Pulitzer Prizes for Public Service Awarded Monday and It’s a Joke

Pulitzer Prizes for Public Service Awarded Monday and It’s a Joke

Pulitzer Prizes for Public Service Awarded Monday and It’s a Joke

Remember that time Barack Obama was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing? Well, the Pulitzer Prizes awarded for Public Service may have outdone that. So what was the subject that was so award-worthy? Was it Sara Carter’s coverage of the ongoing FISA warrant controversy? Or Sharyl Attkisson’s narratives detailing how the Obama Administration remotely accessed her laptop, exposing their routine Fourth Amendment abuses on American citizens? Or recognition of Catherine Herridge of Fox News, one of the best hard news journalists working today who regularly breaks major stories of national interest?

Nope. It was this:

That’s right. The Failing New York Times and the mistake-prone Washington Post received the prestigious Pulitzer Prize award for reporting on a story many suggest arose as “Plan B” via Bill and Hillary Clinton to knee-cap Donald Trump’s presidency, you know, just in case he won in defiance of that “dossier.”

Let’s read that again:

The New York Times shares the Pulitzer in National Reporting with The @WashingtonPost for coverage that unearthed possible ties between Russia and President Trump’s inner circle

Pulitzer Prize administrator Dana Canedy announces award recipients, Monday, April 15, 2018. (Photo Credit: Associated Press)

“Possible ties.” Manufactured ties that TO DATE have yielded Nada. Zip. Zilch. And a story that whitewashes the Clinton Campaign’s part in bankrolling the now-infamous “Steele Dossier,” on which the FBI relied to attain FISA warrants to spy on Trump associates…all of which lead us to the current fustercluck, also known as the Mueller “Trump-Russia Collusion” Investigation.

So what passes for award-worthy “journalism” these days are made-up tales with no verifiable facts, but are aimed at hamstringing a “tyrant,” thereby deeming it deserving of the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service.

Sure. If you consider ripping our country apart a “public service.” And never mind that the growing number of Americans consider the Mueller probe a politically-motivated “witch hunt,” rather than a bona fide investigation of “collusion.” The New York Times deserves an award? Perhaps a participation trophy for leading the charge for the loosely-knitted yarn that would become the nightly narrative on cable news 24/7 since Donald Trump’s surprise win over the Worst Candidate Ever™.

Of course, social media ridiculed the news all fast-and-furious like:

Shush. We’re having a collective back-patting session!


Ah, yes. “Sources say” has become the “go-to” fountainhead of a lazy, irresponsible liberal media more interested in overturning an election, than accuracy and newsworthiness and this thing called fact-checking.

Meh. Full speed ahead!

Our national “news” media, for the most part, has become a parody, a Russia collusion-obsessed laughing stock. The New York Times deserves an award all right, for repeating the Fakest of Fake News, Joseph Goebbels style, all day, every day, until even they themselves believe it. Not to mention a sizeable swath of America who’ve imbibed their propaganda, hook, line, and proverbial sinker. But hey, they’ve hobbled a duly-elected president. Here’s your public service trophy with a side of sedition.

But wait, there’s a wee bit more:

The New York Times, along with the New Yorker, sparked the #MeToo movement, according to the politically correct inhabitants of the Pulitzer Prize offices. So brave. So courageous. (So excluding of Rose McGowan.) After decades of Harvey Weinstein hiding in plain sight of the bulk of Hollywood. And the Times’ very own coverup of said sexual predator for more than a decade:

MOAB. On target.

Sure, it sparked a movement…that Hollywood, and the New York Times’ own history of blue-penciling exposure of a sexual predator, are running from as fast as their stilettos, and their gum shoes, will take them. Has anyone been prosecuted? Has anyone seen Roy Moore’s accusers lately? Bueller? Bueller? Another scalp for “public service.”

What a joke, indeed.

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  • CaptDMO says:

    Why is the Pulitzer prize an annual event?
    “Oh crap, we gotta’ bestow it on SOMEBODY this year…”
    Also see: Nobel(s). Grammy(s), Oscar(s).

  • Johnny says:

    Check it out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Pulitzer
    Joseph Pulitzer himself was to journalism what Nobel was to peace.
    Pulitzer was a prominent Democrat and flaming leftist who “crusaded against big business…”.
    He also “introduced the techniques of yellow journalism (a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news) to the newspapers he acquired”.
    I’m sure that seeing the NYT and WaPo so magnificently carrying on his example, Joseph Pulitzer is smiling up from his final resting place.

  • Ray Van Dune says:

    “The New York Times shares the Pulitzer in National Reporting with The @WashingtonPost for coverage that unearthed possible ties.. ”

    A strange way of stating what they are being recognized for, is it not? How does “coverage” “unearth” something? As if the act of printing or speaking can dig into a mystery.

    “Investigation” can unearth, for sure, but that is an active verb, rather than a noun like “coverage” with connotations of passivity. Connotations of being given something to “cover” or report, rather than of digging it up yourself.

    I think this is a slip of the tongue, as it were, that probably arose from being all too aware that these “winners” did almost nothing but say what the FBI told them to say. Bless their hearts.

  • Jack says:

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    ?І heard somebody sаy that оnce ʏou hear thundеr, that imрlies that God is bowling in heaven. I bet hes actually good at it.

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