Report: ISIS Was a Threat Four Years in the Making

Report: ISIS Was a Threat Four Years in the Making

A new report out of the West Point Counterterrorism Center claims that ISIS has been a threat for four years, steadily growing in the wake of the United States’ withdrawal from Iraq.  The Obama administration, of course, has been busy telling people that this whole ISIS thing is a brand new deal and they were simply SHOCKED to read it in the morning news…the truth is, they lied.  I realize that’s hard for people to fathom, but there it is.

“ISIL did not suddenly become effective in early June 2014: it had been steadily strengthening and actively shaping the future operating environment for four years,” the report from the West Point center said.

The report said that the “shattering” of Iraq’s security forces in June is a “case-in-point, the result of years of patient preparatory operations.”

[…]The report said it has developed a “highly-motivated cadre of light infantry forces” since 2012, while launching major attacks like a wave of car bombs across multiple cities that lasted until the end of 2013.

But I thought Obama said that ISIS was really just junior varsity…?  Then again, he also said Benghazi was over a video tape, and you can keep your insurance, ad nauseum.

The best part is that the report also mentions ISIS being a threat long after Obama leaves office—or at least, long after he’s scheduled to leave.  Don’t worry, though.  The White House has clarified and qualified all comments ISIS related and they’d like you to know that there’s nothing to really worry about because they are tweeting very strongly about it.

Meanwhile, ISIS is about to execute an American woman if they don’t get the $6.6 million they’re demanding.  Look for that video to hit the internet soon.  Good thing Obama ended the Iraq War, right?


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  • Nina says:

    But wait a doggone minute!! Joint Chiefs Gen. Martin Dempsey said they aren’t a threat to the US! He said it just a few days ago, so it must be true. RIIIGHT??

  • jeff says:

    Gotten a flood of traffic from you girls, lately. Whatever the reason, thankeeverymuch.

    To the topic, I propose we send OUR OWN jayvee team over there. Take all the Christian combat vets who’ve been winnowed from the ranks of our “diverse” armed forces, prominently including any who failed Sensitivity 101. Put ’em in a special mercenary outfit, beyond the purview of Mordor On The Potomac. Task the Southern Baptist Convention with maintaining their supply lines, and give them the following Rules of Engagement: Go through ISIS like shit through a goose. Blow up that big Muhammed Rock they pray to. Come home. The End.

    • Kit Lange says:

      Jeff, I nominate you for SecDEF. 😉

    • GWB says:

      I’ve been advocating this for some time now. We have some folks who really care about this who have deep pockets, right? Well, let’s dig down into them, and fund a private response to this.

      BTW, I am coming from the point-of-view that our military should *not* be sent over there unless IS actually threatens our vital national interests. And, if you won’t deal with them as if they are an existential threat, then you don’t really believe they are an existential threat. (That would entail “taking the gloves off”; there isn’t the political will for that in most of the west anymore. If you just want to go fight them because they are terribly mean to people, then use the private option – that’s not why our nation’s military should fight.)

    • Catherine says:

      Now that’s a strategy!!!!

  • jeff says:

    Thanks, Kit, but I’m afraid I’ll be too busy as the SecDef of the Livermush Redoubt. If I can recruit enough hard chargers to come to NW NC, perhaps I can pull double duty for six months. We’re taking volunteers now, if you know any.

    I’ll take the job, but not their pay. There’s not enough gold at APMEX to turn me into a FedGovCo whore.

    • GWB says:

      You think it will be smart to be on this side of the Appalachias? I was looking to west Texas, personally.

      • jeff says:

        I’m not convinced there IS a smart place to be. No matter where you are, there’ll be threats. Yes, here on this side of the mountains, the hordes of Free Shit Army will sweep through like a plague of locusts, once the EBT cards quit turning out pepsi and doritos. This is a defensible AO, however, with water, grain, meat, fruits…so it’s plan A for me and mine.

        I like Texas. But, are the La Raza horde and MS13 less of a threat? Mebby-so, mebby-not. I’ll hedge my bets until Texas secedes…then, we’ll see.

        Plan B is Matt Bracken’s “Get Yourself A 30-Footer” (check), and plan C is to keep my ear to the ground for gainful employment in Idaho/Montana/Wyoming. Of course, the American Redoubt may have to fend off the Blue Hats, once the dollar goes Tango Uniform and the Fed “sells off” big chunks of “Federally-Owned” western land.

        No matter where we find ourselves, there’ll be hard fighting ahead. Of that, I’m pretty sure.

    • Kit Lange says:

      Oh you thought I meant SecDEF of the current cluster. No, sir. I meant the new one. 😉

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