Kamala Isn’t That Bad, Reporter Insists After Poll

Kamala Isn’t That Bad, Reporter Insists After Poll

Kamala Isn’t That Bad, Reporter Insists After Poll

This is what one would call “wishcasting” in the most desperate of ways.

As has been discussed more and more within both Democrat and media circles (but I repeat myself), Joe Biden is getting old, and with an impending red wave approaching this November, the Democrats are beginning to consider all their options. Which led to Alec Regimbal, reporter for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer who was then published on SFGATE.com, to read the latest Harvard-Harris/CAPS poll, and then decide that “hey, everyone is writing off Kamala Harris way too fast here!”

Okay, that’s a take. What is Regimbal basing that off of?

Despite this — as well as Biden’s insistence he plans to seek re-election as long as he remains in good health — Democratic aides and strategists quoted in national news outlets have done a lot of speculating that Harris would be a weak candidate and invite multiple high-profile challengers. Just this week, New York Magazine reported on a “flurry of sub-rosa activity” from other possible 2024 contenders “which suggests a potential Harris candidacy may not be intimidating enough to keep others away from 2024.”

Many of these strategists also don’t think she has the juice to compete in a general election against Republican candidates such as Donald Trump or Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. While they may be right about her general election prospects, a new Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll indicates aides and strategists might be misreading her chances in a primary contest.”

The poll, which surveyed 1,963 registered voters last week, found that Democratic voters largely prefer Harris to other nationally known liberals if Biden decides not to run in 2024. She came out above nine other Democrats listed on the poll, garnering 19% approval from those surveyed.”

That is… one way to look at it. Regimbal is basing his opinion off of page 21 of the poll, where likely Democrat and Independent voters were asked who they would vote for if Biden does NOT run in 2024. Kamala Harris does indeed come off with 19%, followed by Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton tying at 10% each. However, there were ten candidates on that list, which also included options for “don’t know” and “someone else.” Given that breakdown, “don’t know” wins with 22% and the current vice president can only scrape up 19%. Again, Kamala Harris can ONLY garner 19% support as the SITTING vice president.

That rose-colored glasses interpretation of the data gets even worse when you look at page 14 of the poll data, which covers the “favorability of political figures.” According to those numbers, Kamala Harris places a sad eighth on a list of 18, at just 38% favorable and 51% unfavorable. Who is right above her on that favorability list? Governor Ron DeSantis. Number one on the list? Donald Trump, followed by Mike Pence and Bernie Sanders. So while people may default to Kamala in a Bidenless primary, she can’t exactly fall back on her personal popularity and charisma to attract any more voters than she already has in the past.

Gee, I wonder why?

We have been over this repeatedly when it comes to Kamala Harris. She is an excruciatingly bad public speaker, because she consistently sounds unprepared and unable to think on her feet.

Kamala Harris was picked because she checked off all the right boxes for Joe Biden, not because she was popular, or brilliant, or politically talented. And every time she gets in front of the cameras to say something off-script, it goes sideways. Even when she is ON script, things look incredibly awkward!

It’s safe to say that between Kamala Harris’s poor political instincts, her inability to come across as genuine, and the reality that she is a bad boss in her own office, all adds up to her current 19% chance of succeeding Joe Biden if he chooses not to run in 2024.

But hey, at least Kamala has the support of Alec Regimbal, who is willing to prop her up and spin the numbers. And therein lies the REAL problem – the media. Should Biden not run again, expect the media to put all their thumbs on the scale for Kamala. And if Kamala Harris was politically astute, she would start leveraging that influence now. Fortunately for us, she’s not.

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