Project Veritas Exposes Facebook’s Suppression Secrets

Project Veritas Exposes Facebook’s Suppression Secrets

Project Veritas Exposes Facebook’s Suppression Secrets

Monday Project Veritas kicked Facebook’s suppression secrets wide open. Two employees revealed to Project Veritas Facebook’s own internal documents with algorithms and three-tiered system to censor anyone who posts content that might show COVID-19 “vaccine hesitancy” across Facebook’s many forums. What is most concerning, according to one whistleblower,

“The policy is going to keep expanding until anything can violate it. What would happen if this was scaled larger to Twitter and the Internet as a whole is way worse than anything that could happen from me getting fired from my job. To me, that, it far outweighs that. Because it’s about more than me. It’s about really everyone in the world.”

The whistleblower went on to state,

“The goal of [Facebook’s] ‘framework’ is to ‘identify and tier the categories’ of content that ‘could discourage vaccination in certain contexts.’’’

That is so odd. While we were all locked down last summer, Zuckerberg was caught by Project Veritas stating his own “vaccine hesitancy”. His own Facebook standards would have blocked him from stating his personal concerns regarding COVID-19 vaccines.

Project Veritas broke down the Facebook’s internal plan into six takeaways. Three key ones are,

“2. The goal of the ‘framework’ is to ‘identify and tier the categories’ of content that ‘could discourage vaccination in certain contexts.’
3. Facebook also established a ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’ scoring system to establish numerical thresholds for certain content.
4. The company instituted tiers to describe the tone of certain posts, with some being categorized as ‘sensational/alarmist’ or ‘criticizing choice.’ The responses range from outright removal to comment demotions.”

No need to worry! Facebook’s own public community standards clearly states Facebook appreciates the sharing of ideas.

“Building community and bringing the world closer together depends on people’s ability to share diverse views, experiences, ideas and information. We want people to be able to talk openly about the issues that matter to them, even if some may disagree or find them objectionable. In some cases, we allow content for public awareness which would otherwise go against our Community Standards – if it is newsworthy and in the public interest.”

That is horse poop. Project Veritas’ revelation of Facebook’s suppression secrets shows what they do internally doesn’t square with their public facade.

James O’Keefe’s interview with the first whistleblower should send chills up the spine of anyone who appreciates the First Amendment.

“…the narrative being: Get the vaccine, the vaccine is good for you. Everyone should get it. And if you don’t, you will be singled out as an enemy of society…Similarly, for the duration of the COVID public health emergency, we remove content that repeats other false health information, primarily about vaccines, that are widely debunked by leading health organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)… Really they [WHO and CDC] support all of this because you know, they released the standards, the CDC themselves. That’s really one of, one of the primary things Facebook is basing their policy off of is well, if you look at their public policy it would be according to the authoritative health pages”

It should not surprise anyone the WHO and CDC are in on this pravda-esque plan to gaslight Facebook users globally. If you haven’t noticed lately, the CDC can’t figure out what their policy is regarding anything COVID related. The fact that Facebook is working directly with them to suppress any thought that is anything but “Go get a jab or two!” simply confirms suspicions.

Bottom line, if users want to post content via Facebook, or one of its gazillion platforms, that is true–but disparaging –about a COVID-19 vaccine, no one will see it. By design. Zuckerberg is well aware of his well oiled machine to keep actual, truthful information away from his users.

Project Veritas’s second whistleblower compared the relationship between Facebook users and Facebook as an abusive relationship.

“It’s kind of like having a relationship with somebody that’s controlling and abusive in a sense like an abusive partner, not allowing their partner to speak about things that are going on in their marriage or relationship and limiting their voice. It’s very damaging in that sense.”

Moments before Project Veritas dropped their truth bomb, Governor DeSantis of Florida codified a law stopping Facebook’s suppression secrets from censoring Floridians by Big Tech.

Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nunez commented

“What we’ve been seeing across the U.S. is an effort to silence, intimidate, and wipe out dissenting voices by the leftist media and big corporations. Today…Florida is taking back the virtual public square as a place where information and ideas can flow freely. Many of our constituents know the dangers of being silenced or have been silenced themselves under communist rule. Thankfully in Florida we have a Governor that fights against big tech oligarchs that contrive, manipulate, and censor if you voice views that run contrary to their radical leftist narrative.”

Lucky for Floridians, they will get to discuss the pitfalls or benefits of COVID-19 vaccines.

Featured photo credit: DonkeyHotey, Mark Zuckerberg – Caricature, Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)/Cropped

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