Iraqi Grandmother Is ISIS’ Most Wanted After “Beheading And Cooking” Terrorists [VIDEO]

Iraqi Grandmother Is ISIS’ Most Wanted After “Beheading And Cooking” Terrorists [VIDEO]

Meet the person at the top of ISIS’ “most wanted” list. Her name is Wahida Mohamed Al-Jumaily, who goes by the name of Um Hanadi. She is a 39 year old Iraqi grandmother and militia leader. And she is out for revenge against ISIS.

Um Hanadi, center (photo from Facebook, via the Daily Mail)
Um Hanadi, center (photo from Facebook, via the Daily Mail)
Her story sounds like it is straight out of Hollywood, written as a classic revenge thriller. Except this is real.

Wahida Mohamed Al-Jumaily, a 39-year-old grandmother has lost loved ones in her battle with the terror group – her second husband was killed earlier this year, and jihadists have also killed her father and three brothers.

In response, the military leader – who describes herself as a ‘housewife’ – said, she beheaded her enemies, cooked their heads and burned their bodies.

Al-Jumaily, better known as Um Hanadi, heads 70-strong tribal militia group in Shirqat, around 50 miles south of Mosul.

She has helped government forces drive ISIS away, and says she is now top of the group’s hit list, having survived six assassination attempts and received threats from top leaders.

Last week she led a group of 50 fighters into the Shirqat city centre and seized control from ISIS terrorists, Iraqi media reports.

Video shows her commanding units ahead of operations aimed to strike at the heart of ISIS.

In an interview with CNN, Um Hanadi brags that she is more wanted than the Prime Minister.

“I began fighting the terrorists in 2004, working with Iraqi security forces and the coalition,” she says. As a result, she attracted the wrath of what eventually became al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, which later morphed into ISIS.

“I received threats from the top leadership of ISIS, including from Abu Bakr (al-Baghdadi) himself,” she says, referring to ISIS’s self-declared caliph.

“But I refused.”

“I’m at the top of their most wanted list,” she brags, “even more than the Prime Minister.”

Along the way, her first husband was killed in action. She remarried, but ISIS killed her second husband earlier this year. ISIS also killed her father and three brothers. They also killed, she added, her sheep, her dogs and her birds.

She narrowly escaped death as well.

“Six times they tried to assassinate me,” she says. “I have shrapnel in my head and legs, and my ribs were broken.”

She pulled back her headscarf to show her scars.

“But all that didn’t stop me from fighting,” she said.

As has been reported, ISIS fighters fear being killed by a woman on the battlefield, because they believe that they will not go to heaven if that happens. It’s little wonder that al-Baghdadi wants her dead.

Um Hanadi proudly posts pictures of herself – complete with severed heads of ISIS fighters – to her Facebook page, according to CNN.

Among many pictures of her with her dead husbands, fighters and generals, there was a photo of her in the same black combat fatigues and headscarf holding what appeared to be a freshly severed head. Another showed two severed heads in a cooking pot. In a third photograph, she is standing among partially-burned corpses. It’s impossible to verify whether the photos are authentic or Photoshopped, but we got the point.

And ISIS clearly got the point, too – which is why she’s tops on their most wanted list. Long may she live to fight, and defend her home and family, until ISIS is no more.

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