The Obamas Go To Cuba

The Obamas Go To Cuba

The Obamas Go To Cuba

Spring Break 2016. The Obamas have deplaned in Havana. Not only has BHO proved to the masses that he can physically hold an umbrella in the rain, he is being praised by many as being the first President to visit the Communist country since Calvin Coolidge. The visit is marked by cynicism and excitement (depending on who you talk to):

Are they really that excited and hopeful or are they just really that delusional?

Obama is not scheduled to meet with Fidel Castro but has meetings arranged with President Raul Castro to include a “walking tour” and to discuss trade and political reform. Obama also agreed to meet with dissidents, including Cuba’s “Ladies in White”, a group that saw more than 50 arrests by Cuban authorities just hours before the Obamas’ arrival whilst conducting their weekly march demanding improved human rights.

The Obama’s visit is also coming a few days after 9 Cuban migrants were found dead and 18 rescued off the coast of Florida.The Cubans who died at sea are part of a surge of refugees, many of whom pass through Mexico. On the same day the migrants were rescued, reports emerged that the U.S. Coast Guard returned 42 other migrants to Cuba after they were picked up in the Florida Straits in two separate incidents earlier in the week.

Presidential hopeful, Senator Ted Cruz, penned an op-ed in Politico earlier today:

News reports say there are more than 100 long-term prisoners of conscience in Cuba. Nobody knows for sure, as the Castro regime does not grant international organizations access to its prisons. But we know they are there and that hundreds are held for shorter periods, and beaten in prison regularly.

Until Obama, siding with the oppressed had always been America’s aspiration. We have done so not just out of an abiding sense of justice, but also for hard-nosed reasons of national interest. In Cuba the Castros have been the implacable enemies of the United States for more than half a century. It is in our interests to make common cause with the brave souls who oppose them.

You can read Cruz’s entire op-ed here.

I have a word for the people of Cuba who will witness the gaudy spectacle in Havana this weekend: America has not forgotten you.

I am the son of a Cuban who was beaten and tortured by Batista’s regime, and my aunt was likewise brutalized by Castro’s thugs. Thankfully, both my father and my Tía Sonia found freedom in the United States.

That freedom can come to Cuba, and I pledge to work to make it so. But it cannot happen by enriching and empowering the dictatorship, while they export terrorism throughout Latin America. And it cannot happen by forgetting the heroism and suffering of the brave souls who have opposed the Castros for so many decades.-Senator Ted Cruz

Will President Obama meet with the Ladies in White and other oppressed citizens or is this visit one of legitimizing the corruption of the Castro regime and joining hands with our own corruption? Will Obama come home to give us Americans a lecture, vilifying us with his expansive rhetoric and velvet daggers? Will he attempt to “educate” us on the Cuban government? Will the various and sundry media outlets portray this visit as an “inspirational” step forward, the “progress” (I am so bloody sick of that word) they so desperately want to portray as part of the Obama presidency and neglect the ugly truths about Fidel Castro and his crimes? I’m willing to bet we will see all of this as the visit unfolds. Yay, Mr. Obama. Yay, Communism. Go ahead and stick me with the skeptical and the cynics because I firmly believe this ain’t no fairy tale.

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  • Wfjag says:

    Atheist, Communist, Cuban President Raul Castro made an official greeting of Pope Francis at the Havana airport. That’s how respected Heads of State are treated. No such greeting for BHO. They’ve just tourists, albeit with taxpayer credit cards.

    • GWB says:

      Why would he need to treat him like a head of state. 0bama has shown that he’s the “weak horse” and won’t complain or provide any consequences. (It helps that he bows to all the anti-colonialists in the world.)

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