go curl up in a safe space! 

Those darned white people who vote! 

MSNBC was the best meltdown viewing of the night. 

Here’s Nicolle Wallace: 

Deadline: White House host Nicolle Wallace complained that, without evidence, Youngkin “put” Donald Trump’s “disgusting, flagrant out racism” “in a disguise,” and “wrapped” his campaign “in two Big Lies” that he opposed the January 6 Capitol riot and that he would ban critical race theory.

According to Wallace, Youngkin supported January 6 because “[Youngkin] flew an insurrection flag at [his] rally” (which wasn’t true and he condemned it), and banning CRT would be “like us banning ghosts” seeing as how “there are no ghosts.”

“There isn’t critical race theory taught…[H]e’s given it a lie as a label and he said he’s going to ban it. There isn’t any critical race theory. It’s a legal theory not taught in public schools in Virginia,” she added.

Oh yeah, Joy was having an epic meltdown because her guy didn’t win. 

Yes, Joy Reid really went there. She’s hoping the few viewers that MSNBC has left won’t pay attention to the fact that it was a combination of Hispanic, black, AND white voters who kicked Terry McAuliffe to the curb. She’s hoping those few viewers who are white LIKE being told they are engaged in “soft white nationalism!” 

Gosh, how inconvenient for them! And one more of Rachel Maddow because I can.

The media will continue their navel-gazing meltdown for the rest of the week, if not for the next millennium. The media, partisan hacks that they are, was so arrogantly sure that the Democrat agenda is what everyone wanted and needed. The media has spent massive amounts of airtime trying to gaslight people into believing that questioning school boards makes you a domestic terrorist because the DOJ said so. Any pushback on Covid mandates is all Donald Trump’s fault. The media and McAuliffe thought bringing Randi Weingarten to speak on the last night of the gubernatorial campaign was a winning tactic. According to the media, McAuliffe could do no wrong.

Last night, the media found out that Virginia voters don’t care about them. Instead the Virginia voters went for Glenn Youngkin, Winsome Sears, Jason Miyares and turned the Virginia legislature red. 

The media can’t handle the fact that their narratives were thoroughly ignored by Virginia voters and thus, during their meltdown last night informed the world that all those who voted Republican are ignorant dupes who will bring back the 1960’s and “soft white nationalism.” 

The media will likely work to redraft their narrative, but make no mistake, their sheer dislike, even hatred, of conservative voters will still be loud and clear. 

Feature Photo Credit: Rachel Maddow MSNBC via Wikimedia Commons, cropped and modified

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