#ElectionDay: Why This “College Educated White Woman” Is Voting For Trump and Pence

#ElectionDay: Why This “College Educated White Woman” Is Voting For Trump and Pence

#ElectionDay: Why This “College Educated White Woman” Is Voting For Trump and Pence
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I’m voting Trump/Pence, for all these reasons and then some. (Photo Credit: bentonbuttoneers2016)

Yes, I know, I know. Our choices are less than ideal. And while I advocated against Donald Trump in the primaries, I’m resigned to looking at my choices this way: one candidate has proven herself an incompetent, unethical, morally bankrupt failure. The other has proven himself a successful businessman blessed with five extraordinary children who happens to be rough around the edges. I mean, let’s be frank: the winner is not going to come and live in my house. So purely from a résumé standpoint, the differences couldn’t be more stark. So without further ado, here’s why I’m supporting the Trump/Pence ticket. With vigor. Because our country is a mess and our Constitutional Republic is hanging by a thread:

SUPREME COURT: It’s all about the SCOTUS. Hillary Clinton promises to stack the court with activist judges like Sonia Sotomayor who have no regard for our Constitution, and will uphold Clinton’s extreme position on late-term abortion.

Pushing an agenda of any kind is not the SCOTUS’ role. It exists to protect our Constitution, and along with it our Republic and the rights of every one of us. Donald Trump and Mike Pence promise to nominate Scalia-aligned originalists who will uphold our Constitution. I believe they will. And that alone is enough to earn my vote.

But if it’s not enough to convince you…


Illegal alien border crossings have increased more than fifty percent (Photo Credit: CBS News)
Illegal alien border crossings have increased more than fifty percent. (Photo Credit: CBS News)
  • Our southern border is a sieve. The influx of foreign aliens, including from Middle East nations, has ticked up significantly leading up to today’s election. And contrary to what the Left would have us believe, this is not “immigration;” it’s an illegal alien invasion, one that the current administration has done nothing to curb, and much to encourage. Clinton wants European-style open borders. Yep, that’s her “private position.” If we elect a woman who’s proven she has no respect for our laws, or for the lives of those she’s charged with protecting (see Benghazi), she will continue flooding our nation with foreigners and refugees, artificially altering our demographics in an effort to secure a Democrat electoral college majority. So this may very well be our last chance to stop one-party rule of the White House. Trump and Pence promise to uphold our immigration laws, end sanctuary cities, and secure our southern border, increasing our security and improving job markets for everyone.
  • Hillary Clinton is a national security nightmare. She has endangered lives, and worse. It’s a well-documented fact. As asserted by FBI Director James Comey, she’s proven to be “extremely careless” with our most secret of classified information. As reported just days ago, Clinton’s maid, who has no security clearance, regularly collected and printed out classified information for Mrs. Clinton. Other people have been imprisoned for less. This alone disqualifies Hillary Clinton for the presidency. As far as Trump and Pence, I’m relatively certain that neither have housemaids printing out super secret docs in their penthouse suites.
  • Hillary Clinton—who former SecState Colin Powell says “screws up” everything she touches—helped create the environment that lead to the rise of ISIS and the resulting deaths of untold numbers of innocents worldwide. She has “bad instincts,” and they’ve set the world ablaze. We need strong leadership to throw a truckload of ice water on the countless fires she’s stoked. And our military deserves a commander-in-chief who has their backs. Trump and Pence promise to combat ISIS, address the Hillary-fanned Putin problem, tear up the horrible, terrible, very bad Hillary-approved Iran Deal, and give our overtaxed military what it needs to succeed.
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The Unaffordable Care Act: sucking the life from our economy. (Photo Credit: Townhall)

OBAMACARE: First and foremost, healthcare is not a federal government function. And Obama/HillaryCare is not health care; it’s health insurance. And it’s expensive, sub-par garbage that pays for nothing until you’ve reached your excessively high deductible. And barring a catastrophe, most of us never will. It’s costing us a fortune and busting our budgets. If you think healthcare is expensive and inaccessible now, just wait until a President Clinton pushes to “fix it” with her promised single-payer, government-controlled plan. Think VA, with all of its incompetence and fraud, for all of us. No. I don’t want it “fixed;” I want it gone. Trump and Pence promise to work toward repealing this job-killing monstrosity, unleashing the markets, and returning control to the states, where it belongs.

GUN CONTROL: Clinton promises to follow in Barack Obama’s lawless, precedent-setting footsteps and write unconstitutional executive orders, with backdoor gun control her primary objective. How? By holding gun manufacturers liable for deaths when a gun is used. Sound unconstitutional? Sound like the executive branch writing laws? You’d be right; because it is.

And regardless of what side of the issue you’re on, a president cannot make, or alter, law. All of us should be concerned when a president from any party tries to create laws. That’s Congress’ job. It’s why we have representatives. Trump and Pence promise to respect our natural right to self-defense and keep their hands off our guns. And by the way, they’ve also promised to tear up every unconstitutional EO penned by Barack Obama and flush them down the crapper.

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: Trump surrounds himself with conservatives and competence; Hillary surrounds herself with unscrupulous sycophants, like rude, creepy Tim Kaine, who reflect everything she is. Period.

Photo Credit: The Hill
Photo Credit: The Hill

Hillary Clinton is corrupt, and she’s above the law. With the assistance of an obstructionist Attorney General and a complicit FBI Director, she’s received not one, but two get-out-of-jail-free cards. It as much as guarantees she’ll do whatever the hell she wants as president. And the media will applaud her every move. In contrast, Donald Trump will get away with little, because the media, who for the most part refuses to report on the multitude of scandals surrounding Queen Hillary, will be on him like white on rice. And so will every Democrat in Congress. And that’s just as it should be. So if you’re on the fence about which one of these stinkers to choose, this should be your one assurance: a President Trump will be reigned in. And that, coupled with a competent Mike Pence in the bullpen and a constitution-upholding SCOTUS protecting us from overreach, is enough to convince this “college educated white woman” she’s voting to Make America Great Again.

So. If you haven’t already, go out and vote! Even if you think it won’t make a difference. Because it just might. Our Republic is on the line.

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