#OrlandoShooting: Did CNN’s Sally Kohn Blame Christians for Islamic Terror Attack?

#OrlandoShooting: Did CNN’s Sally Kohn Blame Christians for Islamic Terror Attack?

#OrlandoShooting: Did CNN’s Sally Kohn Blame Christians for Islamic Terror Attack?
Liberal pundit, Sally Kohn (Photo Credit: CNN)
Liberal pundit, Sally Kohn (Photo Credit: CNN)

I know that far too many who call themselves “liberal” are hypocrites. I know that far too many demand what they will not give. And I know that far too many will blame anything and everything but the actual perpetrator when a member of one of their preferred minority groups commits a horrific act of violence and hatred like we saw in Orlando this past weekend. Enter CNN’s Sally Kohn, an unabashed liberal and CNN pundit who had this to say on social media following said Islamic extremist’s attack on dozens of innocents in Florida:

Hmm. How often has that happened compared with the number of Muslim extremists who’ve attacked and murdered Americans on our own soil, particularly in the past seven-plus years? And the murdered babies in Kohn’s beloved Planned Parenthood number in the millions, but I digress…she continued with her online rant:

Yes, hate is hate. And to show her tolerance, she’s blaming Christians and Jews for the suicide rate among LGBTs (can we cite a study, please, Ms. Kohn?), and…she’s saying that believing in—gasp!—traditional marriage is on par with murdering gays just out making merry at an Orlando nightclub. Yep, she really said that. And was quickly called to the carpet for her idiocy:

Yeah, murdering dozens of innocent men and women because of who they love is exactly the same as being for traditional marriage. Or something equally as asinine in the warped mind of Ms. Kohn.

Sure. Just slightly worse, apparently. This is the same woman, mind you, who holds Queen Hillary the LGBT-Panderer in high esteem as a champion of women (try reading that without choking on your morning Joe). Behold the lovefest for Clinton from a perpetually lovestruck Sally Kohn, while dissing an entire community of “white people”:

Sigh. How heroic. How tolerant. Imagine her uttering those words for those voting for her preferred (female) candidate based solely on her gender. The Most Trusted Name in News, most certainly.

The fact that she is so painfully, and ignorantly, unaware of her own intolerance is what defines far too many of those on today’s Radical Left. They demand tolerance for alternative lifestyles, but as displayed by Ms. Kohn, who happens to be gay, they offer none for those whose worldviews differ from their own. And that, my friends, is the very definition of bigotry. But what’s most ironic is the tolerance legions of Lefties display toward a religion (not all of its adherents, mind you; I’m not painting with a broad brush here) that is fundamentally anti-gay (there’s your intolerance, Ms. Kohn!), and yes, homophobic and repressive of women.

Meh. Facts shmacts when one chooses to be a lifelong victim of “homophobic white people” even though she resides in one of the most tolerant nations on Earth.

Nice job making yet another Islamic terrorist attack not about the horrific deaths, and those still suffering, as well as the major problem we have in this nation with Radical Islam, but all about you and your sexuality and your perpetual suffering.

Boom. And the hypocrisy is patently clear to those of us with eyes wide open, and some of us are damned sick of the double standard, coupled with the continued frontal assault on Christianity:

Excuse me while I don’t hold my breath for anything resembling contriteness, or for any reprimand of Ms. Kohn by CNN. And she’s not the only clueless liberal running around blaming Christians for the intentional act of a Radical Islamic Terrorist:

Uh, no, Ms. Sarah Jones.


And John Nolte hits it out of the park. This terrorist attack targeted gays, yes, but the attack was on our entire nation and its freedom and inherent tolerance of diversity, yet those who say they are advocates of minority communities in our nation want to leave those very same Americans defenseless in the face of evil.

Christians didn’t murder those poor, terrified people in the Pulse nightclub on an early Sunday morning in June, Sally; a deranged, hateful bigot with a dangerous, radicalized worldview, and ties to Islamic extremists, did. And it is HE—not Christians, not guns, not the NRA, not the preference of some for traditional marriage—who is responsible. In the end, those who blame anything other than solely the perpetrator, and his bastardized worldview, are cowards. And, I’d surmise, whether consciously or otherwise, they know for certain that daring to criticize a religion that fundamentally demands that gays be hurled from rooftops, or hung by their necks from cranes in nations like Iran, and that brutally subjugates women in the most heinous ways possible, is akin to signing your eventual death warrant by Mullah fatwa. Christians? Well, they’ll just unfollow you on Twitter and sign petitions requesting that you be removed from your hot mic over on CNN. Sally Kohn is a coward. And a hypocrite. And it looks to me from where I’m sitting that she just may be a bigot, too. How’s that for displaying the tolerance she so relentlessly demands?

