Lack Of Gun Control Is NOT Reason For Rise In Crime

Lack Of Gun Control Is NOT Reason For Rise In Crime

Lack Of Gun Control Is NOT Reason For Rise In Crime

Not enough gun control. That, according to the vaunted “experts” in the Biden basement dwelling White House, is the reason for the rise in crime we are seeing all over the United States.

Yes indeed, you heard it here first from good ole Jen ‘circle back’ Psaki. 

Oh REALLY? Let’s review the past fourteen months shall we? What has happened during all that time? Well, yes. The idiotic lockdown, but that’s not what I’m talking about. 

How about all those riots? How about all the looting and destruction in cities all over the United States that has caused billions in damage? How about the fact that many of those looting rioting THUGS walked out of jail scot-free thanks to Kamala and her ilk who ponied up millions for bail funds across the country. 

What about Democrats and their asinine defund the police movement? Crime has skyrocketed because of that as well. Seattle is a cesspool. San Francisco is a pit of feces, discarded syringes, blatant daylight robberies, and homelessness run rampant. Chicago and St. Louis crime rates are out of control, while the mayors bloviate about how fewer police are needed. New York has de Blasio contributing to the crime rate with his grandiosely stupid ideas.

“When de Blasio and his police commissioner, Dermot Shea, dismantled the city’s hugely successful anti-gun street crime units, when the City Council embraced the defund rhetoric, and when Gov. Cuomo and the Legislature bought into the anti-cop zeitgeist and obnoxiously did away with most bail, the message to law-abiding New Yorkers became clear: You’re on your own, chumps.

What has happened since then? Crime is up, WAY up, and the anti-Semitism hate crimes have risen exponentially. 

New York is burning: On the Upper East Side this week, a gang waving Palestinian flags attacked Jewish bystanders, while protestors on 13th Street marched by cheerfully shouting “we are terrorists.”

Not to be outdone, yet more hoodlums stormed Manhattan’s Diamond District, known for its large concentration of Jews, flinging a firework at a woman, and hitting others.

If you’re wondering why so much anti-Semitic violence could explode so suddenly and so forcefully, you’ve only to look back to the events of last summer, when the Black Lives Matter movement set fire to one American city after another.

Do you know what that does to people who see criminals walk away with zero repercussions? They start figuring out ways to defend themselves. A great many have now exercised their Second Amendment rights and have purchases guns and ammunition. A significant number of those purchases are from first-time buyers

“Flaugher said the industry is simply struggling to keep up. He said three main factors have driven sales and continue to drive them beyond the industry’s ability to expand supply. The first was pandemic-induced safety concerns that drove millions of Americans to purchase guns for the first time. The second was the increased participation in recreational shooting and hunting during the lockdowns. The third was concern over new gun-control legislation after President Joe Biden won the 2020 election and Democrats who favor new restrictions took control of the Senate.

“We have certainly experienced unprecedented demand for all categories of ammunition over the past year—rimfire, centerfire rifle and pistol, as well as our shotshell products,” Flaugher said. “Over the past year, we’ve seen more than 21 million firearms sold, with over 9 million to first-time gun buyers. This is an incredible number.

In a large number of cases, the backlog is now into TWO YEARS and beyond. It’s due to the demand as well as component shortage. 

Jen Psaki, de Blasio, Lori Lightfoot, and other Democrats would have us believe that MORE gun control will cause crime to plummet. 

That my friends, is a tanker load of horse shit. 

The Biden Administration is hosting George Floyd’s family at the White House and is pushing for the embassies to fly the Black Lives Matter flag. Do you know what that does? That emboldens the rioting, looting thug CRIMINALS even more. 

Police have been ordered to stand down, let American citizens get attacked, and let the cities burn. And how does the Biden Administration respond?

Memo to the Biden Administration. The “community violence” of which you speak of is and has been perpetrated by CRIMINALS! Antifa and Black Lives Matter criminals and grifters. 

Not one single law-abiding citizen with a gun has destroyed businesses by looting and setting fire to them. Not one single law-abiding gun owning citizen has attacked Jews in New York, nor have they attacked Asians. 

Your push for gun control, your push to defund the police while allowing BLM and Antifa full-rein has led to a great unease in this country. The run on guns and ammunition is the result. 

Yet here you are telling us that the crime problem is because of law-abiding gun owners, and once you take our guns away, criminals will magically disappear. 

The Biden Administration sure does enjoy living on planet denial. Meanwhile Americans of all types will continue to arm, train, and if it becomes necessary, defend themselves against the very criminals that the Biden Administration looks up to. 

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  • Pete EE says:

    Two issues that haven’t been talked about enough:
    1. At the beginning of the pandemic, there were headlines of governors who ordered mass prison releases. What kind of people were they? Might a sudden influx of criminals at a time of no new hiring and general societal disorder increase crime?
    2, Recently, Trump arranged a release of “nonviolent” criminals where nonviolent my mean “not violent” or may mean “plea bargained violent offences down to drug offences”. That was always a risky experiment. (I’d say our data got corrupted.) Might they have contributed to crime?

  • GWB says:

    I will say that I’m hopeful on the firearms supply issue. My local store had about 1/2-2/3 full cases last weekend, and I’m seeing online ammo creeping down in price and not disappearing within an hour of the email notification.

    As to the supply of criminals and ne’er-do-wells that actually cause the gun violence, well, I’m afraid our society is unlikely to do anything to decrease the supply. Or, even, in the near future stop the expansion of the supply.

    And my guns have never committed violence when I’ve owned them. Now, they are sneaky little bast*rds, as they keep convincing me to take them on canoe rides….

  • Scott says:

    Good post Nina, though I will disagree with biden and company being in denial. I believe they know damn well what they’re doing and this is all a well designed and executed plan to disarm the population with the intent of installing a communist / facist regime. antifa and blm are very clear on their end goals, and as you point out, they are wholeheartedly supported by george soros and the leftist politicians in this country, including the ones pulling bidens strings..
    NONE of this is coincidental.

  • Sam L. says:

    You left out Portland…
    There was a wonderful bookstore there, to which I will likely never go again.

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