Biden Hops On TikTok Propaganda Train

Biden Hops On TikTok Propaganda Train

Biden Hops On TikTok Propaganda Train

What is President Joe Biden doing when he is not pooping his pants? He is filming TikTok videos with the Jonas Brothers.

The short, full of usual TikTok cringe, was supposed to promote the unvaccinated to hop on board and get the COVID-19 vaccine. All I have to say in a word is…wow. If our young generation is so swayed by three idiots acting like illiterate fools, mocking the President in name (Joe Byron, Joe Biben) in a video loaded with obnoxious microphone plosives to promote the jab, I would say our generation is completely FUBAR. I mean, there is no fixing this kind of stupid. You can thank The Disney Channel, parents.

Bing-bong…supp, baby? Eyyy yo, you vaccinated?

I mean, what in the actual tarnation is this? A couple of yutzes trying to sound all street until, seemingly, at the very end of the short, where one of the brothers (I don’t really care which one) magically appears to have grasped command of the English language when he asks Biden, who stood vertical for two whole seconds, “uhhh, did we get it?”

Can we say cultural appropriation, from a rich, white boy, anyone? I digress. Seems as if both sides of the aisle attacked the Biden administration here and good on them for this utter rubbish.


Of course, they do. It’s The Jonas Brothers, man! Remember when Biden hung out with former stripper who drugged and robbed people, Cardi B? Doesn’t this White House exude class?!

But it seems as if President Joe Byron, Biben-err-Biden’s TikTok appearance got another take that was more on-point than the tone-deaf Jonas Brothers’ skit. Take a look:

Inflation? We got it. Border crises? We got it. (Or does Kamala got it? We lose track…) Gas prices? We got it. Empty store shelves? We got it. This was the video posted by @johnhackerla that also spread quicker than the highly-contagious, potentially deadly OMICRON variant. Let’s not forget the disaster and utter failure in Afghanistan. Biden can claim “we got it” on that, too. Yeah, the Biden Administration got sooooo much done in 2021, despite a 55.4% disapproval rating. They opened the schools after a whole year (in some states) of forced closures and online learning that they actually pushed in 2020. What did this do the the emotional well-being of some kids? Let me take a guess as to their answer…we got it?

Eyyyy. Yo. No, y’all don’t. Not even close. Especially when the disconnect between this administration and the big, liberal entertainment machine with an obvious agenda takes to TikTok over the weekend to push vaccine propaganda. Someone did not even bother to tell Joe Biden when he woke up from a nap in his recliner that viral threats to bring guns to schools occurred on TikTok this week, did they?

Despite this painful cringe, other celebrities hopped on the bandwagon with their own videos. Husband of known drunken cyberbully, Chrissy Teigen, John Legend. A cappella group, Pentatonix, also decided to join in on the fun, too. Singing a song for The White House, “All you need is a booster”. Just like a seat for a little kid. Just like the heat for a rocket ship.

Get me a booster on the next rocket ship out of here. Build Back Better? We got it. All we need is the freaking Jonas Brothers and TikTok to help us out on this initiative to drink the Kool Aid-we mean, get shots in the arms of young Americans. Errr, duhh. Yo, yo, yo, bing-bong, eyyyyyyy. Hey Kevin, Joe and Nick? Something reeks. Joe Biden needs a diaper change! Uhhh, did you get it? Eyyy. Yo. Ewww.

Photo Credit: Original VG Artwork by Darleen Click

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