Kamala “Word Salad” Harris Heads to California—Where No One Likes Her

Kamala “Word Salad” Harris Heads to California—Where No One Likes Her

Kamala “Word Salad” Harris Heads to California—Where No One Likes Her

Monday, Kamala Harris went to a state, her home state, tossing a word salad as she pressed her continued agenda to make America less safe.

First stop, Vandenberg Air Force Base.

If you want to watch the full fifteen minutes of political droning, feel free. Kamala gave great accolades to the Vandenberg Space Force Base team. For the first few minutes, listeners will feel like they are in first grade and Mr. Science Guy is describing the magical wonders of space.

At the 2.:38 minute mark, Kamala brings up the importance of space regarding national security. She adds some more “national security”, “threats we face” with a touch of “increase in space capability” to her word salad. Why is this a word salad?

At the 5:13 mark, Kamala states there will be new “rules and norms for the new challenges.” To save you the suspense, Kamala in one fifteen-minute speech, took away one of the few areas of space defense the United States had until she started talking.

“Vice President Kamala Harris announced Monday night that the Biden administration is setting a self-imposed ban on anti-satellite missile testing with the goal of making it an ‘international norm for responsible behavior in space.’”

Why why why? The Russians did a little anti-satellite missile test in November, and it was super scary according to Kamala.

“The U.S. has identified and tracks over 1,600 pieces of debris that Russia created when it used a missile to destroy a satellite in November and more than 2,800 that China generated when it carried out its own test in 2007, Harris said. Russia’s direct-ascent anti-satellite missile test created a field of debris that threatened the International Space Station. ‘This debris presents a risk to the safety of our astronauts, our satellites and our growing commercial presence,’ she said. ‘A piece of space debris the size of a basketball, which travels at thousands of miles per hour, would destroy a satellite. Even a piece of debris as small as a grain of sand could cause serious damage.’”

The U.S. is going to self-police themselves, and not create space dust that is dangerous. Oh and announce it at a podium for Vladimir Putin to see. She thinks North Korea and Russia will think it’s a good idea, being safe in space, and will follow the U.S.’s lead on such an important issue.

Yes, she really said that right after espousing our great Space Force for it’s amazing security capabilities, thereby contradicting herself within about a ten-minute time slot. Did you shoot morning coffee out your nostrils at this completely childish and ridiculous new policy? This woman is number two in charge of the country and shouldn’t be in charge of a coffee stand let alone the United States.

Kamala’s flight in Air Force Two gave her opportunity to bolster her self-esteem by reading left media rags certainly. After all, she took the time last week to brag about her Wordle scores. She certainly had time to read Politico’s mental gymnastics explaining why she is sent to the weirdest places to talk about non-issues.

“A rural town of 30,000 along the Mississippi River is not your stereotypical stop for a national Democrat, let alone one serving as the second most powerful politician in the country. But Harris had, nevertheless, traveled there that day as part of an effort to talk about small businesses and community lending programs…The swing to Greenville is part of an under noticed strategy for the VP’s office, one in which she’s homed her focus on the ways in which administration policy is intersecting with overlooked communities. It’s brought her to other far-off, non-traditional locales, including a recent swing to Sunset, Louisiana…The electoral benefits of going to remote communities in non-swing states seem decidedly limited for those in the Beltway, especially at a time when the White House is trying to turn around its polling nosedive…Despite being Biden’s No. 2, she remains a bit of an unknown to voters around the country after her swift rise to the vice presidency. She consistently polls in the 40s and 30s and there has been chatter among Democrats that she isn’t currently well positioned to succeed the president should he choose not to run again in 2024.”

Kamala sucks at her job, no one likes her, she fails at things she’s been put in charge of, and she cackles like a sea lion. Period.

Red State took a stab at Politico’s effort to polish the turd known as Kamala’s legacy and why she keeps getting sent out of town to places that don’t make a damn bit of difference in an election.

“Everyone, the public, the Biden White House, the Democrat party, and even the Beltway media, realize that Kamala Harris is way out of her depth and is a political liability. Most observers believe that 2022 and 2024 will be challenging years for the Democrats, and the last thing they need is Harris to start cackling while discussing abortion or genocide, or some other serious subject. The clincher is that the Biden team can’t put her on ice without creating a massive issue for themselves, so they have to find something for her to do. That something is to send her out on the road to places where she can’t screw anything up because the Democrats know they aren’t going to win those areas anyway.”

Might I suggest reading the full piece? The author gives colorful commentary on how Kamala reached such a pinnacle of success with very little talent…as a lawyer. It certainly isn’t tossing word salad.

Interestingly, after Kamala’s little trip to Vandenberg Air Force Base to let employees know they may not have a job keeping the country secure, which is the point of the program, she headed to Hollywood for a Democrat Party fundraiser. How successful could this be? If polling is any indicator, the major funders will attend for the wine and cheese—and that’s all.

“…only 35 percent of surveyed California voters approve of Harris’s performance, while 45 percent disapprove, according to a Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll released earlier this month. That’s down from the last Berkeley poll two months ago showing 38 percent approval of the vice president…Nationwide, Harris remains deeply unpopular among voters of all stripes. Just 36 percent approved of how she has handled her job in her first year, while 43 percent disapproved, according to a recent poll from Redfield & Wilton Strategies.”

California’s GOP is asking the obvious hard questions.

As Monday night winds down, we can only hope Twitter or YouTube delivers Kamala’s word salad; a feeble effort inspire the uber rich to pay good money for Democrat failed policies that make America unsafe at home, abroad and in space. Or, if someone is smart, the swanky fundraiser won’t have cameras knowing what Kamala says shouldn’t be repeated.

In the meantime, guessing what Kamala’s next destination is—is anyone’s guess. Be assured, it isn’t anywhere close to swing voters.

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