Mexican Priest Brutally Assaulted During Mass [VIDEO]

Mexican Priest Brutally Assaulted During Mass [VIDEO]

Mexican Priest Brutally Assaulted During Mass [VIDEO]

A violent attack at Mexico City’s Metropolitan Cathedral has left a priest fighting for his life when an assailant stabbed him during Mass, in front of the congregation.

Metropolitan Cathedral, Mexico City

The Rev. Miguel Angel Machorro was attacked at the cathedral on Monday, the Mexican Conference of Bishops said in a Twitter post.

Police arrested a suspect in his late 20s who “apparently stabbed a priest while he celebrated Mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral,” the Federal District Attorney’s Office said.

“The victim, who had wounds in the neck caused by a sharp weapon, was quickly taken by police officers to a private clinic, where he was reported to be in serious but stable condition,” the DA’s office said in a statement.

The attacker’s identity has not been confirmed, with initial media reports identifying him as a French Muslim, but later reports have the attacker claiming to be American.

“The suspect, who identified himself as John Rock Schild, told authorities that he is an American artist and invoked his right to remain silent,” the DA’s office said.

While authorities try to figure out who the attacker is, Father Machorro is clinging to life, and the method of attack sounds eerily familiar.

The assault left the priest lying on the ground, with blood soaking his clothes.
He was stabbed in the neck, and some witnesses said it seemed to be an attempt to cut his throat, said La Jornada newspaper.

This attack draws more attention to the fact that there has been a rise in attacks on priests in Mexico in the last year.

We pray that Father Machorro will be able to recover, and that the true identity of the attacker will be confirmed quickly.

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  • parker says:

    I pray he recovers. If it turns out that the attacker was a muslim, its just another sign admist the tens of thousands over the last 2 decades, that we are in a war of civilizations no matter how much the West denies it.

  • GWB says:

    invoked his right to remain silent

    Bwahahahahaha! He must be an American to think he can “invoke rights” in Mexico!

    And, it’s hard to perceive a possible motivation outside of three I can think of:
    1) Someone abused by a priest as a child,
    2) Someone in the employ of a cartel (and the priest has been speaking against them),
    0r 3) muslim jihadist (they’re pretty much the only folks at war with Christianity as a religion).

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