Andrew Yang’s Climate Change Solution: Eliminate Cattle And Cars

Andrew Yang’s Climate Change Solution: Eliminate Cattle And Cars

Andrew Yang’s Climate Change Solution: Eliminate Cattle And Cars

Today is MSNBC’s day long climate change pander fest in which all the Democrat Presidential wannabe’s strutted their stuff. Andrew Yang came right out and said it. The only way to fix our climate is to eliminate cattle and cars.

“We might not own our own cars,” Yang responded. “Our current car ownership and usage model is really inefficient and bad for the environment.””

His solution? Bring in electric vehicles for all! If those of us out here in the West needed to get somewhere? We’d be walking or back on horseback? Think about it. Yang literally said that the government would take over ALL of our transportation choices. That’s taking socialism way way too far.

One of his other bright ideas is to bring in a new Constitutional Amendment to protect our environment. Basically, he’s saying that big words on a document will cause all of nature to rise up and stop humans from killing the planet.

Yes, I’m being a bit sarcastic. I truly can’t help it. Just yesterday NBC thought it a grand idea to tout a confessional of shame. This morning Toni wrote about the cult of plant worship that is upending theology, and not in a good way.

Yang, the rest of the Democrat slate, AOC, Greta the lecturing kiddie, and too many others in Congress want us to believe the world is going to end unless we not only ACT NOW!, we also fork over untold amounts of money … TAXES…to fix these imaginary problems.

Imaginary you say? Just take a gander here. How many instances of climate doom and gloom have we been dealing with?

  • Dire Famine By 1975
  • Ice Age By 2000
  • Blue Steam Clouds By 1987
  • Food rationing by 1980
  • New NEW Ice Age by 2070

And my favorites – the Ozone will be gone and Acid Rain will kill us all. All that doom and gloom with not a damned thing to show for it.

But the teens! They are serious about this you guys.

None more serious than having Andrew Yang tell us that it is a great idea to tax cattle ranchers out of business.

The way she poses the question, you’d think massive herds of cattle are rampaging through the streets and leaving destruction in their path! Yang agrees with that and more. He states that “cattle is very energy-consuming and energy-expensive.” 

Let’s look at that for a minute. This from a cattle rancher. 

“We are using better genetics from cattle to produce animals that yield more tasty beef using fewer inputs from water and land.
Every year we are utilizing the best technology available to us to help us manage the health and growth of our animals so we can be efficient with our resources.
Did you know that cows are great up-cyclers AND recyclers? Cows are able to take foods like sugar beet pulp and carrot tops – things that would otherwise be wasted as food production by-products – and turn those into beef. This reduces the overall amount of food waste in our great nation. Additionally, what other animal do you know that can take grass and turn it into a delicious steak? Seriously, cows are like superheroes.”

Additionally, cattle put carbon BACK into the earth and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

“Perhaps the most important piece of information that I feel compelled to share is U.S. government data from the Environmental Protection Agency, which shows cattle contribute less than 2% of greenhouse gas emissions nation-wide. I’ll say that again for the people in the back: less than 2% of GHG emissions in the US come from cattle.2″

Yang’s so-called “science” is entirely wrong here. Then again, the majority of climate science is wrong.

Yang and the rest of the Democrats are all about climate change hysteria as a vehicle to grab more of our money, and destroy industries that contribute to the well-being of us all.

You know what? The government can keep its grubby hands off my SUV and stay far far away from my steaks!

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  • Lloyd Barnhart says:

    Idiocy…..sheer idiocy…!!! Most cows have more brains than this guy !!

  • GWB says:

    Our current car ownership and usage model is really inefficient
    No, actually, it isn’t. What would be inefficient would be forcing people to travel pre-planned routes at pre-planned times, with those routes often having single points of failure (on a timed availability basis). Funny how people that are so “scientific” and “tech” savvy think a ring network is more efficient than a mesh one. *smh*

    That’s taking socialism way way too far.
    Are you implying there’s some socialism that is NOT “way too far”?

    Democrats want to “modify Americans’ diets”
    And if you (not you, Nina) can’t see how tyrannical that is, and therefore evil, then you have no business having access to the levers of government. NONE.
    And THIS is why I am leaning toward advocating actual destruction of all the leaders of their religious movement. It’s increasingly the only way to prevent their destruction of our way of life and our freedom.

  • Joe in PNG says:

    Dude was thiiiiissssss close to almost being the Sane One.

  • nuthinmuffin says:

    32 million head of beef cattle in the US 2018
    50 to 60 million are the most common numbers cited as total buffalo population in the early 1800s.
    any questions?

    • George W says:

      LOL I thought the same thing. Guess we can thank the early settlers for delaying an environmental catastrophe earlier. If they had not exterminated all those buffalo who knows, NYC might just be an swamp. ?

  • njc says:

    Here’s the real message: The peasants are revolting! They must be shown their proper place: serfdom.

  • CaptDMO says:

    Sorry, what I heard was ….
    Yang,the final solution is ,…cattle…cars…

  • years ago people like yang used to walk the streets wearing a sandwich board now they run for public office. see what a college educated constituency can do!

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