Manchin Ensures Biden Year 1 Victory Lap Is A Dud

Manchin Ensures Biden Year 1 Victory Lap Is A Dud

Manchin Ensures Biden Year 1 Victory Lap Is A Dud

The year 1 victory lap that the Biden Administration asked the media to promote is not only laughable, it is a dud courtesy of an assist from Joe Manchin this morning.

I, quite honestly, LOVE this! Especially since the White House sent a “victory lap” memo to Democrat lawmakers and the media got their hands on it. There’s some very laughable things listed in this memo. There are ALSO some things missing from this memo. What are the Biden Administration’s supposed accomplishments this year? 

Vaccines!! We are supposed to run a victory lap because the there are more people vaccinated now than there were last year. You cannot make this shit up.

Especially when you consider that there WASN’T a vaccine until December 11, 2020! 

There’s a section on “Following the Science to Beat Back the Pandemic,” which points out in part that “At this time last year: less than 1% of Americans were fully vaccinated.” It’s worth noting that the COVID vaccine was approved by the FDA on December 11, 2020. In other words, “at this time last year,” it had only been available for one week.

It goes unmentioned, though, that more Americans have died in 2021 from COVID than in 2020.

Dud #1!

Next we are supposed to cheer about all the jobs that have been added this year. Except, as we’ve pointed out here, here, and here, the actual jobs reports have fallen WAY short of any goals. Secondly, look around your communities. How many businesses are STILL begging for labor? There are help wanted signs and postings EVERYWHERE. 

Next up is the wonderful news that schools are OPEN! 

Schools open: When Biden took office, “46% of schools were open. Today, 99% of schools are open.”

And let me tell you, that’s a load of horseshit. First of all, Randi Weingarten worked diligently with the White House to keep schools closed indefinitely so the teachers would feel safe. Secondly, there are multiple schools across the U.S., in liberal strongholds of course, who moved back to remote learning this month and will continue well into January over asinine Omicron variant fears. 

That would be Dud #2!

Then there’s the celebration regarding prices and supply chain issues. Jen Psaki spent over a week this month telling the world that the high prices we are seeing are because of greedy oil and gas corporations and those super greedy meat producers. Yet they wanted us to be thrilled from head to toe that we’d save $.16 on our 4th of July BBQ! 

And let’s discuss those supply chain issues. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg hasn’t done a damned thing to solve the issue. Furthermore, there is STILL a major supply chain bottleneck! Via Downhill we are provided with multiple reports from the last ten days regarding the supply chain woes. Furthermore, I saw this story just an hour ago. 

At bottlenecked West Coast shipping hubs that have played host to countless cargo ships, port officials note that dock workers and terminal operators have moved nearly 9 million containers, half a million more than they will have processed in all 12 months in the year 2020.

Shoppers are still having a hard time finding goods, and companies are still struggling to meet soaring COVID-19 era demand. But at a press conference on Thursday, Mario Cordero, executive director of the Port of Long Beach insisted there are “some signs of improvement” in addressing the holiday backlog.

However, he ALSO said that true improvement within the supply chain won’t happen until summer of 2022. 

That would be Dud #3!

Here’s what’s missing from this fabulous victory lap the Biden Administration is promoting. 

There is ZERO mention of the border and the insane amount of illegals we have pouring into this country. You know, that problematic issue that Kamala was supposed to fix. 

Furthermore, the Biden Administration was ready to crow about the passage of Build Back Better. Little difficult to do so when Biden couldn’t get it moved through the House effectively and definitely couldn’t get it past Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema. 

Joe Manchin is absolutely correct. This BBB behemoth needed to go away. We are dealing with, across the country, inflation in all sectors. Why have a government pass legislation that will cost us trillions with zero to show for it? Instead, Joe is listening to his constituents and paying attention to the real world around him. 

That would be Dud #4 and #5. 

The Biden Administration is living in an unrealistic bubble. This memo makes that incredibly clear. Maybe they need a participation trophy for their dud of a victory lap.

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