What If The White House Fence Jumper Had Been Alton Nolen?

What If The White House Fence Jumper Had Been Alton Nolen?

Could I see a show of hands of everyone who thought “Islamic terrorist” when they heard the recent report of the horrific decapitation of Colleen Hufford and the attempted murder of Traci Johnson at Vaughan Foods in Moore, Oklahoma? I’m sure you don’t need refreshing, but the alleged culprit Alton Nolen is an Islamic militant that, like the most depraved barbarian, brutally murdered one coworker and would have done the same to another. Thankfully, Mark E. Vaughan, the CEO of the company took Nolen down with three gunshots to his body before he could inflict any more savagery on his former coworkers. Considering our present administration’s policy of embracing multi-culturalism at all costs, this monstrous attack was labeled “work place violence”.

On another we’re-not-in-Kansas anymore note, we recently had a White House fence jumper who not only breached the security detail but made it to the East Room of the White House. What Omar Gonzalez was up to is not known at the present time. I wonder if he had been able to carry out some sort of nefarious intent, would they have called that “work place violence” or domestic terrorism?

Alton Nolen beheaded a fellow employee and seriously wounded another with a knife. Unfortunately, he succeeded in his malevolent intentions to cause murder and mayhem. As for the knife-wielding Omar Gonzalez, he was prevented from doing anything more than running through the White House when he was brought down by a counter-assault guard.

We should all be so glad that it wasn’t Alton Nolen, militant thug and lone loser, who crashed through the defenses of the White House security detail.

After all, if Alton Nolen had gone on his rampage through the White House, this administration might just have to rethink their politically correct assessment of Islam and recognize it for what it is: a violently intolerant belief that wants to tear the world apart and remake it in its image. We have learned all too well, to defeat an enemy, to repel what wants to destroy you, simply doesn’t happen by bestowing rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers. If “work place violence” had taken place at the White House, perhaps the terrorist label this administration is so quick to paste on its own citizenry would finally find itself attached to the real deal.

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J.Marie is a non-denominational Christian conservative, Constitution loving zealot who thanks Jesus everyday that she resides in the very red state of beautiful South Carolina. She is married to a manly-man veteran who is her best friend and very happy he can fix or build anything since her family lives on a horse farm in a house built in the late 1800’s. She is a full-time, self-employed, homeschooling mama to the sweetest, most creative two gals south of the Mason-Dixon line, but when not focused on family, enjoys breeding and raising American Saddlebred horses, teaching mounted archery, wild-crafting, cooking, lots of vino, and of course writing for VG. A southern rebel to the core, she loves confounding her liberal frenemies with her lovely, mixed family, her intense advocacy for homeopathic medicine, and her passionate dislike for the unnatural cultivation of the modern food supply. Her current favorite motto: ” Never waste your time trying to explain who you are to people who are committed to misunderstanding you.”

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