Obama Blames Republican “Active Hostility” About Climate Science

Obama Blames Republican “Active Hostility” About Climate Science

Obama Blames Republican “Active Hostility” About Climate Science

The Republican “active hostility” about climate change and climate science is the problem said Obama during his lecture today.

What I find funny is that CNN led their report with THIS:

Former President Barack Obama went to the international climate conference in Glasgow on Monday because climate envoy John Kerry knew the Biden administration needed help convincing the world America was actually serious about combating climate change.

Yes, they wrote that with a straight face. Given the fact that Biden bumbled, blundered, and passed wind around while on tour through Italy and Scotland, is it any wonder that they brought Obama in to try and clean up the mess? 

Of course, Obama went there. The world stayed in the Paris Agreement, but Trump didn’t. The world is on track, except for Russia and India, to use politics as a bludgeon to fix climate change. But the United States isn’t. Why? Because of that Republican hostility. 

The former president conceded that he “wasn’t real happy about” then-President Trump unilaterally exiting the Paris Agreement, but pointed to the work by local and state governments to advance the pact’s goals even after the U.S. left.

“The ball had been rolling and it didn’t stop,” he said. “Despite four years of active hostility to climate science coming from the very top of our federal government, the American people managed to still meet our original commitment under the Paris Agreement.”

I know, you hate watching Obama lecture as much as I do, but here’s his speech. 

It isn’t just that he did a sideways swipe at President Trump, he decided further on in his speech to actively call out Republicans. 

“One of our two major parties has decided not only to sit on the sidelines, but express active hostility toward climate science and make climate change a partisan issue,” Obama said.

He added for his international audience: “Perhaps some of you have similar a dynamic in your own countries, although, generally speaking, the United States seems to have a more vigorous opposition to climate than in many other places.”

He said Republicans who take climate change seriously are “a rare breed right now.”

*Sigh, we all know that climate changes. We all know that there are climate cycles. I grew up with multiple drought cycles along with multiple heavy wet snow/rain years. It’s climate and WEATHER. The “science” behind climate change is incredibly UNscientific on multiple levels! 

First it was acid rain, then it was the hole in the ozone, now it’s greenhouse gases and that pesky CO2. Now the “scientists” and politicians are clamoring to yank CO2 from our atmosphere as that will stop the buildup of greenhouse gases. 

When you remind them of this very scientific thing called photosynthesis, they lose their minds. Plants, the VERY thing that climate scientists want to save rely upon photosynthesis to thrive. Guess what chemical is a HUGE part of photosynthesis? You guessed it, CO2. How inconvenient for those climate change scolds. Yes, I’m looking at you Obama, John Kerry, AOC, and Greta Thunberg. 

Back to Obama’s lecture. Republicans are supposed to get out of the way and let Democrats drive the climate bus. You know the one that will demand all vehicles become electric within a few years. The one that will demand every square inch of grazing land in the U.S. be littered with either windmills or solar panels. We don’t need that grazing land, cattle are bad and they fart methane gas into our atmosphere. But solar panels and windmills, that are made with oil, and aren’t recyclable are …good? 

Keep in mind, gas prices are through the roof and are slated to go higher this winter here in the United States. What does our energy secretary do? Laughs hysterically. Meanwhile the Biden Aadministration is on record for the second time begging OPEC to produce more oil, and is now considering shutting down yet ANOTHER pipeline. 

News that the administration “was quietly studying the potential market impact of killing” Enbridge’s Line 5, which transports 540,000 barrels per day of light crude oil and natural gas liquids from Superior, Wisconsin, to Sarnia, Ontario, which is then refined into propane, was first reported by Politico and has led to fierce pushback from Republican lawmakers.

I guess not wanting a pipeline shut down, which will drive fuel prices even higher (which will harm seniors and the poor the most) is some of that Republican “active hostility” that Obama is talking about. By the way, OPEC’s response?

I wonder if the Biden Administration will try the ‘the third time is a charm’ gambit? 

Meanwhile, something to think about.

The entire #COP26 was a two-week long virtue signaling festival by our political elites. It’s climate change for thee, not for me!

President Trump was right to yank us out of the Paris Agreement because of the costs and the lack of science behind all this climate change crap. If that makes me one of those showing Republican people showing “active hostility?” I’m quite ok with that!

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Feature Photo Credit: Obama at 2014 UN Climate Summit by John Gillespie via Flickr, cropped and modified

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  • John C. says:

    I remember, back in the ’60s, the threat was a sudden-onset Ice Age. Then the world would bake to death. Since they kept giving contradictory messages, they went with all-inclusive Climate Change. But, oddly, the means of “dealing” with it was always the same…

    The rigor of a science is its ability to make accurate predictions, and to be tested. “Climate Science” is based on computer models, rather than experimentation, so it would seem it (conveniently) can’t be tested, but it can. If they could take the known climate inputs of, say, 50 years ago, feed them into their models, and “predict” the observable climate of today, then they might have some credibility when they claim to be able to predict the unknown climate of 50 years from now. Spoiler alert: they can not.

    If The Science Is Settled, as they keep saying, why do they keep tweaking their models?

  • Rick Caird says:

    Democrats are hysterical about the whole idea of climate change, but when push comes to shove they want other people to make the sacrifices. Now, remember climate change is being pushed by models that come to different conclusions and had to be “parametrized” to reflect past climate responses. Further, to show warming they have to continually adjust the raw data to show warming. The fact we have had no warming for decade has resulted in “climate change” rather than “global warming”. The whole idea of climate change is a political deal and not a scientific deal. Ask your favorite climate change advocate, what the correct climate for the earth should be. They don’t know.

  • American Human says:

    I’m thinking he’ll be as successful there as he was in begging Virginia to vote for McAuliffe.

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