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  • Wfjag says:

    Then, Sally, I guess you think that the San Bernado terrorists were “Progressive Muslims” since one of them was a woman, and they attacked people attending a Holiday (“White Privilege” code for “Christmas”) Party, right? And, that would make the ISIS guys on the beach “Progressive Muslims”, too, since they beheaded Christians (who were men of color), and are willing to attack white people, but, it’s the Right-Wing Muslims who attack Gays, right? And, while you’re Rainbow on the inside, you’re white on the outside, so I guess a “Progressive Muslim” who attacks you gets a pass, right?

  • GWB says:

    Last I checked, it’s not Muslim religious extremists shooting up abortion clinics and killing abortion doctors.

    Yeah, it’s all those fictitious bombings and murders that are such a threat. *EYEROLL*

    yes killing gay people is worse than just wishing they didn’t exist. Hooray for less intolerant intolerance!

    You’re projecting again, Sally. Your understanding of the idea of sin leaves much to be desired. Your understanding of the idea of “tolerance” is also missing the mark.

    But what’s most ironic is the tolerance legions of Lefties display toward a religion (not all of its adherents, mind you; I’m not painting with a broad brush here) that is fundamentally anti-gay

    Heck, I’ll paint with a roller! Yes! Islam is, inherently, itself, anti-gay and anti-woman and fundamentally opposed to all concepts of freedom. It is THE ENTIRE RELIGION that is that way. Tolerant muslims are simply not as orthodox as others.

    Simple fact is that progressive Muslims recognize my fundamental humanity and equality as a queer person more than Christian right does.

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You mean the ones that don’t believe what their religion says?

    some of us are damned sick of the double standard, coupled with the continued frontal assault on Christianity

    It’s not really a double standard. They want to eliminate Christianity. At least partly because it is the foundation of Western Civilization, at least partly because it expects a behavioral standard they don’t want to meet. Ultimately their hedonism is why they hate orthodox Christians.

    A thousand acts of bigotry, large and small, created Orlando

    Uh, no. A man with an evil ideology created Orlando. A leftist ideology that worships The Other created Orlando. It’s not bigotry to declare that perversion is perversion.

  • GWB says:

    Oh, and to all the anti-Christian haters like Kohn:
    Why Isn’t This Viral?

    In a shocking move, the Orlando location at University and Rouse Road fired up its grills on Sunday. The chain is notorious for not being open, ever, on the first day of the week. Employees cooked up hundreds of their famous chicken sandwiches. They brewed dozens of gallons of sweet tea.

    Then, instead of making a single dime, they crated the product of their labor to the One Blood donation center. The food and drinks were handed out, free of charge, to all the people who had lined up to donate blood.

    But, wait, those people were waiting to give blood to victims that were mostly gay people. Doesn’t Chick Fil A hate gays?

    A bunch of people claiming to be Christians care about others even when they don’t agree with them.

    Gee, who woulda thunk it?

    And Jesus responded to the lawyers and Pharisees, saying, “Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath, or not?” But they remained silent. Then he took [the man with dropsy] and healed him and sent him away. And he said to them, “Which of you, having a son or an ox that has fallen into a well on a Sabbath day, will not immediately pull him out?” And they could not reply to these things.
    Luke 14:3-6

    Sally, you might want to consider that being in the position of the lawyers and Pharisees is not a good thing.

    • Jodi says:

      I just saw that, GWB. So much for “hate chicken.” But you won’t hear Miss Sally reporting on this.

  • Progressive support for Islamic terrorism is easy to understand. In Islamic countries Jews and Christians are persecuted, raped, tortured and murdered. This appeals to progressives like Sally Kohn. And if in the process of creating a progressive workers paradise a few homosexuals get slaughtered by the Islamists – well, progressives will bail out the usual escape hatch and blame the NRA and Christians.

    The progressive-Islamist axis is a modern-day version of the Hitler-Stalin pact.

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