Christian pastor faces death for “spreading corruption on Earth”

Christian pastor faces death for “spreading corruption on Earth”

Pastor Behnam Irani faces certain death for being a Christian:

An Iranian Christian pastor already imprisoned for his faith now faces the death penalty after being hit with a bizarre new charge called “spreading corruption on Earth.”

Supporters fear the worst for Pastor Behnam Irani, who was sentenced to six years in prison in 2011 for his Christian activities, including leading a 300-member evangelical congregation in Karaj, a city less than 15 miles outside the capital, Tehran. He is now being held in solitary confinement and suffering numerous health problems, including internal bleeding, according to advocacy group Christian Solidarity Worldwide.

CSW Chief Executive Mervyn Thomas told the website that his group is “deeply concerned by the new charges against Pastor Irani” especially the charge of spreading corruption on Earth.”

I doubt Pastor Irani is capable of spreading anything, especially not “corruption”:

“Brother Behnam is now gravely ill. In the past year he has been beaten by prisoners under the watchful eye of prison authorities. As a result he is beginning to lose his eyesight, has what seems to be untreated Inflammatory Bowel Disease, is barely able to speak and has trouble walking. If conditions don’t change in prison sources close to the family are concerned he will die in prison. Our sources have informed us that in July 2012 he had been vomiting blood and went unconscious as a result. He was sent to the prison nurse station, but never treated for the ulcer. He was quickly transferred back to his cell. Our sources believe that the Iranian government is not allowing him to visit a hospital because they want him to die in prison. I’m thankful we serve a God that can change situations and preserve the life of his saints. Please hold him and his family up in prayer.”

“Corruption on earth” – does radical Islam have any idea of the definition of the word “irony”?  Or real corruption?

“The barbaric acts of beheading, crucifixion, rape, and infanticide are not always reported. Syria was once a place where Christians and Muslims lived as neighbors. Today, it has become an arena for horrible atrocities. The media have been reporting the bloodbath of vendettas carried out by Islamic jihadists against fellow Muslims. However, for whatever reason, the same media had been passing over in silence the jihadists’ killing of Christians for refusing to embrace Islam. At least, until now.

Sister Raghida, once the head of a Christian school in Damascus went public on radio in April of this year. She shocked listeners when she described the actions of jihadists who entered Maaloula in Syria. In this ancient Christian village where the inhabitants still speak Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke, the jihadists went on a killing spree, taking the lives of men, women, and children.

They crucified two youths for refusing to proclaim Islam’s credo. They made the father of one of the young men watch in horror and, then, killed him. They went as far as to rip babies from the wombs of their pregnant mothers and hang them from a tree by their umbilical cords. In Deir Hafer, in the province of Aleppo, they took prisoners, crucified them and left their bodies in the main square for three days.”


Well, I suppose those murdering animals would know a little something about “corruption”:

A prominent Christian leader of the Chaldean community unveiled the “systematic beheading of children” and other horrendous crimes committed by ISIS. He said that the Sunni extremists are committing genocide against Christians in Iraq and with the aim to instill the Sharia Law as the law of the land.   In the interview with CNN’s Jonathan Mann, Chaldean-American businessman Mark Arabo said that the “world hasn’t seen an evil like this for generations.”

“There is a park in Mosul, where [ISIS] they actually beheaded children and put their heads on a stick and have them in the park,” he explained. “More children are getting beheaded, mothers are getting raped and killed, and fathers are being hung.”

“This is a crime against humanity. This is much broader than a community or a faith. This is crime against humanity. They are doing the most horrendous, the most heart-breaking crimes that you can think of.”  When asked about Sunni extremists’ targeting of Christians, Arabo said that around 95 percent of Christians have fled, five percent have converted. Also, the ISIS have marked the death stamps on Christian homes, so whoever returns will get killed.  “Christian holocaust is in our midst,” he said.


So, tell me.  Who is “spreading corruption on earth”?

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