EVIL: Kathy Griffin Channels ISIS By Beheading Trump [VIDEO]

EVIL: Kathy Griffin Channels ISIS By Beheading Trump [VIDEO]

EVIL: Kathy Griffin Channels ISIS By Beheading Trump [VIDEO]

Remember when the Left thought it was super cool to wave their versions of the American flag that had Obama’s face in place of the stars? Remember when the left thought it was stupendously awesome to show President Bush burned at the stake, being stomped on and even beheaded? I do.

Not his best look….

Remember how Obama REFUSED to acknowledge how horrific the beheadings by ISIS really are and sprinted for the golf course after saying stuff? I certainly do.

Obama golfing in 2013. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

You see, violent rhetoric and actions like that are ONLY cool if the left is doing it. But by golly! When a conservative such as a lowly rodeo clown missteps? The pitchforks and knives come out in full force!

Well, once again one of the “vaunted left,” Kathy Griffin has shown her true colors of evil depravity.  WARNING! The following might cause a spike in your blood pressure!


Yes, ladies and gentlemen. That is indeed Kathy showing a beheaded President Donald Trump. Here’s the thing. The left has screamed at President Donald Trump for supposedly inciting violence during his campaign speeches. They cite that as one of the main reasons he shouldn’t be President. But it’s ok when one of their own does it…

More than immeasurable. The left would go to Defcon interplanetary nuclear in .0000003 seconds!! Kathy Griffin’s desire to “make some noise” is far worse than anything President Trump said. She has literally just channeled ISIS with this evil. And it is EVIL. Plain and simple. There is NOTHING funny or edgy about what she just did. NOTHING.

Will the Squatty Potty company fire her as a spokesman? They should. What about CNN?

Kathy Griffin has made her hatred of President Trump very clear. She has proclaimed she’s a resister, is super scared of any and all Trump supporters, and boasted that she and Sharon Stone thought it was a grand idea that they go topless the night of the election. And she thinks that Trump is deranged and mentally ill. I’ll tell you who is deranged. Kathy Griffin, that’s who. Meanwhile her fan base and many on the left think the reaction to this photo filth is over the top. REALLY?

Yes indeed. Those who went bat crap crazy over the pissing pug that Kim wrote about here, think that what Kathy did is ever so cool.

It’s not. Folks, this is what we have to contend with.

They can vandalize and destroy property, attack bystanders, wear vagina costumes complete with pussy hats, gleefully burn flags on international TV all they want, and show a mock-beheading of the President to standing ovations because…it’s the left – and they’re “cool” like that!! Evil yes. Cool. NO.


No one on the left will answer that, because to do so they’d have to regain their moral compass. Not only that, but they’ll have numerous excuses for Kathy’s actions, showing they are willing to swim in the filth as well.

Memo to Kathy Griffin: Channeling ISIS is not the way to attain relevance or respect. But you go on being you and enjoy swimming in the sewer of evil. Pretty soon there won’t be anyone willing to throw you a lifeline when you need it.

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  • Scott says:

    Ahh, what would american leftists be without a complicit media, and the ever present double standard…

  • Ask yourself, when was the last time you heard any story at all about Kathy What’s-Her-Name? This is merely the desperation of a fading attention-whore, who cannot get noticed any other way.

  • Mike Fischer says:

    Very sad for Kathy Griffin to act this way, Talk about ISIS in America and now you understand how it works. It’s just so very sad.

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