Sore Losers: Recount Lunacy, Rogue Electors, and Making John Kasich President

Sore Losers: Recount Lunacy, Rogue Electors, and Making John Kasich President

Sore Losers: Recount Lunacy, Rogue Electors, and Making John Kasich President

As Jill “Scammer” Stein continues her assault on our nation’s democratic voting system and tries to hold us all hostage to her unproven claims of voting irregularities—while simultaneously, and curiously, holding a bitch-fest in front of Trump Tower yesterday…

…and her lunacy spreads to three melting snowflakes in Florida:

…President-Elect Donald Trump is reportedly gaining votes amid Stein’s nonsensical Wisconsin recount:

President-elect Donald Trump has added dozens of votes to his lead over Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin after the conclusion of the fourth day of the state’s election recount.

The recount, pushed by Green Party candidate Jill Stein, shows that Trump has netted 39 more votes in the state as of Sunday night, according to a spreadsheet of votes contained on the Wisconsin Election Commission’s website. More than a million votes have been recounted.

Meanwhile, some electors have publicly stated they will not cast their electoral college votes for Mr. Trump, including at least one from the Great State of Texas (apologies for the “fake news” link. Wink wink!):

Mr. Suprun is not alone. Electors nationwide are under heavy pressure from “Trump adversaries” (read: Democrats?) to throw their vote to anyone but Trump. And a handful of electors have reportedly begun a movement to make…wait for it…John Kasich president. Yes, that John Kasich, governor of Ohio, the same John Kasich who refused to attend the GOP convention held in his own state, and who cast his own vote for John McCain. The same John Kasich who won his home state out of fifty during this years’ primaries. Naturally, the rogue electors have “been in contact” with the Clinton Campaign, the hypocritical purveyors of faux outrage following Trump’s refusal to say he’d accept the outcome of a close election. Shocking, I know. So why John Kasich? Well, because he’s acceptable to said Democrats, er Trump adversaries. As if they are somehow the sole deciders of who will lead our country, general election, and the American voter, be damned. From The Hill:

Ohio Gov. John Kasich after winning the Ohio primary. (Photo Credit: US News)
Ohio Gov. John Kasich after winning the Ohio primary. (Photo Credit: US News)

A group of electors in Colorado and Washington state is considering an unlikely effort to convince Republican Electoral College voters to abandon President-elect Donald Trump and cast their votes instead for Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R).

Politico reports that the self-proclaimed “Hamilton Electors,” who are at least publicly made up entirely of Democrats, see the former Republican primary candidate as the leading compromise pick for convincing Republican electors to join their cause.

In order to overcome Trump’s 306-elector tally and put him below the 270 required to clinch the presidency, the electors would have to somehow convince 37 Republicans to join them in picking an alternative candidate. Any “faithless elector” would also have to grapple with their own state’s laws, which sometimes forbid electors from choosing their own presidential picks.

Guess what, gooey cream-filled cupcakes? The nation spoke loud and clear on November 8th, rejecting eight years of failed progressivism, out of control spending, and the increasing totalitarianism of the tone-deaf Barack Obama. We rejected labels of racism; we rejected labels of sexism; and we rejected Hillary Clinton’s attempt to stuff us into baskets of deplorables, objectifying us like so many wannabe dictators before her. We rejected her as the disqualified candidate she was. It’s just that the “Hamilton Electors” fail to recognize which of the two is fundamentally unfit to lead.

So newsflash Jill Stein and rogue electors: Donald Trump will be our next president. It’s time to don your big-girl skirts and accept that fact, good, bad, or ugly. We lived through eight miserable years of your guy—who’s left a colossal mess behind him—without pitching a public hissy fit and attempting to halt his presidency. This is reality, sore losers, not a college campus filled with safe spaces, puppies, and pretty emerald crayons where throwing a temper tantrum like an overindulged three-year-old gets you your way. Four weeks ago, we told you who we wanted to lead our country for the next four years, in no uncertain terms. Casting your vote for anyone other than the winner of your state’s popular vote is not only selfish, it’s un-American. So grow the hell up. And stop pummeling our democracy. It’s time to move forward, and honor the will of the voters.

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