Biden Explains Bad Jobs Report: Delta’s Fault

Biden Explains Bad Jobs Report: Delta’s Fault

Biden Explains Bad Jobs Report: Delta’s Fault

Joe “the buck stops with me” Biden had to talk about the August jobs report today. That jobs report was a train wreck.

Showing echoes of earlier job reports from this year which also came in wildly under predictions, August’s report was way, way, way under even the low end of the estimate.

The U.S. economy added 235,000 jobs last month, the Labor Department said Friday, falling far short of economists’ estimates for 720,000 new jobs. Job growth last month was also down from upwardly revised monthly payroll gains of 1.1 million in July and 962,000 in June.”

Now, the consensus from economists is that the delta variant is to blame, but let’s be really honest. The panic induced by government, public health, and the media over the delta variant is to blame for these numbers. Just look at where the losses are coming in, and it becomes apparent.

At this point, will the restaurant industry ever be able to fully recover? And as far as retail jobs, the supply chain issues that has resulted in less stock on shelves in stores is causing people to simply go back to ordering online (see the rise in warehouse employment?). And yes, people are still avoiding stores thanks to their panic over COVID-19 and delta.

But there are also a whole lot of jobs waiting out there to be filled. Anecdotally, everyone is seeing “help wanted” signs all over the place. And with the extra federal unemployment benefits coming to an end this coming Monday, workers who have been sitting out this whole time will likely have to look to return to the workforce.

The 1970’s are back, everyone! We’re firmly in the grip of “stagflation.”

So, what does Grandpa Joe‘s handlers have to say about all this? Well, that’s an easy call – go back to the COVID well to assign the blame.

Stagflation? Supply chains? People refusing to get off unemployment? Why talk about any of that when you can just blame the delta variant? And then you can keep blaming whatever variant comes after that? It’s never Joe’s fault, mind you. Just like everything else.

But then Biden made a comparison that he really should not have – and you know this wasn’t in the script.

Yeah, let’s imagine that “the other guy was here.” Let’s see… we would have the Keystone XL pipeline instead of rising gas prices and stupidly begging OPEC to pump more oil. We wouldn’t be spending trillions upon trillions for a “rescue plan” that was a Democrat pork barrel dream. We may have still withdrawn from Afghanistan, but would it have been the unmitigated disaster of the last three weeks? Biden would like you to think so, because he wants to blame Trump for Afghanistan while patting himself on the back for “fulfilling” his campaign promise of leaving. Weighing all of that together, I think I would prefer the guy with the “mean tweets,” instead of the meat puppet who reads his script and then shuffles off to find his next pint of ice cream.

However, we are stuck with Old Man Biden, who is currently ignoring his own poll numbers – and apparently all the people in New Orleans without power – while he leaves for Delaware for the Labor Day weekend. After all, the Taliban and ISIS-K have interrupted his vacation plans long enough. Now that Biden has formally washed his hands of Afghanistan, he can retreat, relax, and eat his ice cream in senile silence while the world goes on without him.

The rest of us are stuck on this ride until 2022. It is far too soon to focus on 2024. Republicans need working on recruiting, fundraising, and making ads for the midterms right now, not getting distracted by a presidential election three years out. The first and only goal right now is to get both houses of Congress back, in order to keep Biden and company from spending the country into oblivion.

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