Let’s Quit With The Agendas and Call #Orlando What It Was: An Act of Terrorism

Let’s Quit With The Agendas and Call #Orlando What It Was: An Act of Terrorism

Let’s Quit With The Agendas and Call #Orlando What It Was: An Act of Terrorism

The Orlando Pulse Nightclub has already been dubbed “The Worst Mass Shooting In History“.

The community of Orlando has been rallying around friends and family members. The suspected gunman has been identified as Omar Mateen. He was identified as a “known quantity” and became a person of interest in 2013 and again in 2014. The Federal Bureau of Investigation at one point opened an investigation into Mateen but subsequently closed the case when it produced nothing that appeared to warrant further investigation. The investigation may have been closed but the sight of two men together “angered him”, according to the suspect’s father.

Despite what we do know about Mateen, certain media outlets have not focused in on this crime as a horrible act of terrorism on our soil but a hate crime between heterosexual homophobes and the LGBT community. HuffPo claims this shooting as “a reminder of the dangers LGBT people live with every day”. The Olympic Park Bomber was cited in this article, with a comment thrown in about the targeting of abortion clinics as well.

The stage has already been set to take the focus off of the fact that this was an act of terror. Oh, look at the discrimination the LGBT community faces on a daily basis! Oh, the “Islamophobes” are going to have a field day with this one! Oh, the gun violence in America is horrific and it must stop! “We need more tolerance of the LGBT community and more laws put into place to ensure this happens”, they say. “We need stricter gun control in the United States to prevent this from happening”, some others say. I can see it all unfolding now.

Let there be no mistakes. This was not some little “hate crime” committed by some homophobic-otherwise-loving-Muslim man. This was an execution-style ACT OF TERRORISM on OUR SOIL. This was not just a hate crime against the LGBT community but a hate crime committed against Americans. Gay Americans. Straight Americans (who may have been in that nightclub with their friends). This was a statement against the freedom we all as Americans enjoy. We are at war. Fundamental Islam does not like us. They never did and never will. They do not care what our sexual orientation may be. They do not care how they make this statement of disdain, whether it’s a passenger plane loaded with jet fuel crashing into a building killing thousands or a random man firing off a few rounds in a nightclub. It’s all the same to terrorists fighting in the name of the caliphate and jihad. One mission; different ways of achieving this mission. To think of this act of terror as anything but what it was is what they (collectively as terrorists) hope for. What better way to tear down a country and a philosophy which they so vehemently oppose than to create more chaos, division and hatred from within? They know this. They know Americans of different religious backgrounds and political philosophies will attack one another from within and our politically correct administration and followers will not dare utter the words “Islamic Terrorist” (so, I’ll say it for them). Our powers-that-be will skirt the issue. Their supporters will follow suit. Meanwhile, terrorists claim it and because our blinders are still on, they will get away with it. If only we were not so “prejudiced”, if only we were not so “Christian”, if only we were not “clinging to our guns”. We’ve got people so focused on domestic agenda that a global strategy is coming into fruition and it is completely lost on them. Ever hear of divide and conquer? Yes, this is a war fighting strategy. Let’s cut through this fog already and wake up from sweet slumber!

…Why not start praying? Clearly, this person above believes in the power of prayer but has been so convinced of the political ideology that it is somehow not “correct” or appropriate to do this. To this person and to those who do not believe in prayer, I say this: It may not be a bad time to start praying. Today, I pray our nation comes together despite our differences, instead of falling apart. I pray that we can come together to understand that this battle is not won by fighting from within against our different ideologies as Americans but from fighting the enemies who choose to infiltrate and tear us apart collectively. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Orlando community: the victims, loved ones, friends and family members.

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  • if you say #Orlando shooter had “Islamic fundamentalist beliefs” I wanna hear “Christian fundamentalist beliefs” for other LGBT hate crimes.

    But of course. Jessica Blankenship wants to demonize and dehumanize the innocent (Christians) in order to maintain her politically correct solidarity with the guilty (radical Islam).

  • Wfjag says:

    Progs are so predictable. A radical Muslim, who is a registered Democrat and a man of color, violates Florida law by taking guns into a gun-free zone (since it is illegal there to take firearms into bars there – all bars, not just LGBT bars – it’s almost as if he planned to attack a soft target full of defenseless people), and, after exchanging fire with the one off-duty cop/ security guard, goes inside and starts shooting in a place where there a hundreds of people. He systematically murders 50 and wounds 53 (at last count), while reloading his weapons several times, and takes 30 hostages, who are passive for about 3 hours. None of the sheepeople rush him (although, they could have quickly overpowered him, and likely a rain of bottles and glasses would have hurt him). The reaction of Progs and their sycophants with By-Lines is to blame the NRA, conservatives, Republicans and Trump; ignore all facts about the shooter; call for “gun control” measures that wouldn’t have done anything to inconvenience the perp or in any way make people safer, but which will infringe on the rights and abilities of law abiding citizens to protect themselves; and, ignore that standard Active Shooter training teaches that if you’re not in a place you can’t easily escape from, then violently attack the shooter, or if your hiding place is found, violently attack the shooter, throwing and hitting him with anything handy, while rushing and overpowering him, which no one of the hundreds of LGBTs present did. In short, Progs and their enablers are, as always, interested in Talking Points, Issues, and the narrative, but not in solutions.

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